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Mastering Instagram Insights: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Email Open Rates

If you’re like me and you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your digital marketing game, you’ve probably wondered how to track email open rate on Instagram Insights. It’s no secret that Instagram has become a powerful platform for businesses, and tapping into its analytics can give you a treasure trove of valuable data.

Understanding your email open rate is crucial for effective email marketing. But did you know that Instagram Insights could help you with this? It might seem a bit unconventional, but with the right steps, it’s entirely possible. Let’s dive into the world of Instagram Insights and explore how it can help us track our email open rates.

What is Instagram Insights?

In the realm of social media and email marketing, Instagram Insights emerges as an invaluable tool. This in-app functionality has essentially become the analytics arm of Instagram, providing an indepth look at the demographics of your followers and insights into how your posts are performing.

For a seamless social media marketing strategy, understanding the ins and outs of Instagram Insights is indispensable. So, let’s delve deeper into what this powerful tool brings to the table.

Instagram Insights is chock-full of valuable data. It offers information on follower demographics including age, gender, and location. Important metrics such as impressions, reach, and interactions on individual posts are also made available. Moreover, Insights essentially tracks and displays your actions within the Instagram app so you have a clear view of which moves are working, and which need improvement.

Here’s a snapshot of the key categories tracked by Instagram Insights:

  • Content: Details about how posts, stories, and promotions are performing
  • Activity: Information about interactions, such as profile visits or clicks on a website link
  • Audience: Profiling of followers including growth, top locations, age range, gender, and most active periods

One distinctive feature that sets Instagram Insights apart is the Story Insights functionality – covering how followers interact with your stories offering a well-rounded picture of engagement rates. This tool provides valuable metrics that we can tap into for effective email marketing, such as the email open rates we’ve been talking about.

Remember, while segmentation and data tracking are important, the true power of Instagram Insights lies in converting these insights into actionable strategies for your email and social media marketing. It’s not about drowning in data, it’s about effectively leveraging it to make strategic decisions. And that’s the kind of deeper exploration we’ll tackle in the next segment.

Why track email open rate?

When launching an email marketing campaign, understanding metrics becomes essential. Among these, email open rate – the percentage of recipients who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers – is of paramount importance.

One might ask, “Why track email open rate?” Simple – it offers a glimpse into the effectiveness of your campaign. If you’re not looking at email open rates, you’re missing out on a major way to refine your campaign and improve results.

Email open rate signifies how well you’re grabbing viewers’ attention. For instance, if your open rates are lower than anticipated, it might suggest that your subject lines are lacking a punch, failing to incite curiosity or interest with users. On the other hand, high open rates exhibit your expertise in crafting emails that people find valuable.

It’s also crucial to understand that email open rate allows you to better segment your audience. By learning who’s opening your emails, and who isn’t, you can target those groups differently. Let’s say, one of your demographic groups has a lower email open rate – the dispatch times may not be suitable, or the content might not resonate well. With open rate data, you can make necessary adjustments, curating content that fits best and scheduling mails at optimal times.

Moreover, these metrics are an excellent way to measure your efforts against industry benchmarks. You can see how your campaigns stack up against your competitors in the same space. A handy tool, Instagram Insights, can help you track the email open rate and give you a more in-depth understanding of your audience.

Gathered intelligence from tracking email open rates can profoundly impact your email marketing course. However, without converting these insights into actionable strategies, you won’t extract much value from them. Stay tuned as in the forthcoming sections; we’ll delve into how to utilize Instagram Insights for maximizing your email marketing success.

In the realm of email marketing, success lies not just in sending out emails but in ensuring they are opened. So, how do you track your email open rate with Instagram Insights? It’s simpler than you might think. Follow the first crucial step, the keystone to creating a robust system for email open rate tracking: linking your email to your Instagram account.

First off, you need both a business profile on Instagram and a professional, business-related email account. The magic begins when these two are in sync.

Head over to your Instagram profile and tap the ‘Edit Profile’ button. Here, you’ll see an option called ‘Business Information.’ Choose ‘Business Email,’ and this is where you key in your email. When you’re sure it’s correct, tap ‘Done’ at the top-right. You have just successfully linked your email to your Instagram business profile.

Exciting, right? Linking your email to your Instagram account is not only easy but also forms the base of your journey in tracking email open rates via Instagram Insights. With your email now linked to your account, Instagram now recognises you as a business. You’re one step closer to understanding the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Remember, it’s not enough just to link your email. You also need to ensure it is a business email and it is verified. A verified email adds a level of credibility, which can lead to higher email open rates.

You’re officially ready to dive deeper and unravel the mysteries of email tracking and open rates with Instagram Insights. The next segments will guide you through using Instagram Insights to understand and improve your email open rates.

Having your email linked to your Instagram account is only the first infield in the game of email tracking with Instagram Insights. The engine that really drives this process is the unique tracking link – your silver bullet in gaining visibility over your email open rates. So, to kick things off let’s dive into how to create one.

Firstly, using Instagram for email tracking necessitates diving a little into the digital marketing field to generate a unique URL. Now, don’t worry! This isn’t as complex as it sounds. Several online tools such as Bitly or Google’s Campaign URL Builder can aid you in creating this URL. Simply enter your email’s page link into these tools and voilà – you’ve got your unique tracking link.

Secondly, it’s crucial to embed this unique link into your emails. Why so vital you may ask? Well, each time a recipient opens the email and clicks the link, it signals to Instagram that the email has been opened. This is how you’ll start tracking your email opens.

Just to jog the memory a tad, remember that you’ve already linked your professional email account to your Instagram business profile, right? Now it’s about linking this unique URL to your email content. When crafting your email, be sure to weave in these unique links at strategic locations – like a call to action or an enticing image – to maximize click-through rates.

You may be wondering, what’s so revolutionary about a tracking link in email marketing? Essentially, a tracking link is the nexus between your email content and Instagram Insights. It gathers valuable data such as email opens, click-through rates, and helps focus your marketing efforts.

Like I’ve stated earlier, information is power in the world of email marketing. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to incorporate these unique tracking links to your Instagram Insights, setting your fate in capturing valuable email open rate data. Hold your breath – the thrill is just beginning.

Step 3: Monitor your email open rate on Instagram Insights

Now that we’ve already generated and embedded the unique tracking link into our emails, we’re fully equipped for the next leg of our journey. Monitoring email open rates becomes a breeze with Instagram Insights, which’s only a few steps away.

Instagram Insights provides an in-depth analysis of your account activities. This goldmine of data showcases not only the actions that users take on your page but also the success of your email campaign. To jump into it, let’s first tackle how to access Instagram Insights.

First off, you’ll need to log into your professional Instagram account. Tap the menu button on the top right, then select Insights. You’ve reached your dashboard, which presents a broad overview of your account’s activities. There on the dashboard, you can immediately see your audience growth, profile visits, and content interactions.

Now let’s move on to how we can use Instagram Insights to monitor the traffic from our unique tracking link. Simply, navigate to the Website section under the Activity tab. This is where you’ll discover who’s clicking your links, so it’s essential to keep a keen eye on this area.

Generating a traffic report is an ideal way to visualize your performance. With Instagram Insights, I’m confident you’ll efficiently sift through the collected data to find some hidden gems. For instance, suppose you notice a surge in website clicks correlating with a recent email campaign. In that case, that indicates your effort is paying off!

It’s also worth noting that Instagram is continually rolling out updates, so don’t be surprised if you notice changes over time. Engage with these new features, continually test, refine and perfect your marketing strategy. The ongoing journey of improving your email open rates doesn’t end here. In the following sections, we’ll discuss how you can elevate your game by incorporating these findings into a structured, impactful action plan.


I’ve shown you how to track your email open rate using Instagram Insights. It’s a powerful tool that gives you a deep dive into your account activity and the success of your email campaigns. By accessing Instagram Insights and navigating to the Website section, you can monitor traffic from your unique tracking link. Remember, generating a traffic report is key to visualizing your performance. But don’t stop there. It’s crucial to keep testing and refining your marketing strategies. Now you’re ready to take these findings and turn them into a dynamic action plan to boost your email open rates. This process isn’t just about numbers – it’s about understanding your audience and making sure your emails hit the mark every time.

What is Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is a tool that provides detailed analysis of your account activities. It enables you to monitor the success of your email campaigns by tracking open rates and other metrics.

How can I monitor my email campaign with Instagram Insights?

After setting up your email campaign, navigate to the ‘Website’ section in Instagram Insights. There, you’ll find data about traffic from your unique tracking link. This can help you monitor the success of your campaign.

Why is it important to generate a traffic report?

Generating a traffic report allows you to visualize the performance of your campaign. It provides valuable insights into the success of your emails, including the open rate, the click-through rate and more.

How can I improve my email open rates?

To improve your email open rates, it’s important to continuously test and refine your marketing strategies. Incorporate finding from Instagram Insights into an action plan, and apply different approaches to see what produces the best results.

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