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Mastering Pokemon Go: A Comprehensive Guide to Catching High-Level Pokemon

As an avid Pokemon Go player, I’ve spent countless hours trying to level up and catch high-level Pokemon. It’s not always easy, but with the right strategies, it’s definitely possible. In this article, I’ll share my top tips and tricks to help you catch high-level Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

One of the most exciting aspects of Pokemon Go is the thrill of the hunt. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s always that adrenaline rush when a high-level Pokemon appears on your screen. But how do you catch them? What strategies should you use? I’ll delve into all that and more in the coming paragraphs.

Understanding Pokemon Levels

High-level Pokemon. It’s a phrase that can spark excitement even within the most casual players of Pokemon Go. This adrenaline rush isn’t just about the thrill of the hunt. There’s a strategy buried deep within the mechanics of this beloved game. As an avid Pokemon Go player myself, I’ve spent countless hours figuring out the best ways to ensure my success.

Understanding Pokemon levels is the first step. Allow me to break it down for you.

In Pokemon Go, each Pokemon has a base level known as Combat Power (CP). This value, visible beneath every Pokemon’s name, depicts its current strength. Pokemon with higher CP values are stronger and more effective in battles.

Here are a few important items to take into account:

  • A Pokemon’s CP can be increased by using stardust and candies to power them up.
  • Rare, evolved, and weather-boosted Pokemon generally start with higher CP.
Action Result
Using Stardust Increases CP
Using Candies Increases CP
Catching Rare Pokemon Higher start CP
Catching Evolved Pokemon Higher start CP

Additionally, the trainer’s level impacts the maximum possible CP of Pokemon. The higher your level as a trainer, the higher the potential CP of the Pokemon you can catch. Each new trainer level unlocks stronger Pokemon. Increasing your trainer level through gaining experience (XP) should be a vital part of your strategy.

In other words, if you want to catch high-level Pokemon, you need to keep improving your own level as a trainer. But how do you do that? I’m certain you’re eager to find out. Fortunately, my guide doesn’t end here. Let’s dig deeper into the methods you can employ to catch those coveted high-level Pokemon.

Using Lures and Incense

As an experienced Pokemon Go player, I can’t understate the power of lures and incense. These are tools you can use in the game to attract more Pokemon to your location. With more Pokemon around, there’s a higher chance of encountering one with high CP.

Let’s start with lures. Lures can be placed at a Pokestop and they benefit all the players in the vicinity. Not just yourself. Over the course of 30 minutes, Pokemon will be drawn to the location like bees to honey. Remember: the effect of a lure is visible to all players. So, if you’re on a hunt for high-level Pokemon, make sure to find a less crowded spot or a quieter time of the day so you don’t end up in a competitive frenzy.

Next are incenses. Unlike lures, incense only affects the player who uses it. When activated, the incense will draw Pokemon to your location for 1 hour. And don’t worry if you’re at home, an office or any stationary location. Incense works perfectly well whether you’re on the move or not.

Here’s an interesting twist: different types of incense attract different types of Pokemon. Use this to your advantage when you’re targeting a specific type or level.

It’s also worth mentioning that both lures and incense work effectively during Pokemon Go events. During these special times, the rates at which Pokemon are drawn to these tools can be significantly increased. Making it a perfect opportunity to snag that high-level Pokemon you’ve been eyeing.

The use of lures and incense is a strategy that’s helped me repeatedly. It’s led me straight to some of the highest CP Pokemon I’ve ever caught. So try it out. And expand your inventory with these useful tools.

Tools Affected Players Duration Benefit During Events
Lures All nearby 30 min Higher spawn rates
Incense User only 1 hour Type specificity

Mastering Curveballs and Excellent Throws

Next to consider in our quest to catch high-level Pokemon is a technique that might seem simple but can massively impact your success rate: throwing curveballs and landing excellent throws.

Having perfected these skills myself, I’ve found that they’re all about timing and precision. By spinning the Pokeball in a circular motion before throwing it, it gains a curving trajectory. This ‘curveball’ not only adds flair to my game but also increases the catch rate by a noticeable amount. What’s more, when done right, you also receive an XP bonus!

Moreover, there’s another layer to this technique, the art of landing an ‘excellent throw’ – hitting the Pokemon right within the smallest catch ring. It’s time to reveal the secret is patience. To land an excellent throw, wait for the shrinking circle to reach its smallest size before throwing the ball. It’s tricky, I won’t lie, but with practice, it becomes second nature.

Here are some tips that have helped me master these techniques:

Start Slowly
Every Pokemon has different movements and attack patterns. Start by getting comfortable timing your throws with the Pokemon’s actions.

Practice Makes Perfect
Don’t get discouraged by missed throws. It’s part of the learning curve. Keep practicing!

Watch and Learn
Observe experienced players and their throwing techniques. There’s much to learn from others.

Before I forget, let me share some interesting statistics about the increase in catch rate when executing curveballs and excellent throws!

Normal Throw Nice Throw Great Throw Excellent Throw
Regular Throw 1x 1.15x 1.5x 1.85x
Curveball 1.7x 1.87x 2.55x 2.99x

These figures, as you can see, raise the stakes! Mastering these skills can increase your catch rate by nearly three times. Aim for these throws, add in the effect of a Razz Berry, and you’re well on your way to catching high-level Pokemon. Now let’s look at the incorporation of “Berries” in enhancing the success rate.

Tracking and Finding High-Level Pokemon

After you’ve sharpened your Pokeball throwing skills, we’ll move on to mastering the art of tracking and finding high-level Pokemon. Remember: it’s not just about perfect throws and Razz Berries. It’s also about knowing where and when to look for your next big catch.

There are a few methods I find particularly effective when it comes to finding high-level Pokemon in the vast world of Pokemon Go. Combined with your excellent curveballs, these strategies will certainly jack up your chances of securing those highly elusive high-CP creatures.

First and foremost, you should be acquainted with the Pokemon Go radar. Located in the bottom right corner of your screen, the radar shows nearby Pokemon, represented by their shadows if you haven’t caught them yet. It should be your go-to tool for tracking high-level Pokemon. They’ll appear closer to the top of this list.

Another method you should employ is utilizing the weather system. Pokemon Go features a real-time weather system, meaning that the type of Pokemon you encounter in the wild can depend on the weather. For instance, if it’s raining, you’re more likely to run into water types. This tip can be a real game changer when hunting for high-level Pokemon, as it can directly influence the CP and abilities of the Pokemon you encounter.

Visiting Pokemon hotspots and new locations would be another important strategy. High-level Pokemon tend to hang around places with lots of PokeStops and Gyms. Additionally, each time you travel to a new area, you increase your chances of encountering different Pokemon types you wouldn’t normally find in your neck of the woods.

Do remember, patience is key. Finding high-level Pokemon isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Gradually branch out, cover new grounds, keep an eye on the radar and the weather. Soon enough, you’ll be catching high-level Pokemon like a pro.

Leveling Up and Increasing Pokemon CP

Our journey to becoming a Pokemon Go master wouldn’t be complete without a deep dive into the crucial task of leveling up and increasing your Pokemon’s CP, or Combat Power. The goal isn’t just to catch ’em all, but making sure they’re as powerful as they can be.

Your role in Leveling Up

Firstly, bear in mind that as you level up as a trainer, the maximum possible CP of your Pokemon increases as well. Every time I level up, I notice the potential CP of Pokemon I encounter going up as well. This is why it’s important to regularly secure experience points through gameplay actions like capturing Pokemon, spinning PokeStops, and winning battles.

Power Up or Evolve?

Then comes the dilemma: should you power up or evolve your Pokemon first? In my experience, it doesn’t vastly make a difference. Powering up a Pokemon with candies and stardust strengthens it, but evolution skyrockets its stats. The key is balance. I usually refrain from rushing into evolution unless I’ve got a strong base of candies and stardust to support post-evolution power-ups.

Stardust and Candies: The Power-Up Duo

Let’s talk more about stardust and candies. They’re the main resources you’ll need to power up your Pokemon, and trust me, you’ll want lots of them. Stardust is universal; it can be used with any Pokemon. Candies, on the other hand, are species-specific. Here’s a table that outlines my typical sources for these resources:

Resource Main Sources
Stardust Capturing Pokemon, feeding berries to Pokemon in a gym, weekly rewards
Candies Capturing Pokemon, transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow, walking with a Pokemon as your buddy

Like many aspects of Pokemon Go, ramping up your Pokemon’s CP requires strategic resource management, patience, and consistent gameplay. Now, let’s push on and explore other ways to draw stronger Pokemon to your catch list and elevate your Pokedex.


What’s the strategy for catching high-level Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

The game mechanics involve consistently securing experience points and leveling up. The higher the trainer’s level, the higher the potential CP of the Pokémon you encounter.

What are the benefits of powering up vs. evolving a Pokemon?

Both options have their merits. Powering up a Pokemon enhances its CP, while evolving it can lead to a substantial increase in base stats. It’s all about striking a balance between the two depending on your gameplay style.

Why are stardust and candies important in Pokemon Go?

Stardust and candies are essential resources in Pokemon Go. They are used to power up your Pokémon, increase their CP, and make them more powerful for battles.

Where can you find stardust and candies in Pokemon Go?

Stardust can be amassed by catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and participating in raids. Candies are specific to each Pokemon species and can be acquired by catching Pokemon, walking with your chosen Pokemon as your buddy, or transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow.

How can one strategically increase a Pokemon’s CP?

Increasing a Pokemon’s CP needs strategic resource management, patience, and consistent gameplay. Regularly amass stardust and candies, determine when to power up and when to evolve, and keep playing to level up.

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