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4 Easy Strategies to Secure Discounts on Go High Level Marketing Services

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for ways to save on your marketing budget. That’s why I’ve decided to share my insider tips on how to get a discount on marketing services from Go High Level. I’ve been using Go High Level for years, and I’ve learned a thing or two about their discount system.

Understanding Go High Level’s Pricing

Before we dive into the discount discussion, let’s take a moment to understand Go High Level’s pricing structure. As a marketer who’s been using Go High Level for years, I’ve got a pretty clear idea of what they’re offering.

Go High Level offers two pricing tiers: single location and multi-location or agency.

  1. Single Location tier is primarily for businesses operating in one area or location. It’s priced at $97 per month. This includes all features provided by Go High Level like SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Voice Drop, Funnels and Website Builder among others.
  2. Multi-Location or Agency tier is designed for agencies or businesses with multiple branches or locations. The cost increases to $297 per month but it provides access to a host of advanced features. Unlike the single location plan, this offers location-specific sub-accounts and a white-label dashboard.
Pricing Tier Price Per Month Features
Single Location $97 SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Voice Drop, Funnels and Website Builder
Multi-Location or Agency $297 Location-specific sub-accounts, White-label dashboard, Plus all features of Single Location

It’s important to realize that Go High Level’s pricing isn’t just about the monthly cost. It’s about the value that their services bring to your business. With an exhaustive set of features available on each tier, it’s easy to see how Go High Level can significantly boost your marketing efforts.

Let’s shift our focus to some insider tips and tricks on how you can squeeze some savings out of these plans.

Tip 1: Utilize the Free Trial Period

You’ve heard about Go High Level’s impressive capabilities and are keen to see what they can do for your business? This is where you take advantage of their 14-day free trial period. It’s a perfect opportunity to test out all the features, gauge the platform’s effectiveness for your marketing goals before committing to a paid plan.

Think of the free trial as your exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. No credit card required. No risk involved. All their crucial features at your disposal, from email and SMS marketing automation, sales funnels creation, appointment scheduling, to website building. Without spending a dime, you can get a practical feel of how these features can skyrocket your marketing efforts.

How do you best utilize this period? Here are my three golden rules:

  • Dive into the Deep End: Explore every feature. Tinker and experiment. The aim is to assess their usability and efficiency.
  • Assess the Support System: Here’s your chance to evaluate Go High Level’s customer support. Test their response time, helpfulness, and problem-solving efficiency.
  • Measure the Impact: Finally, evaluate how these features have impacted your marketing metrics.

Remember, time is of the essence. 14 days can fly by before you know it. Plan your activities for every single day lest you hit that trial expiration date without adequately exploring Go High Level.

Oh, and here’s a little secret. Contacting the Go High Level’s team towards the end of your trial period and expressing your interest in their service might get you an extension. And who doesn’t love a few more days of free services?

The free trial is like a relationship’s honeymoon phase, where everything is idyllic, and you are wooed by their best features. Leveraging this trial period can offer valuable insights and help you make an informed decision about parting with your hard-earned dollars for the full Go High Level experience. Let’s move on to the next tip to save even more on your Go High Level subscription.

Tip 2: Take Advantage of Annual Subscriptions

Let’s dive into the next money-saving strategy. Switching to an annual subscription can work wonders when you’re looking to economize. Most services, including Go High Level, offer significant discounts on annual plans. So, if you’re certain that this is the tool for your marketing needs, commit to an annual plan and keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

When transiting from a monthly subscription to an annual one, the costs can seem daunting upfront. However, when you factor in the savings you’d be accruing over the year, it’s a no-brainer. Some businesses hesitate when considering this move, primarily due to the commitment factor. My advice? If you’ve used the service during the free trial period, assessed its performance, and found that it’s offering value to your business operation, taking the plunge makes complete sense.

Reviewing some statistics, it’s evident that annual subscriptions lead to substantial savings. For example, if you’re on the $297 per month plan, committing to it annually saves you $704. That’s almost like getting three months of the service for free!

In terms of numbers, should you choose to stick to a monthly subscription it would amount to:

Subscription Type Cost
Monthly $297
Yearly (Monthly equivalent) $247

That’s a significant saving for small and medium-sized enterprises where every dollar counts.

From an operational standpoint, adopting an annual subscription also eliminates the worry of monthly payments. This offers a smoother, hassle-free experience allowing me to monitor my budget more effectively.

So, shift to an annual subscription, and see the savings pile up. It’s the savvy business person’s road to economical efficiency. Don’t hesitate to take this road if Go High Level ticks all your marketing boxes. After all, it’s not just savings in your pocket but also an investment in a service that’s proven its worth to your company. Annual subscriptions can be a game-changer. Consider it, commit to it, and count the dollars you save.

Tip 3: Refer a Friend and Earn Discounts

Did you know that Go High Level has a brilliant referral program? This isn’t common knowledge for many people, but I’m here to let you in on this secret. I personally believe in sharing my great experiences with others, especially if it also means I can save some money.

So, how does the referral program work? Well, it’s pretty simple. Whenever you refer a friend or a business associate to Go High Level and they sign up for a subscription, you earn a discount on your subscription. That’s right! You can save money and yet get to use the same high-quality features of the platform.

But, let’s discuss some questions you might have about this approach:

  1. How much can I save?
  2. Is there a limit to the number of referrals?

The savings will vary depending on different factors. But, on average, you could expect a considerable discount on your subscription fee. And for the second question, the answer is no! There isn’t a limit. The more referrals you have, the more savings you can make.

However, it is crucial to note that the discounts apply as long as your referral keeps their subscription active. If they terminate their subscription, the discount you were receiving because of their subscription gets removed from your next billing cycle.

Honestly, this approach has been quite beneficial for my expenses. I’ve been able to save a significant amount while enjoying the fantastic services that Go High Level offers. So if you’re not using it yet, this might be a good time to consider it.

Furthermore, referring your network also helps you serve your community by assisting them in finding a good service. As you might already be benefiting from this platform, it can be a good opportunity to also let your colleagues know about it and help them succeed in their business.

Remember, refer a friend and earn discounts. A win-win strategy that will not only save you money but can also help others with their marketing needs. This program is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of, as it not only significantly saves money but allows us to invest in a high-quality service. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re on the lookout for cost-cutting methods on Go High Level.

Tip 4: Be on the lookout for Promotions and Special Offers

Continuing on our money-saving journey with Go High Level, let me introduce Tip 4: Be on the lookout for promotions and special offers. Frequent offers and sales often roll out by the company providing opportunities to grab service packages at reduced prices.

Along with the regular subscription plans, Go High Level keeps throwing sales pitches on some festive days, during the start of a quarter, or sometimes randomly. And, there’s no denying that these promotional events could be an easy way to keep your checkbook balanced while accessing top-tier services. Veteran users of Go High Level can vouch for the fact that promotional codes or rebates during these events drop the cost by a decent margin.

The key here – it’s a game of vigilance. You should regularly check their website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated about the latest offerings. Receiving the newsletter not only keeps you informed about the new features but also about any upcoming sales or discount coupons. Sometimes they even run some special offers exclusively for their newsletter subscribers.

One may argue, why jump off the cliff onto a plan you don’t need just because it’s on sale? That’s an excellent point. However, it’s more about scalability than being lured into a sale. If you’ve already been using a smaller subscription plan and feel the need to upgrade, these promotions could be your best time to scale up.

To make the most of these discounts, you need the alertness of a Lynx ready to pounce at the right time. However, it’s not always about fear of missing out, but knowing when to seize the opportunity.

To embrace the core of this tip, let’s remember – it’s all about doing smart business, saving where we can, and always striving for efficiency. So, keep those eyes peeled for the next big offer or promo from Go High Level. And remember, these aren’t just discounts, they’re investments in your business success.


So, you’ve got the scoop on how to score a discount on Go High Level’s marketing services. It’s clear that a savvy approach can lead to significant savings. Remember, first, give the 14-day free trial a whirl. It’s a no-risk way to see if their services are right for you. Then, consider switching to an annual plan. It’s a smart move that offers substantial savings over monthly subscriptions. Don’t forget the power of referrals. Get a friend on board and you’ll both benefit. Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for those special offers and promotions. They’re your ticket to even more savings. It’s not just about saving money, it’s about making smart business decisions. So go ahead, apply these tips and watch your marketing budget stretch further with Go High Level.

What is the first money-saving tip for using Go High Level?

The first tip mentioned in the article is to utilize the 14-day free trial offered by Go High Level. This allows you to test all the features without initial cost, helping assess their usability and efficiency.

What is the benefit of switching to an annual subscription on Go High Level?

Switching to an annual subscription can be a cost-effective choice. The article suggests that Go High Level offers significant discounts for annual plans compared to monthly subscriptions.

How can referring a friend help me save money on Go High Level?

By referring a friend or business associate to Go High Level, you can earn discounts on your subscription. A refer-a-friend program helps save money and widen the user base at the same time.

Does Go High Level have special promotions or offers?

Yes, according to the article, Go High Level frequently offers promotions and special deals on their service packages. Stay informed about these offers to reap potential savings and benefits.

Why should I consider these money-saving strategies for Go High Level?

These strategies are viewed as savvy business moves. Applying them not only saves money, but also allows you to invest in a service with proven efficiency and reliability, paving the way for business growth.

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