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How To Make ActiveCampaign Double Click Work: Your Guide to Streamlined Marketing

Navigating the world of email marketing automation can be a tricky task. You’re probably wondering how to make ActiveCampaign double click work for your business. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Understanding this tool is crucial in maximizing your email campaign’s efficiency and creating a more engaging experience for your subscribers.

ActiveCampaign is renowned for its versatility and comprehensive suite of features, and one of those key components that stands out is Double Click. This functionality allows you to track user interactions with your emails, giving you vital insights on what works (and what doesn’t) in your campaigns.

Double Click integration with ActiveCampaign not only improves the performance of your campaigns but also helps you understand your audience better. It’s all about getting the most out of every interaction with your customers – so let’s dive into how it all works!

What is ActiveCampaign Double Click?

ActiveCampaign Double Click, you may wonder? It’s a potent combo of two influential tech giants. On one side, there’s ActiveCampaign, an all-in-one marketing automation platform. On the other hand, we have DoubleClick by Google, a powerhouse suite for ad management and ad serving solutions.

Let’s delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of these two. ActiveCampaign simplifies your marketing needs by integrating email marketing, sales automation, and CRM tools in one easy-to-use interface. You can streamline your workflow and reach out to your clients more efficiently with its help.

As for DoubleClick (now called Google Marketing Platform), it offers a wide array of features like data-driven creative workspaces and intelligent bid strategies that allow advertisers to deliver impactful ads across various devices and digital media platforms.

So how do these two connect? Well, when you integrate ActiveCampaign with Google’s DoubleClick, it opens up new avenues for targeted advertising based on collected user data. This integration allows you to sync your contacts from ActiveCampaign to Doubleclick effortlessly and vice versa.

The benefits are numerous: better-targeted ads leading to improved conversion rates; streamlined processes saving time; enhanced customer engagement through personalized messaging; among others.

In essence, if you’re looking for an efficient way to streamline your online advertising efforts while maintaining control over customer relationships – then the combination of ActiveCampaign and DoubleClick is worth considering!

Why is Double Click Important for Your Email Marketing?

Let’s dive straight into the crux of the matter. Double Click, a feature in ActiveCampaign, can be an absolute game changer for your email marketing strategy. It’s not just about clicking and opening an email anymore. With Double Click, you’re taking things a notch higher, ensuring your subscribers are genuinely interested in what you’ve got to offer.

Firstly, let’s talk numbers: 79% of all sent emails are opened on mobile devices according to Adobe’s latest Email Usage Study. Now imagine this scenario – your subscriber is scrolling through their inbox on their phone and unintentionally clicks on your email. If you’re tracking single clicks as ’email opened’, then that accidental click will skew your data, leading you to believe that they’re engaged when they might not really be.

But here’s where Double Click comes into play. To register an ’email open’ with double click tracking enabled, the reader has to intentionally or unintentionally click twice within the email body. This means it eliminates those accidental one-off clicks from messing up your analytics.

Consider this: if a user double-clicks on your email content it indicates a deeper level of engagement than a single click would suggest. They didn’t just accidentally tap – they chose to interact with what you sent them not once but twice! That speaks volumes about how much more invested they are in what you have to say or sell!

Finally, by incorporating Double Click into your ActiveCampaign strategy, you’ll end up with cleaner data regarding user engagement levels. And when we say “cleaner”, we mean more accurate and insightful data that truly reflects who is interacting with your emails and how often they do so.

So there you go! You’re now privy to why Double Click matters so much in today’s fast-paced digital world where every interaction counts towards building meaningful relationships between brands and consumers alike.

Setting up ActiveCampaign Double Click

It’s time you took a deep dive into the world of ActiveCampaign Double Click. This powerful feature isn’t as daunting as it seems, and setting it up can be quite straightforward with some valuable insights.

First off, you’ll need to create an account on Google AdWords if you don’t have one already. Once that’s done, navigate your way to ‘Linked Accounts’ under the ‘Settings’ tab in your AdWords dashboard. Here’s where you’ll find the option for linking your ActiveCampaign account.

Let’s not rush though; there are a few prerequisites to keep in mind:

  • Your Google AdWords account should have administrative access.
  • On ActiveCampaign side, you must be an admin or have access privileges to manage integrations.

Now that we’ve squared away the basics, let’s move onto integrating these two platforms:

  1. From your AdWords dashboard, click on ‘ActiveCampaign’.
  2. You’ll then see a page where you can add in your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key.
  3. After entering these details correctly, hit ‘Save’, and voila! Your accounts are now linked.

But what about tracking? That’s equally important when using double click features.

To set up tracking on specific ads or campaigns within your AdWords interface:

  • Select the ad or campaign you wish to track.
  • Then look for the ‘Tracking Template’ field under advanced settings.
  • In this field, enter {lpurl}?ad={creative}&campaign={_dscampaign}&source=google&medium=cpc
  • Be sure to replace “{lpurl}” with the landing page URL of your ad or campaign.

Finally, test everything out! It’s crucial that all systems are go before launching any major campaigns so run through some checks and ensure everything is working smoothly.

Setting up ActiveCampaign Double Click might demand a bit of effort initially but it’s worth the investment. Trust us, your marketing efforts will thank you for it!

How to create a Double Click campaign in ActiveCampaign?

So, you’re ready to delve into the world of ActiveCampaign? That’s great! You’ll find it’s an impressive platform that has plenty to offer. One popular feature is its ability to integrate with Google’s DoubleClick. Let’s dive into how you can set up your very own Double Click campaign within ActiveCampaign.

First things first, you need an active account on both platforms – ActiveCampaign and Google DoubleClick. If you haven’t got these yet, don’t worry; they’re pretty straightforward to set up.

Now, onto the main event: creating your campaign. It all starts in your ActiveCampaign dashboard:

  1. Navigate to ‘Apps’ and select ‘App Directory’.
  2. Search for ‘Google Ads’ and click ‘Install’.
  3. Connect your Google Ads account by following the prompts.
  4. Once connected, navigate back to Campaigns.

Here is where you’ll create your new Double Click campaign:

  1. Select ‘+ Create’, then choose ‘Paid Search’ from the dropdown menu.
  2. Name your campaign and select ‘DoubleClick’ as the platform.
  3. Set up targeting for your ads – this involves choosing demographics, interests or behaviors that match with what you’re offering.

Keep in mind that setting up a successful ad requires careful planning and execution – but don’t fret! With some practice and patience, you’ll get there.

Once everything is set up correctly, let ActiveCampaign take over from there while tracking every interaction of each prospect with granular precision!

With this knowledge at hand, go forth confidently into the realm of digital marketing campaigns – armed with one more tool in your arsenal!

Tips for optimizing your Double Click campaigns

Navigating the world of online advertising can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you make your ActiveCampaign Double Click work more effectively.

First thing’s first, it’s crucial to understand your audience. Use Google Analytics along with DoubleClick’s powerful data analysis tools to gain insights into who’s viewing and interacting with your ads. This will help shape your campaign strategy and make it more targeted.

Next, optimize ad placement and scheduling. Not all ad placements are created equal – some spots generate higher engagement than others. Test different positions on your website or blog to find out which location works best for you. Similarly, consider the time when most of your audience is active online – that’s when you should be running your ads.

You may also want to consider using dynamic creatives in your campaign. These are ads that change based on the viewer’s behavior or interests, offering a more personalized experience and potentially increasing click-through rates.

Lastly, there’s no substitute for regular testing and tweaking of campaigns based on performance metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions etc.

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Optimize Ad Placement & Scheduling
  • Utilize Dynamic Creatives
  • Regular Testing & Tweaking

Remember these tips as they’re essential for optimizing any successful Double Click Campaign!


Achieving success with ActiveCampaign Double Click doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You’ve learned how it works, and now it’s time to apply this knowledge.

When you start implementing this system into your marketing strategy, remember the key elements that we’ve discussed. It’s all about understanding your audience, tracking their behavior, and adapting your efforts to deliver the most relevant content.

Let’s recap some of the core steps:

  • Setting up ActiveCampaign Double Click correctly
  • Utilizing Google Analytics integration efficiently
  • Understanding and applying event tracking
  • Leveraging audience segmentation for targeted campaigns

Remember these points – they’ll guide you in making strategic decisions that can boost your engagement rates and ultimately drive conversions.

You might encounter challenges along the way. Trial-and-error is part of any marketing process. But don’t get discouraged! With persistence, constant monitoring, and timely adjustments, you’ll master the art of using ActiveCampaign Double Click effectively.

In essence, making ActiveCampaign Double Click work for you is not just about mastering technicalities—it’s also about understanding your audience’s needs and behaviors. By striking a balance between these two aspects, you’re well on your way to achieving stellar results with your digital marketing efforts.

Keep learning, keep testing new ideas—and watch as your business reaches new heights through effective digital advertising campaigns!

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