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Boost Engagement: A Step-By-Step Guide to Embedding YouTube Video in ActiveCampaign

You’re looking to take your email marketing to the next level, aren’t you? Well, embedding a YouTube video in your ActiveCampaign emails might just be the ticket. It’s an effective way to engage your audience, boost click-through rates, and keep people on your page longer.

Understanding how to do this can seem tricky, but don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think. With a few simple steps, you’ll be adding dynamic video content to your ActiveCampaign emails in no time. Let’s dive in and learn how to embed YouTube videos into your ActiveCampaign emails to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Why Embedding YouTube Videos in ActiveCampaign Emails is Effective

Engaging with your audience is crucial in digital marketing. Text emails tend to be overlooked or get lost in the multitude of regular emails received each day. But when there’s a real, moving visual element in the mix, it stands to distinguish your emails. That’s where the strength of embedding YouTube videos in your ActiveCampaign emails comes into play.

You’re not just dispensing plain text information, you’re delivering dynamic content. Watching a video allows your audience to see your product or service in action. It gives them a real-time feel of what you’re offering, an opportunity to understand better. Think of it like a virtual product demonstration.

Moreover, YouTube videos have the added advantage of being easily sharable. One person can send the video to another, automatically expanding your brand’s reach. Imagine how fast your engagement can grow if each viewer shares the video with just one other person.

Irrefutably, embedding videos can also increase your click-through rates (CTRs). Video content compels the readers to click and watch, hence improving CTRs. Here’s an interesting statistic:

Type of Email Average CTR Incidence
Text Emails 3.42%
Emails with YouTube Video Links 6.42%**

The data shows a marked increase in CTRs when YouTube video links are included in emails.

An additional perk? You’ll keep your audience on your page longer. The longer they stay, the higher the chance of converting them into leads or even better – actual customers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, using resources wisely and leveraging the benefits of accessible tools like YouTube can give you an edge. Now that you understand the why, the following sections will guide you through the how. Together, let’s take your active campaign emails to the next level.

Step 1: Get the YouTube Video URL

Embarking on the journey of enhancing your ActiveCampaign emails with YouTube videos starts with a simple step – getting the YouTube video URL. This might seem like a trivial task to many, but it’s considered the backbone of the entire process. Without grabbing the correct URL, your email recipients won’t be able to access or view the designated video content.

To get the URL of the desired YouTube video, follow this routine:

  • Navigate to YouTube through your web browser. Bring up the specific video you want to use for your marketing email.
  • Right underneath the video frame, next to the like and share buttons, you’ll spot an arrow indicating “Share”. It’s on clicking this button that you’ll view the URL.
  • A pop-up window appears with the video’s URL along with other sharing options. The URL is what you want to focus on. It’s typically a short link starting with ‘’
  • Finally, you should copy this URL. Capturing the correct link is crucial, as any errors in the URL can lead to unsuccessful embedding thus hindering the video’s display in your ActiveCampaign email.

Remember, grabbing the URL doesn’t equate to embedding. There are additional steps to follow after retrieving the URL. This process also needs to factor in the video’s content and how well it aligns with your brand’s email campaign. Always ensure the selected video represents your brand effectively.

The path to elevate your ActiveCampaign emails takes more than just embedding a YouTube video. However, with these clear instructions and thoughtful reminders, you’re on the right track.

Step 2: Accessing the ActiveCampaign Email Builder

Once you’ve secured the correct YouTube video URL, the next move in your journey to enhance ActiveCampaign emails with videos entails accessing the ActiveCampaign Email Builder. Don’t worry if tech isn’t your forte. The platform’s user-friendly interface brings ease to your campaign building experience.

To begin, log into your ActiveCampaign account. Once in, navigate to the ‘Campaigns’ section located at the top of the dashboard. Here you’ll find an option labeled ‘Create a Campaign’. Hit the ‘Create’ button and choose ‘Email’ from the drop-down list to launch the email builder.

As soon as the email builder loads, you’ll notice a selection of pre-existing templates. Each one expertly designed, ready to be tailored to your individual campaign goals. Though you’re free to choose any, for the purpose of adding a YouTube video, seek out one with flexibility for adding an image block. That’s right, embedding a YouTube video requires an image block. It’s a unique feature of ActiveCampaign and differentiates it from other email marketing platforms.

With the relevant template selected, you’re now in a position to build your email. Experiment with the available tools to create a captivating email with the perfect spot for your YouTube video.

But wait. Don’t rush to embed the video just yet. There’s more ground to cover before the embedding takes place. For optimal results, you’ll need keen attention to detail and a bit of patience.

Your journey deep into the ActiveCampaign email builder is just beginning. Keep up the good work and truck on. Embedding a YouTube video is closer than you think.

Step 3: Adding a Video Block to Your Email

Navigating through the ActiveCampaign Email Builder tool, you’re just a few clicks away from adding that video block. Here’s where patience and attention to detail come into play.

To find the video block, look to your left in the campaign menu section. You’ll see a toolbar brimming with various drag-n-drop elements. You’re looking for the icon labeled ‘Video’. Just as you’d grab a piece from a stack of Legos, click and drag your Video block into your email template.

Selecting the right place in your email for the block is crucial. Aim for a location where it’ll be hard to miss, but not so intrusive to your reader. Middle to lower sections typically works best. Maybe it’s after an intro, before a key message, or nestled between some bullet points. You make the call, you’re creating the experience.

Great, you nailed down the spot and added the Video block. What’s next? It’s time to provide the YouTube video’s URL. Look at the placeholder video block and find where it says ‘Insert Video URL’. Paste your video URL there.

Don’t stress about the preview image displaying inside the email. By inputting the video URL, ActiveCampaign automatically pulls in the YouTube video’s thumbnail. No need to select a thumbnail image manually.

See how simple that was? You’ve tackled a major step in the process. Now, let’s dial back into the details and make sure everything’s set up just right. Carry on with your journey in ActiveCampaign Email Builder, remember – embedding a YouTube video in your email is no longer a far-fetched idea. It’s closer than ever.

Step 4: Pasting the YouTube Video URL

You’ve done great so far, let’s get on with the key step in embedding a YouTube video in your ActiveCampaign email. Pasting the URL!

Firstly, Generate the URL of your chosen YouTube video. Navigate to the YouTube platform, uncover the video you’d like to embed. Beneath it, there’s a ‘Share’ button—click on it. A pop-up window will appear showcasing the URL. Grab it! Copy this URL; you’re going to need it in the ActiveCampaign Email Builder.

Following the URL retrieval, you’ll plant it into the ‘Video Block’ in the ActiveCampaign platform. Go back to the email builder and select the ‘Video Block’ where you want the video to settle. Your cursor will be sitting there, blinking, waiting for the URL. Paste it! Voila, your YouTube video URL is now embodied within your email.

The beauty of the ActiveCampaign platform is that it does a lot of labor automatically. As soon as you paste the YouTube video’s URL, the software automatically fetches the video’s thumbnail. And thus, the viewers of your email will see the video’s snippet as soon as they open it.

As a cherry on top, we’ll enhance the viewing experience with the Optimal View Settings. ActiveCampaign allows you to adjust the size and alignment of the embedded video within your email. Feel free to make your own design decisions here. Remember, this video content should visually engage your receivers, not overshadow everything else in the email!

Step 5: Customization Options

After you successfully paste the YouTube video URL into the Video Block and adjust the size and alignment as needed – congratulations – you’re well on your way to mastering the basics of embedding a video! But don’t stop there; further polish your video email by exploring ActiveCampaign’s customization options.

ActiveCampaign offers a variety of customization tools that significantly enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of your video. These adjustments include padding around the video, background colors, and border styles that give your video email a professional touch.

Setting padding around the video creates necessary white space between the video frame and other email content. This space gives the video breathing room, making your email look clean and well-structured. Adding padding to your email is swift and easy, simply adjust the sliders in the “Spacing” section of the design panel and you’ll be good to go.

A background color serves more purposes than one. Not only does it set the tone for your video but it also harmonizes the video with the rest of your email content. Be sure to match the background color with your brand’s color palette to ensure brand uniformity. You can change it by clicking on the color square next to “Background” in the design settings.

Adding a border is another brilliant way to make your video stand out. Borders come in many styles, and you can choose anything from a simple line to a dashed or dotted pattern. Modify the border width and select your favorite style from the “Border” category found under the design settings.

Step 6: Preview and Testing

Now that you’ve thoroughly customized your video, it’s time to check out how all adjustments affect the final output. The preview feature is instrumental for assessing the viewer’s experience before the actual send-off.

While on the campaign screen, locate and click on the “Preview” button. This tool will provide a quick view of how your email will look to the recipients. Specifically, you can review the placement, sizing and overall appearance of the embedded video within the email. It’s no bristle to proclaim: what you see is what they’ll get!

Remember, consistency across platforms is key. Don’t assume that what successfully works on one device will undoubtedly function on any others. Be sure to use the *“Send Test” feature. This is where the real magic happens – it’s your golden ticket for an interactive preview. Choose any relevant email address and fire off a test email. This step goes the extra mile by allowing you to view and test the video playback and click functionality on different devices, email environments, and internet browsers.

Feedback, Tweaks and Adjustments

Expect that not everything will translate perfectly on the first try. That’s okay! You’re likely going to see some things you want to tweak. Perhaps the video is bigger than expected or the border doesn’t seem to pop as much as you intended. This is your chance to iron out any minor concerns before your email hits the inboxes of your intended recipients.

Back on the campaign screen, make the necessary adjustments. Revisit customizations as many times as needed until you’re satisfied with the overall look and feel. Remember, your goal is to create an engaging, attractive, and functional video email.

So why the constant emphasis on testing? Well, according to Emailmonday, the email marketing experts:

Boosting email functionality can up engagement rates by a whopping 30%.


Why is previewing and testing a customized video in an ActiveCampaign email important?

Previewing and testing your ActiveCampaign email involving a customized video allows you to ensure the email is functional and appears as intended on different devices, email environments, and browsers.

What is the “Send Test” feature?

The “Send Test” feature in ActiveCampaign is a functionality that lets you view and test your video playback and click functionality across various platforms before sending out the actual email.

Why is it important to receive feedback and make tweaks and adjustments?

Receiving feedback and making necessary adjustments ensures your video email looks and functions as expected, eliminating any potential pitfalls. It enables you to improve the user experience and effectiveness of your message.

How can improving an email’s functionality boost engagement rates?

Improving an email’s functionality, including using video, can make it more engaging and attractive to recipients, leading to an increase in click-through and response rates. According to the article, it can boost engagement rates by up to 30%.

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