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How to Automate Social Media Posts with SurveyMonkey: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to steer your social media strategy on autopilot? If so, automating your social media posts with SurveyMonkey is the way to go. Known for its top-tier survey solutions, SurveyMonkey also provides tools that can help you schedule and automate your social media posts. This not only saves time but ensures consistency in your online presence.

Imagine this: no more rushing to draft a last-minute Tweet or panicking when you’ve forgotten to update your LinkedIn status. With automation, SurveyMonkey takes care of all that. It enables you to plan ahead, scheduling content when it’s most convenient for you.

Now, let’s dive into how exactly this works. By following some simple steps and strategies, YOU can harness the power of automation and streamline your social media efforts with SurveyMonkey.

What is SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey’s the name you’ve probably heard buzzing around. It’s a robust, cloud-based tool that lets you create professional surveys in minutes. But did you know it’s also a powerhouse for automating your social media posts? Before we dive into that, let’s get to grips with what SurveyMonkey really is.

Founded back in 1999, this online service has been paving the way for collecting valuable data from audiences worldwide. Whether you’re running a small business or leading an enterprise, SurveyMonkey provides the tools to design and publish online surveys. You can then send them out via email, mobile, chat, web and social networks. It’s trusted by millions of users globally – thanks to its user-friendly interface and customizable templates.

What sets SurveyMonkey apart though? It’s its powerful analytics component! Once your survey responses start rolling in, it transforms raw data into meaningful insights. You’ll get graphs and charts at your fingertips which help visualize results easily. Plus there’s cross-tabulation features allowing for deeper analysis.

There are different pricing tiers available too – free basic plans up to premium packages tailored for businesses with more advanced needs. This means there’s always a plan that fits just right!

So now that you’ve got the lowdown on what SurveyMonkey is all about – how about discovering some tips on using it for automating your social media posts? Stick around as we explore this handy feature next.

Why automate social media posts?

So, you’re looking to take your social media game to the next level? Automation might just be your ticket. With the constant chatter and noise on social platforms, it’s easy for your content to get lost in the shuffle. Automating your social media posts ensures that you’re consistently putting out content at optimal times when it’s most likely to catch your audience’s attention.

Let’s delve into this a bit deeper. Imagine juggling multiple social media accounts for your brand. It’s quite a task, isn’t it? You’ve got Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn – all requiring unique post timings, different types of content and heaps of engagement. Now imagine having an assistant who could manage all these tasks without fail – that’s what automation does!

You see, automating doesn’t mean losing authenticity or personal touch – far from it! In fact, by freeing up time typically spent on scheduling and posting content manually across various platforms, automation allows more room for engaging with followers in real-time conversations.

And guess what? There are tangible benefits too! According to a study by CoSchedule (2019), brands that publish consistent messages can expect up to 499% more leads than those who post sporadically.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider automating your social media posts:

  • Consistency: With automation tools like SurveyMonkey at play, rest assured that there’ll be no missed postings due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Efficiency: Save precious time by scheduling weeks’ worth of posts in one go.
  • Optimal Timing: These tools have features that analyze when your audience is most active online – ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Automating social media is about working smarter not harder. So don’t hesitate any longer – start exploring how automation can elevate your brand visibility today!

Benefits of Automating Social Media Posts with SurveyMonkey

You’ve got a busy schedule, and maintaining an active social media presence can be time-consuming. That’s where automating your social media posts with SurveyMonkey comes in handy. It’s like having a virtual assistant work around the clock to keep your audience engaged.

First off, it saves you loads of time. Think about it – instead of manually posting on each platform at different times throughout the day, SurveyMonkey does it for you automatically. It’s estimated that businesses save approximately 6 hours per week on average by using social media automation tools.

Let’s look at consistency next. Consistency is key when it comes to winning over your audience on social media platforms. Automated posts ensure that there’s never any downtime or gaps in your content schedule. Your followers will appreciate the regular updates and anticipate more!

Another big win? Improved reach and engagement rates! When you’re posting consistently and at optimal times (which SurveyMonkey helps determine based on data analysis), you’re likely to see an increase in likes, shares, comments – all those good things that boost visibility.

Finally, let’s talk strategy optimization. With automated posting, you’ll have more time to focus on analyzing performance and tweaking your strategy for better results.

Here are some statistics:

Benefit Statistic
Time saved 6 hours/week
Increase in engagement Varies

So go ahead, give yourself a break from constant manual posting without sacrificing audience engagement or consistency. Let SurveyMonkey do the heavy lifting while you focus on crafting compelling content and optimizing strategies for success!

Step 1: Setting up SurveyMonkey account

Diving right into the heart of our discussion, let’s explore how you can set up your SurveyMonkey account. This is a crucial first step in automating your social media posts with this powerful tool. Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy – it’s simpler than you might think!

First things first, head over to SurveyMonkey’s website. On their homepage, click on “Sign Up” located at the top right of the page. You’ll be prompted to enter details such as your full name, email address and preferred password. Make sure these are accurate for future logins and communication.

Once that’s done, an activation link will be sent to your email. Click on it to activate your account – voila! You’ve just created a new SurveyMonkey account successfully! But we’re not quite finished yet.

Next up is personalizing your profile. It’s here where you can add more specifics about yourself or your business. Think company size, industry type and role – this information helps tailor SurveyMonkey services to better suit your needs.

Now that you’ve got yourself sorted with an active and personalized SurveyMonkey account, well done! You’re all set for step two – designing and launching surveys tailored to meet your audience’s interests. Remember – understanding what makes them tick is key in creating engaging content they’ll love!

So there you have it! The initial setup maybe time-consuming but trust us when we say it’s worth every second invested. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into survey design next…

Step 2: Creating a survey for social media posts

Now that you’re geared up to automate your social media posts, let’s dive into the heart of the matter – creating a survey. SurveyMonkey makes this process as smooth as butter, and here’s how you can get started.

First things first, after logging in to your SurveyMonkey account, click on ‘Create a New Survey’. You’ll be prompted to choose between various templates or start from scratch. If it’s your first time using the platform, experimenting with pre-existing formats could be beneficial.

Once you’ve chosen a template or decided to build one yourself, it’s time to formulate the questions. Your survey should aim for brevity yet comprehensiveness. Remember that people are more likely to respond if they don’t feel overwhelmed by the length of the survey.

It’s essential not just what you ask but also how you ask it. Be sure your questions are clear and straightforward. Avoid any jargon or industry-specific terms that may confuse respondents. Try keeping question types varied too; mix multiple-choice with open-ended ones for better responses.

Next up is customizing your design theme and adding branding elements (if necessary). On SurveyMonkey, there are numerous themes available which can give your survey a professional look aligning with your brand image.

Finally, review everything before publishing! It’s easy to miss small errors when creating something from scratch so invest some time in revising it thoroughly before sending out into the world wide web.

That’s all there is to creating an effective survey on SurveyMonkey for automating social media posts! Now onto step three – setting up automatic sharing preferences…

Step 3: Integrating SurveyMonkey with social media platforms

Now that you’ve set up your SurveyMonkey account and created your survey, it’s time to integrate it with your social media platforms. This step is crucial because this is where the automation magic happens! It’s about making sure all of your hard work reaches as many people as possible.

To start this process, you’ll want to navigate to the ‘Collect Responses’ section in SurveyMonkey. Here, you’ll find a variety of ways to share your survey. You’re looking for the ‘Social Media’ option. Click on it and let’s get started!

  • Facebook: You can link your Facebook page directly through SurveyMonkey’s integration feature. Once connected, you can schedule posts containing links to your survey at predetermined times and dates.
  • Twitter: Similar to Facebook, connect your Twitter account and schedule tweets promoting your survey.
  • LinkedIn: For professional networking sites like LinkedIn, integrating will allow you to post surveys directly onto this platform too.

Remember though – each social media platform has its own unique audience so tailor the message around each post accordingly. Don’t just copy and paste!

In addition to these direct integrations, there are third-party applications such as Hootsuite or Buffer that also support automatic scheduling of posts across various platforms including Instagram and Pinterest. These tools can be an enormous help if managing multiple accounts feels overwhelming.

The goal here isn’t just about saving time – although that’s definitely a nice perk! It’s about ensuring consistency in how often and when you’re communicating with your audience. Automation helps keep things running smoothly even when life gets busy.

Always remember: effective use of social media is not just about broadcasting messages out into the world; it’s also about listening and engaging with what comes back in return. So don’t forget to check those comments sections regularly!

Step 4: Automating Social Media Posts with SurveyMonkey

So, you’ve got your content ready and your surveys polished to perfection. It’s time to put these tools into action and start automating your social media posts with SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey has a powerful integration feature that allows it to sync with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This means you can schedule and automate your survey-related posts directly from the platform. No longer do you need multiple tabs open on your browser – everything’s managed in one place!

To get started, navigate to ‘Integrations’ within SurveyMonkey. There, you’ll find an array of options. Choose the one for your desired social media platform (let’s say Twitter), click on it and follow the prompts to connect your account.

Once connected:

  • You can create new tweets right from this interface.
  • Insert links to your surveys directly into the tweet.
  • Schedule them for optimal times when most of your followers are online.

You’re not just limited to text-based updates either! With some creativity, include images or infographics related to the survey topic as part of the post. This could be statistics from previous surveys or teaser graphics about upcoming ones – anything that will engage and intrigue readers.

In theory, automation might feel less personal but there are ways around this dilemma too! For instance:

  • Personalize automated messages by using placeholders for first names.
  • Use natural language rather than overly formal or technical jargon.
  • Respond personally when users comment or share their results – don’t leave interaction solely up to automation!

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow while still maintaining a personal touch on all social media interactions. Remember though – automation is a tool at our disposal; its effective use is ultimately up-to us!

Step 5: Monitoring and Analyzing Social Media Performance

Let’s delve into how you can monitor and analyze your social media performance. It’s not enough to just automate your posts; you need to understand how they’re performing too.

One of the great things about using SurveyMonkey for automation is that it comes with built-in analytics tools. You’ll have access to a range of metrics such as likes, shares, comments, impressions, and more. These metrics help you know if your content resonates with your audience or if there are areas where improvements could be made.

You can view these statistics by navigating to the ‘Analytics’ section in SurveyMonkey. Here’s what each metric means:

  • Likes: This shows how many people liked your post.
  • Shares: This indicates the number of times your post was shared.
  • Comments: This represents the number of comments made on your post.
  • Impressions: This refers to how many times your post was seen.

Monitoring these stats regularly enables you to tweak and adapt future posts based on what’s working best for your audience. For instance, if you notice a particular type of content consistently gets more shares or likes than others, it would be wise to create more of this kind of content.

Another important part of monitoring is keeping an eye out for negative feedback or criticism from customers. Don’t take this personally; instead use it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Remember that every interaction provides valuable insights into what drives engagement among your followers.

In essence, automating social media posts isn’t just about saving time—it also allows you insights into engagement patterns which can help shape future marketing strategies. So don’t forget this vital step: keep tabs on those numbers!


You’ve navigated the waters of social media automation and come out on the other side. Now, you know how to automate your social media posts with SurveyMonkey, a tool that’s not only powerful but also user-friendly.

Let’s recap what you’ve learned:

  • Setting up a SurveyMonkey account is an easy first step towards streamlining your social media posting.
  • Connecting your social accounts to SurveyMonkey makes it possible to schedule posts in advance.
  • You can create customized surveys for different platforms, enabling you to engage effectively with your audience.
  • Tracking analytics through SurveyMonkey offers insights into post performance and audience engagement.

In today’s digital age, efficient use of time is crucial. Automating your social media posts liberates hours in your day that can be better spent elsewhere – like crafting more engaging content or interacting directly with followers. Social media automation isn’t just about saving time; it’s also about maximizing effectiveness.

In essence, the power of automating social media posts lies in its ability to timely distribute content across various channels while providing valuable feedback through data analysis. With tools like SurveyMonkey at hand, you’re not just surviving the frenzied pace of online marketing; you’re thriving in it.

Remember though: automation should complement human touch, not replace it completely. Your followers value authentic interaction so ensure you balance automated posts with real-time responses.

By embracing technology and learning how to automate effectively, you’ll gain an edge over competitors who are still manually handling their social content one post at a time.

So go forth and conquer! The world of automated social media awaits.

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