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Making Smart Choices: A Comprehensive Guide to SharpSpring Pricing Plans

Looking for a comprehensive marketing automation tool that doesn’t break the bank? You’ve likely come across SharpSpring in your search. With its robust features and competitive pricing, it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice among businesses of all sizes.

SharpSpring’s pricing model is flexible, designed to cater to a variety of budgets and needs. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, there’s a plan for you. But how do you know which one’s the best fit for your business?

In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of SharpSpring pricing. We’ll break down the different plans, what they include, and who they’re best suited for. We’ll also touch on any additional costs you might encounter, so you can make an informed decision. Stay tuned to get the lowdown on all things SharpSpring pricing.

SharpSpring Pricing Plans

Overview of Pricing Plans

To optimize your marketing strategy, it’s essential to pick the right plan according to your budget and needs. SharpSpring offers a range of pricing plans each one catering to a different user base.

Details of Plans

There are three main categories of SharpSpring pricing plans.

Let’s break them down:

  1. Small Business Plan
  2. Professional Plan
  3. Enterprise Plan

Each plan has varied features and services.

The Small Business Plan offers necessities like customer support and the ability to automate marketing tasks. It’s best for small startups that just need the basics.

If you’re a growing business, the Professional Plan might be a better fit. With advanced analytical tools, and a higher number of supported users, this plan allows for further growth and development.

The Enterprise plan is the top tier and offers unlimited users and a fully customizable platform. It’s best for bigger corporations who require maximum flexibility and comprehensive services.

Now that we’ve seen an overview of SharpSpring’s different pricing plans let’s delve a little deeper into what they entail.

(The next section deals with more detailed data about each plan’s costs and what they entail which links to their respective detailed reviews)

Stay tuned for the next section where we’ll give you all the information you need in order to make an informed choice about the best SharpSpring pricing plan for you. This will help you maximize the value you get from your marketing automation.

Plan Breakdown and Inclusions

Let’s delve deeper into SharpSpring’s pricing plans, evaluating the cost and value they bring to businesses of different sizes.

The Small Business Plan, starting at $550 per month, is tailored for startups and small businesses eager to achieve growth. You’ll find a variety of essential marketing features designed just for you.

Some of the key inclusions of this plan are:

  • Full Marketing Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Landing Page and Blog Builder

Moving up, for more established businesses with a larger clientele, the Professional Plan steps in, priced at $850 per month. With advanced marketing tools and extended capabilities, the Professional Plan provides greater scope and freedom.

This plan offers a more versatile mix, including:

  • Behavior-Based Email Automation
  • Unlimited Users
  • Campaign Tracking

At the apex, the Enterprise Plan priced at $1250 per month, caters to organizations with extensive operations and marketing needs. It’s replete with progressive features and services for intensive use.

Some standout characteristics of this plan include:

  • Sales Intelligence to track prospect engagement
  • Custom Deal Stages and Reporting
  • Integration with hundreds of third-party applications

Let’s summarize these distinct plans in the table below:

Pricing PlanCost Per MonthIdeal User Base
Small Business$550Startups, Small business
Professional$850Growing businesses
Enterprise$1250Large corporations

Choosing the right plan hinges on understanding your own market dynamics, client size, budget allocation, and growth objectives. These plans are flexible and allow you to scale up as your business expands. Hence, it’s about making a strategic choice for the present that also sets you on the right track for future growth.

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business

As you delve into the world of engagement and marketing automation, it’s important to pick the Sharpspring plan that best suits your business’s unique needs and goals. The right choice depends on several factors: market dynamics, client size, budget allocation, and growth objectives.

When looking at market dynamics, consider the nature of your industry and target market. If you’re a startup or small business, the Small Business Plan could be a great fit. Starting at $550 per month, it offers marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and building blocks for landing pages and blogs.

Subsequently, the size and nature of your client base are key considerations. For established businesses with a diverse and growing clientele, the Professional Plan is an excellent choice. Priced at $850 per month, this plan brings the power of behavior-based email automation to your fingertips. Plus, it comes with the luxury of having unlimited users and campaign tracking.

It’s essential to understand your budget – how much are you willing and able to invest in a digital marketing suite? If resources are ample, the Enterprise Plan, at $1250 per month, could be your go-to choice. Be prepared to reap the benefits of sales intelligence, custom deal stages and reporting, and integration with third-party applications.

Lastly, what are your growth objectives? What practical goals are you setting for your business? It’s all about aligning the features of your chosen plan with your business’s strategic objectives. Advanced reporting, deal stages, and third-party app integration included in the Enterprise Plan can help you propel business growth.

Undoubtedly, the decision might seem overwhelming but remember – there’s no one-size-fits-all. Sharpspring provides a spectrum of plans designed to cater to businesses of all sizes with varied needs. It’s all about choosing the plan that best aligns with your business’s needs.

Additional Costs to Consider

While understanding the basics of SharpSpring’s pricing structure, you mustn’t overlook the potential additional costs. These aren’t hidden fees, rather they can emerge depending on the scale and specific needs of your business.

For instance, consider the onboarding cost. It’s a one-time fee that you need to pay when you join SharpSpring – designed to help you get the most from your plan right from the start. Although it might seem as an hurdle initially, this is a crucial step towards your successful marketing automation journey.

Apart from onboarding, another additional charge you might encounter includes costs associated with increase in contact limits. Each SharpSpring plan has a fixed number of contacts you can manage. If your business grows and you need to handle more contacts than your plan allows, you’ll need to upgrade.

If you’re a large-scale business and looking forward to make full use of SharpSpring’s potential, you may want to consider getting a dedicated IP address for your email marketing campaigns. While this isn’t essential for everyone, larger businesses often find value in it since it provides better control over email deliverability.

Lastly, you might also run into extra costs should you require additional user seats or certain premium features that your current plan doesn’t provide.

Here’s a brief rundown of these potential extra charges:

Additional Cost ComponentDescription
Onboarding FeesOne-time fee at the start of your subscription
Increased Contact LimitsCharges related to managing more contacts
Dedicated IP AddressHelps larger businesses control email deliverability
Additional User Seats or Premium FeaturesCosts based on extra requirement beyond current plan

Remember, these costs aren’t designed to trick you out of your money but to provide you with options for scaling and utilizing SharpSpring to its maximum potential based on your business needs.

Making an Informed Decision

When it comes down to the details, SharpSpring pricing isn’t just about the numbers. Yes, costs are significant but remember – it’s also about the value you get. You have to take into account how you plan to use SharpSpring. What tools and features do you need? How large is your client base and is it growing? These factors determine the plan best suited for your business.

Take, for instance, the Small Business Plan. Helpful for organizations having less than 1,500 contacts, this plan allows for just one user. If you’ve got a small marketing team and you’re aiming for modest, steady growth, this could be your go-to plan. Remember, you’re not just paying for contacts and users, but for a rich array of features that empower your marketing strategy.

On the other hand, the Professional Plan and the Enterprise Plan open up additional user seats and a larger contact limit, enabling scalability as your business’s needs evolve. The Professional plan accommodates up to 10,000 contacts and three users. For larger organizations requiring more flexibility, the Enterprise Plan allows for an unlimited number of users and contacts. Although more expensive, the premium features unlocked could well justify the higher costs for larger entities or aggressive growth strategies.

Let’s look at the plan costs in a table.

PlanContactsUsersCost per Month
Small Business<1,5001$199

But it’s not just about the base pricing. Be ready to consider the potential added costs you might incur. Think about onboarding fees, increased contact limits, dedicated IP address for email marketing campaigns, and costs for added user seats or premium features. It’s important to consider your future needs for scalability.

Choosing your SharpSpring plan is a strategic move. Take the time to consider not just your present needs, but where you want to take your business. With a clear understanding of what each plan offers and what your business requires, you can make an informed decision on your SharpSpring investment.


So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of each SharpSpring pricing plan. You’ve taken a deep dive into the specifics of your business needs, the tools you require, and the size of your client base. You’ve even considered the potential for additional costs. Now, it’s time to make that all-important decision. Remember, the best choice isn’t always the cheapest or the most feature-rich plan. It’s the plan that aligns with your current needs and future growth objectives. It’s about scalability, flexibility and value for your investment. Making an informed decision now can save you from future headaches and unnecessary costs. So, choose wisely. Your business’s success depends on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main focus of this article?

The article focuses on guiding businesses to make an informed decision when selecting the right SharpSpring pricing plan that fits their specific needs and growth objectives.

What factors should be considered when choosing a SharpSpring pricing plan?

Businesses should consider their specific needs, the necessary tools and features, the size of their client base, and their growth objectives.

What SharpSpring pricing plans are discussed in the article?

The article covers the Small Business Plan, Professional Plan, and Enterprise Plan by SharpSpring.

Are there any potential additional costs to consider?

Yes, businesses might also need to consider costs for onboarding, increased contact limits, a dedicated IP address for email campaigns, and additional user seats or premium features.

What is the key takeaway from the article?

The key takeaway is the importance of considering future scalability needs and making informed decisions based on your business’s present needs and future goals when choosing a SharpSpring pricing plan.

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