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How Do I Get To The Referral Page In ActiveCampaign 2017: Your Complete Guide

Navigating your way to the referral page in ActiveCampaign 2017 isn’t as complex as you might think. Let’s break it down into easy-to-follow steps, so you can effortlessly find what you’re looking for. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation, ActiveCampaign has made it simple for users like yourself to locate their desired pages.

ActiveCampaign, a well-known platform in the world of email marketing, offers an array of features including a handy referral program. Perhaps, you’re interested in this option to leverage your network and earn some extra benefits? Or maybe you’re just curious about how things work around here? No matter your reason, we’ve got your back.

Familiarizing yourself with any software requires a bit of time and patience. And while it may seem daunting at first glance, don’t fret! We’ll guide you through the process step by step until reaching that elusive referral page becomes second nature. So buckle up as we dive into the ins and outs of accessing the referral page in ActiveCampaign 2017.

What is the referral page in ActiveCampaign?

If you’re eyeballs-deep in your marketing efforts, you’ve likely come across a term that seems like it’s straight out of a spy novel: The Referral Page. No worries, it’s not as clandestine as it sounds. Actually, in ActiveCampaign, the referral page is an extremely useful tool for tracking where your contacts are coming from.

In simple terms, the referral page records and displays the last webpage your contact visited before they arrived at your site or landing page. Think of it like leaving breadcrumbs along a path; each click provides you with valuable insight into which marketing channels and tactics are driving traffic to your business.

You’ll find this golden nugget of information within each individual contact record. Here, ActiveCampaign gives you a detailed view into each contact’s interactions with your brand – including their journey towards becoming a lead or customer. By examining these “breadcrumbs”, you can see exactly where people are finding value in what you have to offer.

But why does this matter? Well, understanding how visitors reach your website helps shed light on what content resonates with them most. Is it blog posts? Social media ads? Email campaigns? With this info at hand, you can then fine-tune and amplify those successful strategies while reevaluating others.

So there ya go! Now that we’ve demystified the concept of the referral page in ActiveCampaign, let’s dive deeper into how to access this nifty feature.

Why is the referral page important?

You’re probably wondering why it’s so crucial to get to the referral page in ActiveCampaign 2017. Well, let’s unravel this mystery.

First off, your referral page is a strategic tool in your marketing arsenal. It’s where you can track and manage all of your business’s referrals, both incoming and outgoing. This may seem like a minor detail but tracking these referrals can offer valuable insights into which marketing strategies are most effective for your business.

Now, consider this: studies have shown that customers acquired through word-of-mouth have a 37% higher retention rate. That’s right! When someone hears about your brand from someone they trust, they’re more likely to stick around.

What does all this mean? Essentially, understanding how to access and use the referral page in ActiveCampaign allows you to leverage one of the most effective marketing techniques out there – word-of-mouth.

But here’s another thought: apart from customer acquisition and retention, tracking referrals gives you an opportunity to reward those who help spread the word about your brand. By setting up a great rewards program, you’ll not only encourage more people to refer others but also foster loyalty among existing clients.

To sum it up: The referral page isn’t just another feature on ActiveCampaign; it’s an essential part of successful marketing strategy that helps drive customer acquisition, increases client retention rates and fosters brand loyalty.

Accessing the referral page in ActiveCampaign

Discovering how to access the referral page in ActiveCampaign is a breeze. You’ll be excited to learn that it’s just a few clicks away inside your account. Let’s walk you through this simple process.

First off, log into your ActiveCampaign account. Keep an eye out for the ‘Settings’ tab located on the lower left corner of your dashboard. It’s crucial not to skip this step as it leads you directly into the setting interface where all important configurations are made.

Next up, select ‘Referral Program’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Settings’. Here’s where things start getting interesting! The Referral Program section is your ticket to inviting others and earning rewards at the same time.

At this juncture, you should see ‘Your Referral Link’, which directs traffic back to ActiveCampaign via your unique URL. Copy this link, share it with those who might benefit from ActiveCampaign services, and watch as rewards start rolling in!

Now let’s tackle managing referrals – something equally straightforward. Underneath ‘Your Referral Link’, there’s an option labeled ‘View Your Referred Customers’. Click on it and voila! You’re now on your referral page displaying all individuals or businesses that have signed up using your unique link.


  • Always ensure you’re logged into your ActiveCampaign account.
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ then select ‘Referral Program’.
  • Your unique URL is found under ‘Your Referral Link’.
  • To view referrals, click on ‘View Your Referred Customers’.

These steps allow smooth navigation within ActiveCampaign 2017 while maximizing its rewarding referral program. With practice comes perfection, so don’t worry if it seems overwhelming initially! Before long, accessing the referral page will feel like second nature and open doors for generating additional income via referrals.

Navigating the referral page interface

If you’re seeking to find your way around the referral page in ActiveCampaign 2017, you’ve come to the right place. It’s really not as complicated as it may initially appear. Here’s a breakdown that will hopefully make things clearer for you.

Firstly, start by logging into your ActiveCampaign account. Once logged in, look for and click on the “Affiliate Program” link located at the bottom of any page. This’ll take you directly to the Referral Page.

Upon landing on this page, you’ll notice several distinct sections. At the top is a header with an overview of your affiliate status – this includes important information like your current commission rate and total earned commissions.

Next up is a section titled ‘Your Referral Link’. As expected, this area provides you with a unique URL that tracks all referrals originating from your link. You might want to bookmark this URL or keep it handy as it’s crucial when referring new customers.

Following on from there is a region labeled ‘Traffic’. Within it are details about how many clicks your link has received and how many of those clicks have resulted in sign-ups for ActiveCampaign. This data can be valuable as feedback on how effectively your referral efforts are performing.

The last section under review is named ‘Commissions’. Here lies detailed information about commissions earned through referrals such as pending earnings, approved earnings, rejected earnings and more.

Remember these key points while navigating:

  • The Affiliate Program link: It’s found at the bottom of any page.
  • Your Referral Link: This unique URL helps track referrals from you.
  • Traffic: Contains info about clicks and sign-ups via your link.
  • Commissions: Offers comprehensive data regarding earned commissions.

As you familiarize yourself with these segments, navigating becomes much less daunting than first imagined! Hope this guide eases out some creases in understanding how to get to the referral page and what to expect once you’re there.

How to Generate Referral Links

Looking for a way to get your hands on those valuable referral links in ActiveCampaign? You’re in the right place. Generating referral links in ActiveCampaign’s 2017 version is easier than you’d think, but it could be a bit tricky if you’re new to the platform or have never done it before. Let’s break down the steps together, so you can start reaping the benefits of this powerful marketing tool.

Firstly, why not take advantage of ActiveCampaign’s “Manage Referrals” feature? This handy little option is conveniently located within your account settings. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to view and manage all your current referrals. If you haven’t already set up any referrals yet, don’t worry! There’ll be an option waiting for you to create one.

Next comes generating that coveted referral link. Once inside the “Manage Referrals” page, look out for the “Create New Referral Link” button – it’s as straightforward as that! Clicking this will generate a unique referral link tied specifically to your account.

Keeping track of these links isn’t complicated either. Back in your “Manage Referrals” page, there should be an overview displaying all your created referral links along with their status and other details like clicks and conversions. It’s a great way to keep tabs on how well they are working!

Lastly, don’t forget about sharing those generated links! They’re no good if kept secret right? Whether through email marketing campaigns or social media posts – get them out there for maximum exposure.

So remember: navigate into “Manage Referrals”, create new referral link, monitor performance and don’t shy away from sharing them around. With these steps under your belt, generating referral links becomes less daunting and more exciting as part of boosting your business’ visibility online.

Tracking referrals and rewards in ActiveCampaign

When it comes to monitoring your marketing campaigns, ActiveCampaign is a tool you’ll find immensely beneficial. It’s not just about sending emails or creating automated workflows. One of the powerful features it provides is tracking referrals and rewards. Let’s dive into how you can leverage this feature for better customer engagement.

First thing’s first, you’ve got to understand what referral tracking in ActiveCampaign means. Essentially, it’s a way to keep tabs on who is referring new customers or leads to your business. This could be through word-of-mouth, sharing on social media, or even handing out physical referral cards with unique codes.

You’re also able to track rewards within ActiveCampaign. Rewards are incentives that you offer your existing customers for referring new ones. These could be discounts on future purchases, free items, cash back offers – whatever works best for your business model.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach here; each business will need to tailor their referral and reward program based on their specific needs and customer behavior patterns. Analyzing these patterns can provide insight into what kinds of rewards resonate well with your audience as well as identify high-value referrers.

ActiveCampaign makes this process simple by providing robust analytics tools that allow you to monitor activity and measure results effectively. You can easily see which of your customers are actively referring others and who brings in the most valuable leads.

Remember though – while tracking referrals is an important aspect of any successful marketing strategy, it’s equally vital that we don’t forget about nurturing these relationships once they’re established! Your loyal customers deserve recognition and appreciation for helping grow your brand through their referrals.

So there you have it: from understanding what referral tracking means in ActiveCampaign context to using its analytics tools effectively – we’ve covered some key points that should help streamline your marketing efforts!

Best practices for utilizing the referral page effectively

Mastering the use of the referral page in ActiveCampaign can unlock a world of opportunities. You’re not just connecting with your current customer base, you’re tapping into their networks too. So, how do you make the most out of this feature?

First off, keep your referral program simple and straightforward. Your customers won’t participate if they can’t understand it. The clearer and simpler your program is, the more likely they’ll want to become part of it.

Next up, offer incentives that are truly enticing. Let’s be honest – people love freebies and discounts! If you’re offering something valuable in return for their referrals, they’ll be more inclined to share it with others.

Communication is key in any marketing strategy. Regularly updating your referrals about their status keeps them engaged and motivated. It’s also a great way to show appreciation for their efforts.

Remember to monitor and analyze your referral program’s performance regularly. This would help you identify what’s working well and areas that need improvement.

Lastly, always strive to deliver excellent customer service. Happy customers are more likely to refer others to your brand!


By now, you’ve gained a solid understanding of how to navigate to the referral page in ActiveCampaign 2017. It’s clear that this process isn’t as daunting as it may initially seem – all it requires is some careful navigation and familiarization with the platform.

You’ve learned the importance of locating your user settings icon and making your way to the ‘Referral Program’ tab. Remember, patience is key when navigating new platforms – take your time and follow each step thoroughly.

Additionally, we’ve emphasized why utilizing a referral program can be beneficial for growing your business. By sharing ActiveCampaign with others:

  • You can earn credits towards future purchases
  • Help others discover a valuable tool for their marketing needs
  • Enjoy other perks that come with referring new users

Take advantage of these benefits by honing in on your ability to navigate through ActiveCampaign effectively.

At first glance, it might appear challenging but rest assured that after a few tries, you’ll become an expert at finding what you need within ActiveCampaign’s interface!

In closing, don’t shy away from exploring other features on ActiveCampaign too—the platform has much more to offer beyond its referral program! With consistent use and exploration, you’ll find yourself becoming an increasingly proficient ActiveCampaign user.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, go ahead and make the most out of using ActiveCampaign—starting with its rewarding referral program. Happy navigating!

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