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How to Integrate HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads: Revolutionizing Your Email Campaigns

In today’s digital landscape, integrating your marketing tools can be a game-changer. HubSpot and LinkedIn Ads, two giants in their respective fields, offer such an opportunity. When combined, these platforms can supercharge your email campaigns, leading to better engagement and conversion rates.

Imagine having the ability to track your LinkedIn ad performance right from inside HubSpot. You’d know exactly which ads are driving the most traffic and conversions. Additionally, you could leverage HubSpot’s robust automation features to nurture those leads further down your sales funnel. It’s all about making smarter decisions based on data-driven insights.

But how do you make this integration happen? If you’re unsure of how to connect HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads for improved email campaigns, don’t worry—you’re not alone. This guide will walk through the process step by step so that you can start reaping the benefits of this powerful combination.

Step 1: Create a HubSpot Account

Got your eyes on the prize and ready to integrate HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads? Well, it’s time to start at the top. Your first step in this journey is creating a HubSpot account. Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as you might think!

HubSpot offers several plans for various business sizes, from startups to large enterprises. You’ve got options like the Free plan (yes, you read that right—free!), Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Each one comes with its own set of features so make sure you choose what suits your needs best.

Setting up an account couldn’t be simpler. Just head over to their website and click on ‘Get Started’. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter some basic information about yourself and your company – things like your name, email address and company size.

Once you’ve filled out all the necessary details and clicked ‘Next’, voila! You’re now part of the HubSpot community! Now that wasn’t too hard was it?

Remember though, once your account is up and running doesn’t mean your work is done. Far from it! You’ll need to familiarize yourself with all those nifty tools and features available at your disposal. Make sure you take advantage of Hubspot’s comprehensive resources online—it’s chock full of tutorials and guides designed specifically to help new users navigate their way around.

But hey – don’t stress yourself out too much in trying to learn everything at once. It’s perfectly fine if some things still look Greek to you after day one or even week one – remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! So take it slow but steady.

So no more delaying – jump right into creating your very own HubSpot account today!

Step 2: Connect HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads

Now that you’re set with a LinkedIn Ads account and a HubSpot account, it’s time to integrate the two. This isn’t just some technical jargon; it’s your pathway to creating more effective email campaigns.

Start by logging into your HubSpot account. Navigate to the top right corner of your dashboard and click on ‘Settings’. From there, select ‘Marketing’ and then ‘Ads’. You’ll find an option saying ‘Connect Account’ under the ad networks section. Here’s where you link up with LinkedIn.

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Connect Account’, a list of various platforms will appear. Naturally, go ahead and select ‘LinkedIn Ads’. You’ll be prompted to log into your LinkedIn account if you haven’t already done so. Follow through with this, and voila! Your accounts are now integrated.

This integration unlocks numerous benefits for you:

  • It allows for better tracking of your LinkedIn ads.
  • You can manage these ads directly from your HubSpot portal.
  • Data collected can be used to enhance future campaigns.

Before moving forward, ensure that all permissions have been granted for HubSpot within LinkedIn. This is crucial as it ensures seamless data sharing between the platforms.

In essence, integrating HubSpot with LinkedIn is quite straightforward once you get down to it. With this step complete, we’re setting the stage for more targeted and efficient email marketing campaigns that are bound to make waves in your industry!

Step 3: Sync your LinkedIn Ads contacts with HubSpot

Ready to supercharge your email campaigns? It’s time to sync your LinkedIn Ads contacts with HubSpot. This step is easier than you might think, and the benefits can be substantial.

Let’s dive into it. First off, head over to your HubSpot account. Look for the ‘Contacts’ tab on the top menu bar. Once there, search for an option that says ‘Import’, typically found on the right side of the screen.

Clicking ‘Import’ leads you to a new page where you’re given multiple options. You’ll want to select ‘Start an Import’. A list of platforms appears and here’s where you find LinkedIn Ads and select it.

Now comes the crucial part – syncing data between both platforms. Here are some steps:

  • Choose which type of records you want to import (contacts or companies).
  • Match columns in your file with properties in HubSpot.
  • Click on ‘Finish import’.

Voila! Your LinkedIn Ads contacts are now synced with HubSpot.

Remember, having all this data at your fingertips means nothing if you don’t put it to good use. Use this information wisely, targeting relevant audiences with personalized content based on their profiles and interests.

This strategy not only enhances engagement but also boosts conversions significantly. Various studies have shown that targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue – a statistic too big to ignore!

Incorporating personalization into email campaigns can lead up to six times higher transaction rates according to Experian Marketing Services data. That’s why having integrated databases like LinkedIn Ads contacts in HubSpot can make a world of difference for your marketing efforts.

So there you have it – syncing LinkedIn Ads Contacts with Hubspot isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential for driving maximum results from your email campaigns!

Step 4: Set up targeted email campaigns in HubSpot

You’re now ready to dive into setting up your targeted email campaigns. This is where the real action happens. You’ve got your LinkedIn Ads integrated with HubSpot, and it’s time to make that connection work for you.

First things first, let’s talk about segmentation. Segmentation is a crucial process in any successful email campaign. It helps ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right time, and more specifically, it targets people who’ve shown interest in your ads on LinkedIn.

To do this in HubSpot:

  • Go into ‘Contacts’
  • Click on ‘Lists’
  • Create a new list based on certain criteria (e.g., all contacts who clicked on your LinkedIn ad)

Now you’re set with a well-segmented list of contacts from LinkedIn Ads!

Next step involves crafting high-converting emails. Remember, the success of an email campaign largely depends on its content. So put yourself into recipients’ shoes and create engaging content that resonates with them.

Some tips here:

  • Keep subject lines concise yet compelling
  • Personalize wherever possible using contact properties
  • Include clear CTAs

With these steps, you’ll be able to craft an effective email sequence.

Now comes scheduling and testing phase. Always test your emails before sending them out en masse to avoid potential pitfalls or issues down the line.

In summary:

  1. Segment your audience
  2. Craft engaging emails
  3. Schedule & Test

By following this guide carefully, you can use HubSpot effectively for running targeted email campaigns based off data from LinkedIn Ads.

Step 5: Track and analyze results

Now that you’ve integrated HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads, it’s time to monitor the fruits of your labor. Tracking and analyzing results is a crucial part of any campaign, and luckily, both these platforms provide powerful analytics tools.

In HubSpot, you’ll find a detailed analytics dashboard showing how your emails are performing. You’ll see open rates, click-through rates (CTR), bounce rate, unsubscribes and more. It’s essential to keep an eye on these figures regularly – they’re key indicators of your campaign’s success or areas for improvement.

Meanwhile on LinkedIn Ads Manager, you can track impressions, clicks and conversions from your ads. You can also get granular data about who is engaging with your ads – their job titles, industries they work in or regions they are based in. This kind of information isn’t just for vanity; it helps shape future campaigns too.

Let’s not forget about the power of A/B testing. Both HubSpot and LinkedIn allow you to set up different versions of emails or ads to test what works best with your audience – subject lines, email content or ad visuals perhaps? The more tests conducted, the better understanding you’ll have about what resonates most with your audience.

Finally remember this – integrating Hubspot with Linkedin Ads doesn’t mean “set it and forget it”. Regularly check performance metrics across both platforms. Adjust strategies as needed based on data-driven insights to get the best out of your email campaigns.


Incorporating LinkedIn Ads with HubSpot can certainly elevate your email campaigns. You’ve traversed the process, understood how it works and now, you’re ready to harness this pairing’s power. As long as you keep your goals in sight and consistently monitor your campaign performance, you’ll see remarkable results.

There are a few key takeaways from our discussion:

  • The integration of HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads streamlines data management.
  • Customized email campaigns become more achievable and effective.
  • By syncing both platforms, tracking conversion rates becomes significantly easier.

Remember these benefits aren’t overnight miracles. It’ll take some time for things to fall into place. But once they do, the rewards will be worth the wait.

Before we wrap up, here’s a quick recap of the steps involved:

  1. Connect your LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot.
  2. Import leads from LinkedIn into HubSpot.
  3. Set up custom audience lists on HubSpot for targeted advertising on LinkedIn.
  4. Track ad performance using analytics provided by both platforms.

Don’t shy away from experimenting with various targeting options on LinkedIn or tweaking email content based on analytical insights from HubSpot.

It’s crucial that you stay curious, stay adaptive, and always aim for better engagement with your audience through personalized emails backed by solid data insights.

Now that you’re equipped with all the knowledge needed to integrate these two powerful tools – go ahead! Start transforming those email campaigns today!

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