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Choosing the Best Funnel Building Software: A Comprehensive Guide for Optimal Conversions

In the digital marketing world, it’s all about conversion. And what’s the key to conversion? A well-structured sales funnel. You’re probably on the hunt for the best funnel building software to streamline your marketing efforts and boost your sales.

There’s a plethora of options out there, each promising to be the ‘ultimate solution’. But how do you sift through the hype and find the one that truly meets your needs? That’s where we come in.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, researching and reviewing the top-performing funnel builders on the market. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of funnel building software.

What is funnel building software?

Imagine running a business where conversion rates are always sky high. You’re constantly pulling in new customers, and your sales are through the roof. Sounds great, right? This is the kind of success that a funnel building software can help you achieve. But, what is funnel building software? Let’s dive into it.

In the landscape of digital marketing, the term “funnel” refers to the process a potential customer goes through, from the first contact with your business to making a purchase. This journey, if planned strategically and mapped well, can lead to a consistent increase in conversions. That’s where funnel building software comes into play.

With funnel building software, you’re able to design, manage, and optimize this customer journey. It’s a tool that’s purpose-built to help you map out each step your customer takes. You get to visualize how leads move through the sales cycle. But it’s more than just a visual aid. It’s a strategic tool that helps you pinpoint where leads get stuck, and make changes to improve the flow.

Funnel building software also brings automation into the picture. You can set up automated emails, reminders, and notifications. This automation helps direct leads to the next step in the process, keeping them engaged, and guiding them toward making a purchase. The right software can not only streamline this process but also provide insights for its ongoing optimization.

One of the top advantages of using funnel building software is its analytical capabilities. It provides data on every aspect of your sales funnel—where leads come in, which stages they convert at, where they drop out—and delivers that data in comprehensive reports. These insights allow you to make data-driven decisions, improving your sales performance, and ultimately, driving growth.

So if you’re looking to increase conversions, target leads more effectively and get valuable insights about your sales process, funnel building software might just be the tool you need. These software options can be a major game-changer for businesses, making your sales process efficient and successful.

By mastering the art of the sales funnel with the right software, you’re putting your business on the path to a stronger digital marketing strategy. That’s the power of a well-constructed sales funnel. It’s all about strategy, efficiency, and growth.

Doesn’t that sound like a tool you’d want in your business arsenal?

Why do you need funnel building software?

Imagine conducting your business without adequately understanding your customer’s journey. Seem problematic? It should. Without the right tools, navigating your way through the digital marketing world can be like stumbling around in the dark.

Here’s where funnel building software shines. It delivers on a crucial factor that can feel overwhelming to manage manually: understanding and optimizing the customer journey. By leveraging the power of software, you can form a clear vision—the right ads, to the right consumers, at the right time. Simply put, it’s all about increased conversions.

Streamline the Sales Process

A streamlined sales process is a key to conversion power. The convenience of automation allows you to pre-set actions and responses. Imagine setting up automated emails and reminders to nurture leads. Time saved equates to more focus on critical business operations.

Master Your Analytics

Funnel building software isn’t just about smooth operations—it’s also about smart insights. Data is the cornerstone of an informed decision. Tools tailored toward analytics empower your decision making. You gain understanding about every touchpoint, every decision, and every sale. With data-driven insights, you’re enabled to tailor your sales process for efficient conversions.

Adaptable Funnel Designs

You’re unique, and so should your funnel designs be. Funnel building software grants you customizability at your fingertips. Design and adjust your funnels to mirror the changing landscape of your business, target markets, and marketing objectives. If the prospect of modification feels daunting, most software offers template options to kickstart your funneling journey.

Utilizing funnel building software helps you zero in on effective lead targeting. It offers you the capacity to turn potential clients into recurring customers. The impact of such software is clear—informed decisions, streamlined processes, and innovative designs, leading to heightened conversions. The strength of funnel software is multi-faceted for emblematic reasons.

Key features to look for in funnel building software

Choosing the ideal funnel-building software isn’t just about selecting what’s popular or what your competitors use. It’s about understanding your business needs and aligning them with what the software offers. The optimal software should essentially help you shape and monitor your customer’s journey, from consideration to purchase. So, what are these must-have features you should be looking for?

Ease of Use and Interface
An intuitive, user-friendly interface is vital. You don’t want to spend your time battling a steep learning curve when you are supposed to be targeting leads and increasing conversions. The software should make it easy for you to navigate, design, and manage your sales funnel.

Customization Capabilities
Customizability ranks highly on the list of crucial features. Your sales process isn’t generic; it’s tailored specifically to your company and clientele. Your software should allow you to adjust and tweak your funnels to align with your unique selling proposition.

Automation and Integration Features
In line with the need for efficiency, look for software that provides automation features. It could be auto-email and reminder capabilities to guide leads through the sales process without manual intervention. Also, your funnel builder should seamlessly integrate with your existing sales and marketing systems, creating a smooth flow of data and operations.

Analytical Power
Data is imperative for decision-making. Good software will furnish you with data and analytics regarding every stage of the sales funnel. You can see exactly when and where there’s a bottleneck, providing you with the insights needed for optimization.

These are a few features to keep in mind. Explore, experiment and settle on a solution that gives you the leverage needed to power up your digital marketing game. It’s not just about having a fancy tool; it’s about the value it brings to your sales process. If the software meets these criteria, you’re on the right track to automating and optimizing your sales funnel for richer, data-driven results.

Top funnel building software options

As you navigate your selection journey, it’s vital to look at the best options available. Here are some top picks you’ll want to check out:

  1. ClickFunnels: Known for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, ClickFunnels is a popular choice among both beginners and seasoned marketers. It’s packed with features that help create high-converting funnels, and it leverages automation to streamline the sales process.
  2. Leadpages: For those prioritizing customization, Leadpages is a strong contender. It features a vast library of templates and offers considerable flexibility. Plus, it has robust analytics that give deep insight into your funnels’ performance.
  3. Kartra: Kartra stands out for its powerful integration abilities. If you’re utilizing multiple platforms or software for your marketing efforts, Kartra makes managing them easier. It ensures seamless movement from one platform to another, aiding in effective funnel management.
  4. Unbounce: Unbounce’s strong suit lies in its testing capabilities. For businesses that heavily focus on A/B testing, Unbounce allows for detailed comparisons of different funnel versions, promoting data-driven decision making.

The table below provides a quick glance at these software options.

ClickFunnelsUser-friendly, automation
LeadpagesCustomization, analytics
KartraSystem integration
UnbounceA/B testing

Remember, each of these software solutions has its unique features and strengths. The best for you depends on your specific needs, marketing goals, and operational complexities. Keep exploring, comparing, and testing until you find that perfect partner in your funnel-building journey. The key lies in addressing what your business truly needs and matching it with what the software has to offer.

Comparison of the top funnel building software options

Between ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Kartra, and Unbounce, each software has its unique strengths and features that can serve your digital marketing needs in their own ways.

ClickFunnels is an all-round player. It’s praised for its flexible features and intuitive interface. This software stands out by allowing you to construct comprehensive funnels from landing pages, webinars to membership portals, without prior design or coding skills.

Leadpages, on the other hand, specializes in landing pages. It’s best known for its high-converting templates and seamless integration with email service providers. Leadpages might just be the perfect choice if you’re after crafting stunning pages that can quickly captivate your audience and drive conversions.

When we take a look at Kartra, what sets it apart is its comprehensive suite of marketing tools. This software doesn’t just stick to funnel building, it also offers email automation, video hosting, and an in-built helpdesk. With Kartra, it’s like having a full-fledged digital marketing department at your disposal.

Finally, Unbounce. This software shines with its AI-driven optimization tools. These tools use machine learning to dynamically alter your pages, maximizing both your conversions and the overall effectiveness of your funnel. Unbounce can be a great fit if you’re after technology that offers a cutting edge.

Below you’ll find a quick comparison table:

SoftwareFocusStandout FeatureBest For
ClickFunnelsComprehensive Funnel BuildingFlexible FeaturesPeople With Little To No Design Or Coding Experience
LeadpagesLanding PagesHigh-Converting TemplatesQuick Captivation And Higher Conversions
KartraMultiple ToolsOffers More Than Just Funnel BuildingComplete Digital Marketing
UnbounceOptimizationAI-Driven ToolsMaximizing Conversions

Remember, it’s always best to consider your specific needs and marketing goals. Sometimes, the best software isn’t the one with the most features, but the one that brings most value to your specific situation and operations. Dive head first into each option. Experiment with them and you’re bound to find your perfect match. Now, it’s time we took a closer look at these software in our in-depth reviews.

Pricing and plans

Having understood the features and benefits of top funnel building software, the next crucial aspect to consider is pricing and subscription plans. Each software comes with its unique pricing structure that is determined by the tool’s functionality, complexity, and target audience.

We’ll take a closer look at the pricing of ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Kartra, and Unbounce.

ClickFunnels, for instance, starts at $97 monthly for the basic plan; which includes most features, essential for small businesses. The Etison Suite or premium package comes at $297 a month, offering functionality to scale and grow your business.

BasicEtison Suite

Leadpages offers the standard package at $37 per month, the pro package at $79 per month, and the advanced package at $321 per month. Each tier increases in features and capabilities, perfect for growing businesses, professionals, and advanced digital marketers.


Kartra, on the other hand, provides a more comprehensive pricing model starting from $99 monthly for the starter plan. The silver, gold, and platinum plans are priced at $199, $299, and $499 per month respectively. These are tailored to cater to businesses at different growth stages.


Lastly, Unbounce starts at $80 per month for the launch plan. For the optimize plan, they charge $120 per month, and for the scale plan, it’s $200 per month. Each plan caters to specific needs ranging from startups to larger corporations.


Pros and cons of each software

As you journey through the process of selecting the right software for your funnel building needs, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each option becomes an essential part of your decision-making process. Here’s a detailed look at the strengths and weaknesses of our top picks: ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Kartra, and Unbounce.

With ClickFunnels, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive, all-in-one platform. However, its interface might feel overwhelming to beginners.


  • Comprehensive tool
  • Great for advanced users


  • Steep learning curve for beginners

Leadpages shines in its simplicity and ease of use, but lacks in the broad feature set that rivals like ClickFunnels flaunt.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Best for beginners


  • Limited advanced features

Kartra is famed for its robust functionality, but this comes at a price – both in terms of cost and complexity.


  • Excellent advanced features


  • High cost
  • Complex for beginners

Unbounce firmly establishes itself with its superior A/B testing capabilities. On the flip side, it’s not as versatile as some of its competitors.


  • Superior A/B testing
  • Customizable templates


  • Not as versatile

As you weigh up the pros and cons of these top funnel building software options, remember to align your choice with your specific needs and marketing goals. No one solution fits all, so it’s essential to be discerning and choose what’s best for your unique operational complexities. Stay tuned, as we delve deeper into more aspects further ahead in the article.

How to choose the best funnel building software for your business

So, you’re at the stage where you know the benefits of funnel building software and the top choices available, but how do you decide which one is right for your business? You need to weigh several factors.

Firstly, Identification of Business Needs is crucial. Identify the specific needs of your business’s sales and marketing process. Are you centered more on lead generation, conversion, or customer retention? Different software options excel in different areas, so making a clear-cut list will narrow down the best ones that cater to your specific requirements.

Secondly, Ease of Use is not something you should overlook. Don’t get swayed by all the advanced features if it’s going to take you weeks to figure out how to use it! Always test the software interface before you commit.

Customizations and Integrations play a vital role too. You want your funnel software to be a seamless part of your larger marketing efforts, so it needs to efficiently integrate with the tools and platforms you already use. Also, check the level of customizability on offer since a greater level will let you tailor the user journey to your exact needs.

A funnel building tool must provide robust Analytical Capabilities. It’s no use getting loads of customers into your funnel if you can’t analyze their activities and use the derived insights for data-driven decision making.

Finally, you need to consider the Cost. The best software for you is the one that offers the necessary features within your budget constraints. An expensive tool doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for your needs. Prioritize the features you need in relation to your budget.

This selection journey can be challenging, but remember that choosing the right software brings value to your sales operations and can significantly contribute to achieving your business goals.


You’ve seen how crucial funnel building software is in digital marketing. It’s not just about creating funnels, but about managing, optimizing, and automating the customer journey for better conversions. The power of data analytics that these tools offer is indispensable for making informed decisions. Remember, the best funnel software for you will depend on your unique business needs and marketing goals. It’s about finding the right balance of ease of use, customization, integration, and analytical capabilities that suits your budget. So, don’t hesitate to explore and experiment until you find the perfect match. By choosing wisely, you’re paving the way for a streamlined, efficient, and data-driven sales process. Harness the power of funnel building software and watch your conversions soar.

What is funnel building software?

Funnel building software is a digital tool utilized to design, manage, and optimize the customer journey in a business. This software can enhance conversions, automate various activities like emailing and reminders, and allows for data-driven decision making.

Why is funnel building software crucial in digital marketing?

Funnel building software is crucial as it boosts conversions, targets leads effectively, provides valuable insights for sales process optimization, and streamlines the entire sales process. It customizes the sales journey for efficient conversions.

What should one consider while choosing funnel building software?

Key features to consider while choosing funnel building software include ease of use and interface, customization capabilities, automation and integration features, and analytical power. These features ensure efficient shaping, monitoring, and optimization of the customer journey.

How does one choose the best funnel building software for their business?

Choosing the best funnel building software involves identifying business needs, considering ease of use, customizations and integrations, analytical abilities, and cost. Opt for software that aligns with your specific business needs and marketing goals.

Are there different types of funnel building software available?

Yes, various types of funnel building software exist in the market. It’s encouraged to explore and experiment with different software solutions to find one that meets your specific needs and brings value to your sales process.

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