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Mastering OSRS: Choosing the Best Skill to Level Up First for High-Level Success

If you’re an Old School RuneScape (OSRS) player like me, you’ve probably wondered which skill should be leveled up first. It’s a common question in the OSRS community, and it’s a topic I’ll be tackling in this article.

Choosing the right skill to focus on can make a big difference in your gameplay. It can mean the difference between grinding for hours or breezing through levels. So, it’s crucial to make an informed decision.

Why Choose the Right Skill to Level Up First?

As we delve further into the world of OSRS, making a strategic choice about the initial skill to hone becomes vital. Choosing the right skill is not merely a game mechanic; it sets the trajectory for your OSRS journey.

Initially, you might ask, “Why do I need to choose the right skill? Can’t I just level them up as I go?” Well, yes, you can. However, planning in advance has its distinct advantages.

Firstly, it helps you identify and focus on your gameplay style. Some players enjoy combat and prefer skills like Attack or Defence. Some prefer non-combat skills such as Woodcutting or Fishing. Identifying your style and working on a complementary skill enhances not just your efficiency but also your gaming fun.

Secondly, certain skills are money-makers. A player who gears towards skills like Farming or Mining early on can amass wealth faster. This strategy can provide a significant jump-start in your OSRS monetary affairs.

Lastly, the right skill can influence your game progression. In OSRS, certain quests require specific skill levels. Choosing to level up certain skills first can unlock these quests sooner, leading to a smoother gaming journey.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Skill Examples
Aligns with your gameplay style Choosing combat or non-combat skills depending on preference
Influences game progression Unlocking certain quests
Possible money-makers Skills like Farming or Mining

Clearly, selecting the right skill to level up first in OSRS is about more than just leveling up; it’s about shaping your entire gaming experience. The impact can’t be overstated, which is why an informed decision is strongly recommended. Be strategic, consider your style and goals, and your OSRS journey can be much more gratifying.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Skill to Level Up First

As an experienced Old School RuneScape player, I can assure you that choosing the right skill to level up first isn’t a decision to take lightly. It’s about more than just boosting a number on your stats page. Here are some factors I believe are worth considering to make the best decision for your gameplay.

Understanding Your Gameplay Style

Firstly, then, you need to realize that no two OSRS players are alike and each one brings a unique style to the game. Review your gameplay experience and ask yourself: What work best for me during gameplay? Is it mining, crafting, combat, or maybe something completely different? Understanding your gameplay style will help you to choose the right skill they should focus on first.

Long-Term Goals and Short-Term Gains

Next on the list is matching your skill choice with your long-term and short-term objectives. Are you aiming for efficient money-making? Or maybe you’re more concerned with level progress and quest completion? For instance, if you’re aiming for high-level quests that require multiple skills, then it might be worth prioritizing combat or skills such as prayer and magic.

Market Trends

Last but not the least is understanding the in-game economy. It’s advised for players to keep an eye on market trends to know which items are in demand. Knowing which resources are selling well can guide your decision on which skill to level up first. If logs are selling like hotcakes and you love woodcutting, then it would make sense to strengthen this skill first.

Normally at this point, I’d start wrapping up the article. But not today: there’s so much more to learn about choosing the right skill to max out first in OSRS. Let’s forge ahead and I’ll show you how to apply these factors to make the best possible decision. So, stay tuned for in-depth exploration of different gameplay styles and how they correlate with the right skills.

Skill Options and Their Benefits

In the vast, dynamic universe of OSRS, each skill brings unique advantages. Diving in deeper, understanding individual skills can drastically influence your progress.

Combat skills like Attack, Defense, and Strength form the backbone of any successful player. They’re essential in boss fights, quests, or player vs player combat. Leveling up these first can offer an edge in the battleground. Speedy kills lead to fast XP gain, making combat a popular choice for starters.

Then there are crafting skills such as Smithing, Crafting, and Fletching. They allow you to produce items for personal use or sale. High levels in these skills generally equate to high profit margins. With the right strategic moves, leveling up crafting skills could fuel your journey to financial success in the game.

Gathering skills like Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining often offer more passive gameplay. They’re perfect if you’re after a relaxing, laid-back experience. Besides, these skills come with their own perks of supplying you with essential resources.

Here’s a summary of these skills and what they can offer:

Skills Advantages
Combat Skills Quick kills, Fast XP gain
Crafting Skills Profit, Game economy engagement
Gathering Skills Essential resources, Relaxed gameplay

This list is far from exhaustive. OSRS offers a plethora of other skills, each promising a unique journey. The bottom line: what’s perfect for one player might not suit you. There’s no one-size-fits-all. Understanding your personal gaming style, setting your own goals, and then picking a skill that matches that unique combination—that’s the real key to success in OSRS. We will further explore different gameplay styles in the next section of this article.

The Benefits of Leveling Up Combat Skills First

As a seasoned veteran of OSRS, I’ve witnessed firsthand the game-changing impact of leveling up combat skills first. These skills are not just your primary defense against monsters; they are a golden ticket to rapid XP gains and riches.

One fundamental aspect of combat skills in OSRS is their direct effect on XP gain. Getting your strength, attack, and defense abilities to high levels quickly can drastically reduce the time it takes for fast-paced kills. This effect allows players to maximize their grinding sessions and accelerates overall progression in the game.

Let’s not forget the potential wealth that lies within the belly of the beasts.
Defeating powerful monsters often leads to dropping of valuable loot, such as rare armour and weaponry. Many of these items command hefty prices in the in-game market, opening up a substantial revenue stream for players who choose to focus on their combat prowess.

It’s also worth noting that leveling up your combat skills first can unlock high-level content much earlier. This gives you the desirable advantage of access to raids, boss fights, and high-reward quests that are reserved for the higher levels – the really good stuff!

Here’s a simplified glance at the key benefits of this approach:

Benefits Description
XP Gain Rapid progression through quick kills
Potential wealth Gained from valuable loot dropped by defeated enemies
Access to high-level content Early entrance into raids, boss fights, and high-reward quests

The Benefits of Leveling Up Gathering Skills First

Next, let’s explore the advantages of focusing on Gathering Skills in OSRS. These include Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining. They provide a more tranquil, less combat-oriented experience and present their own unique benefits.

Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining aren’t just about the tranquility, they also offer promising income opportunities. A high skill level in these areas often equates to high-level resources which are always in demand. This can bring in a substantial income and over time, helps build a player’s wealth.

There’s an additional perk to this approach. Leveling Gathering Skills first gives you an edge when embarking on more advanced activities like Crafting, Smithing, and Cooking. That’s because they often require raw resources that are gathered through Woodcutting, Fishing, or Mining.

Let me elaborate on each one:

  • Woodcutting: Woodcutting isn’t only calming; it also provides logs which are required for Fletching, Firemaking, Construction.
  • Fishing: Fishing presents an opportunity to obtain high-variable raw fish, a core ingredient in Cooking, making it another fruitful skill to level up.
  • Mining: Mining is a great option for extracting precious gems and ores. These resources can later be refined into bars using the Smithing skill.

I can’t emphasize enough the value of these skills in self-sufficiency. They provide the means to craft your items, avoiding the market’s fluctuating costs!

You may be thinking that Gathering Skills are a slow grind when it comes to XP compared to Combat Skills, and you’d be right. However, I’d argue that it’s about more than just fast XP – it’s about building a solid foundation for your gameplay.

Investing in Gathering Skills early on can yield plentiful rewards, setting the stage for a well-rounded, versatile character. Sure, it may take a while to hit the top levels…but keep in mind, it’s all part of the strategic gameplay that makes OSRS rich and engrossing. It’s also about persistence and holding onto your long-term vision.

So, there you have it – a glimpse into the benefits of leveling up Gathering Skills first. As always, striking a balance and aligning your choice with your gameplay style, market trends, and goals is the key. Now, let’s switch gears and explore the role of Support Skills in OSRS…

The Benefits of Leveling Up Crafting Skills First

After addressing the merits of prioritizing combat and gathering skills, let’s shift our focus to the crafting skills such as Smithing, Cooking, and Crafting itself. If you’re a fan of creating useful items and making an impact on your economy, leveling up crafting skills first in OSRS can be a highly rewarding endeavor.

Crafting skills gain XP fast, especially when you’re focused on activities like smithing armour or cooking fish, which don’t involve much danger. Unlike hunting for high-level monsters, with crafting, there’s no need to worry about enemy hit points. Just find yourself a good forge or fire, and you’re set for a rapid scroll speed.

One key benefit, however is that crafting offers a balance of safety and rewards. Risky adventures can be thrilling and yield significant loot, but they’re also a quick way to lose hard-earned progress if things go south. With crafting, the risks are low, and the gains are steady.

Crafting skills also contribute significantly to self-sufficiency. You can gather raw materials, refine them with your skills, and cook your food or craft your weapons. It’s hard to overstate the convenience of this. Having the capacity to create what you need, when you need it, resonates with the compose of an impeccable OSRS character.

On top of the self-sustainability, crafting skills provide another financial advantage. Players highly desire crafted items. From full course meals to state-of-the-art armor sets, these items always have takers. If you’re skilled enough to create high-demand articles, you’re looking at a substantial gold income.

High-level crafting skills also relay prestige in the OSRS community. Defeating a high-level boss is impressive, but so is crafting a rare gem necklace or whipping up a vanishingly rare dish. It’s a different route to respect, and it resonates with players who value creativity and finesse over brute force.

So, for players who prefer a less combative, more creativity-oriented style, leveling up crafting skills first can set the stage for a truly successful and rewarding OSRS experience. Equipped with a solid foundation in crafting, you’re not just a player. You’re a creator. And that carries its own unique set of rewards. To reiterate, crafting in OSRS is beyond utilitarian; it’s about making an impact on your world.


What should I consider when choosing which skill to level up first in OSRS?

Your decision should be based on your gameplay style, long-term and short-term goals, and market trends in the game.

What are the benefits of leveling up combat skills first in OSRS?

Leveling up combat skills first can lead to rapid XP gain, potential wealth from valuable loot, and early access to high-level content such as raids, boss fights, and high-reward quests.

What advantages does focusing on Gathering Skills in OSRS provide?

Gathering Skills such as Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining offer a more tranquil, less combat-oriented experience and potentially profitable income opportunities.

Why should I consider leveling up Crafting Skills first in OSRS?

Leveling up Crafting Skills first provides fast XP gain, a balance of safety and rewards, self-sufficiency, financial advantages, and prestige within the OSRS community.

Is it important to balance the skills with gameplay style, market trends, and goals?

Yes. Balancing your skill choice with gameplay style, market trends, and goals can be advantageous as it aligns with your overall game progress and personal preferences.

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