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I help brands and entrepreneurs flourish on the social internet.

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Intelligent Systems Convert Customers Into Revenue

Your online presence is the key to your business growth. Are you using it correctly

Think of your online business as a Giant Sequoia tree seed. They’re fast maturing and can grow to enormous sizes, given the right care and resources.

Many businesses online are Sequoia seeds – they have all of the potential in the world, but none of the resources available to help the seed spring to life! Some are water-deprived, sunlight shy or ravaged by strong winds. Some grow, but slowly, and in the wrong direction.

You’re here because growth needs to be a priority.

Your online presence needs care. Someone to step in and enrich the soil, fix the broken sapling branches and make sure that growth is not only possible but enhanced at every level.

That’s why you need a partner accomplished in tending the broad and hostile internet landscape. My digital marketing optimization leads your business into a brighter future of smart, consistent growth. Reach out, and let’s see if we can grow together in the right direction.

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Our Services

Digital Marketing Optimization

Attract, convert and close business with smart funnels.
From initial assessment to on-going refinement using industry data, I will make sure your digital marketing lifecycle is alive and kicking – converting your leads into sales. I look at your online presence through the lens of intelligent function, and ask – can it perform better?

Growth Marketing Services

Focus on social engagement that promotes user acquisition and retention.
Your brand needs to attract leads, so that you have a repeat customer base that can easily be converted into reliable sales. With my growth marketing services at work for you – you’ll realize the power of sustainable online growth through data and opportunity discovery.

Self-Publishing Solutions

All the help you need to self-publish an eBook online.
The self-publishing field can be a sea of choppy water for the unfamiliar. With over 700+ successfully published and over 9,000,000 eBook downloads from Amazon, I’m an expert in the science of creating bestselling eBooks for niche markets. For your project I ask – how can I make this eBook standout in the market?

Online Course Design & Development

Get into e-learning with an educational e-course that sells.
Convert what you already know into a dynamic e-course for online sale. This exploding market is the perfect way to create additional income and build your reputation in the process. When working on your project I ask – how can I build demand into your e-course from day 1?

Mad Marketing Science Delivered Weekly

I expose the world of conversion optimization in short, punchy mails – just for you.from the mad scientist of digital marketing.

From Our Clients

Lexy Wright​
Pixlee, Marketing Manager, Partnerships

“I had the privilege of working with Brian on the marketing team at Pixlee. Not only was Brian an incredibly positive and and collaborative team member, he also never ceased to amaze me with his endless amounts of knowledge and plans to execute tactics successfully. I truly consider Brian a mentor and would recommend Brian to any team. This man has knowledge, skills, drive, and knows exactly what to do to get things done.”

“I brought Brian in to assist us in putting my company’s digital marketing on the right track. Brian conducted extensive research which revealed key issues and opportunities for my company to improve its digital marketing. In today’s fast moving digital world, digital marketing can easily swallow a small brand while. Brian helped us understand digital marketing and how to best utilize it to grow our brand.”

Tim Talley
Founder & CEO Ulace,LLC

Mark Osenga​
Co Founder,

“Brian rescued our company from oblivion. He was able to assess exactly what was lacking, and then he created a strategic solution to align data, social media, search and marketing, resulting in a bulletproof system. Our ROI has increased by 45% in just one month. This guy is pure genius.”

“I would highly recommend Brian’s digital marketing services. He pays very close attention to detail, and treats every client the same whether they are a small mom and pop company or a Fortune 500 firm. Brian helped our business gain more traction on our social media networks, resulting in more sales. Any business would benefit from Brian’s expertise.”

Reginald Bourdeau
Co-Founder Fly Supply Clothing

Jennifer Jones Miller​
Revenue Manager, Guest Services

“Brian’s dynamic personality and vast knowledge make it easy to listen, pay attention and learn. In a sea of ever-changing information—which lends to most hotel executives feeling constantly behind the ball—he makes it seem possible and shows us what we should and shouldn’t focus our efforts on.”

“What a treat to hear such an expert! Brian provided real-life examples that we then applied directly to our marketing plans. The material was delivered at an excellent pace, and the audience was captivated.”

Bill Sullivan
Managing Director, Courtyard Newark at the University of Delaware

Narda E. Malcolm-Kingston​
Professor, North Carolina Central University

“Brian Cliette is the epitome of integrity and humility. I had the pleasure of working with Brian directly for two years. During this time he has provide to be a genuine team player, a friend and an expert in his chosen field. Mr. Cliette has many talents and is well respected among his peers. For all the aforementioned reasons and more I, without hesitation recommend Brian Cliette to anyone interested in working with him.”

“I would definitely recommend Brian’s digital client services. I personally benefited from working with him because I learned the inner workings of SEO and social media and how to better optimize my online products. Brian’s experience and offerings can help any business that needs a better online presence.”

Wendel Henry
Principal, Infinite Focus Appraisals

Danny Diaz​
Edutech Advisors Events

“We had Brian Cliette as our Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Digital Marketer’s Conference. The packed room, engaged audience and enthusiastic Q&A follow-up were due to Brian’s confidence, intelligence and authenticity. People are still talking about it,and we will definitely have him back next year.”

“Brian’s live optimization training sessions are practical, easy to follow and priced reasonably, and his expertise, charm and enthusiasm will keep you interested throughout the entire session. I incorporated all the changes suggested during the training and the results manifested within days.”

Mario Hernandez
Operations and Business Development Manager, Creganna Medical, Inc.

Dmitry Khodarenok
Marketing & Business Analyst, Stonton Manufacturing

“We reached out to Brian’s company to get more quality leads on LinkedIn. Brian devised a strategy for our company that is now producing more quality leads than traditional marketing initiatives. We are happy we took this approach and we are ready to work again with Brian.”

“We were hesitant to try marketing in LinkedIn, as we didn’t understand the benefits and saw it as no more than a giant address book. It took Brian’s expertise to convince us of the opportunities we were missing. Our page went from a static page to a lead-generating page. Thanks, Brian!”

Danny Vesisaari
Business Operations Consultant, Chief Technology Officer,DePaul University

Erin Oliver
Operations/Logistics Manager,Coca-Cola European Partners

“Brian’s in-depth knowledge of the LinkedIn platform and its benefits to any professional was evident. The online training covers items that although may seem obvious, are missed by most professionals when setting up their profiles. If you think you have a solid profile, think again, and consider taking Brian’s online training sessions.”

“LinkedIn is now the site to be in if you want to find your next great job or grow your business to the next level, but I learned the hard way that just having a profile doesn’t cut it anymore. I contacted Brian Cliette via to get some assistance in making my profile better. They offered a consultation to learn more about me and studied my profile. They came back with a lot of good recommendations that made a huge difference. I highly recommend them!”

Miriam Navarro
VP of Customer Relations, Hatch , Inc.