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Mastering Pokemon Go: Strategies to Reach High Levels

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself asking, “What’s considered a high level in Pokemon Go?” Well, you’re in luck! I’m here to shed some light on this topic.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Pokemon Go, exploring what level is considered high and why it matters. We’ll also delve into the benefits of reaching higher levels and how to get there.

What is a High Level in Pokemon Go?

In the realm of Pokemon Go, a ‘high level’ is typically seen as one that’s beyond level 30. From my personal experience, I’ve found this to be a widely accepted benchmark among gamers. Now, you might ask why level 30? Well, it’s because at this stage, you unlock the maximum power that can be trained into your Pokemon through power-ups.

What truly separates a high-level Pokemon Go trainer from the rest is the diversity of Pokemon they have, the items they can access, and the challenges they can handle. Past level 30, the experience points (XP) required for each subsequent level increases dramatically, demanding more effort from the player.

A high-level player can catch or evolve Pokemon up to level 35 in the wild. Besides, obtaining high-level Pokemon complements an important part of a winning strategy.

Level CP (Combat Power) Stardust required for Power Up Max Pokemon Level
25 Up to 2500 5000 27.5
30 Up to 3000 6000 32.5
35 Up to 3500 7000 37.5
40 Up to 4000 8000 Max

To maintain a competitive edge, experienced Pokemon Go trainers constantly push for higher levels. A distinguishing factor of a high-level player is their ability to partake in high-level gym battles and raids. Raids see players join forces to defeat exceptionally powerful Pokemon for precious rewards, demanding tact, and the power that comes with reaching high levels.

Continuing your journey to level up beyond 30 involves dedication, strategies, and of course, lots of Pokemon. As you progress in the game, you begin to realize that reaching a high level in Pokemon Go is not just about catching them all – it’s about strategic gameplay and making the most of the resources available to you.

Why Does Level Matter in Pokemon Go?

When it comes to Pokemon Go, it’s not just about capturing rare Pokemon or having a large collection. Level matters. And here’s why: higher levels bring broader opportunities and better rewards.

In Pokemon Go, as you step up each level, you aren’t just ‘leveling up’ in the traditional sense. Instead, you’re unlocking a wealth of new possibilities. At level 30, you can encounter more powerful Pokemon in the wild. This lets you build a stronger team, significantly helping in challenging gym battles and raids.

Beyond this, the advantage escalates further. A player at level 35 can capture or evolve wild Pokemon up to level 35. This is a key element in a winning strategy.

Additionally, higher levels unlock superior items, helping players gain an edge. Imagine being able not just to heal your Pokemon but to maximize their potential!

There’s another important aspect: the role of high-level players in gym battles and raids. Victories in these scenarios are often hard-fought. The presence of high-level teammates can mean the difference between success and failure. Their higher level Pokemon can withstand more hits, deal greater damage, and ultimately sway the battle in their favor.

Experience points (XP) needed to level up dramatically increase post level 30. Here is a brief comparison:

Level XP required
30 2,000,000 XP
31 500,000 XP
32 750,000 XP

From this, it’s clear: reaching the upper echelons in Pokemon Go is no easy feat. It demands dedication, persistence, and clever utilization of resources. But the rewards, opportunities, and the thrill of being a high-level player make it all worth it! So, next time you cross paths with a Pokemon Go game, remember -every step you take, every Pokemon you catch is a potential step towards achieving that coveted high level status.

Benefits of Reaching Higher Levels in Pokemon Go

As I journey towards higher levels in Pokemon Go, some of the first things I notice are the opportunities opening up right in front of me. The strength of the Pokemon I encounter climbs noticeably, making it easier to challenge gyms and partake in higher tier raids. I’ve found that at higher levels, the game truly starts to open up in challenging and compelling ways.

Levelling up also means gaining access to better tools in the game. For instance, starting from Level 10 and upwards, I can start finding Great Balls in the game. Post level 20, I can unlock the Ultra Balls and post level 30, the much sought-after Max Potion and Max Revive are made available. These items can hugely influence the outcome of gym battles, raid battles and regular encounters.

In addition to this, the budding population of Pokemon around me becomes both varied and versatile. With every level I climb, there’s a higher chance for me to spot, engage and capture rare and powerful Pokemon. The potential CP (Combat Power) of these Pokemon also increases with every level.

Of course, it’s not just about battling and collecting – reaching higher levels also improves my standing in the Pokemon Go community. Being a high-level player, I get to take a more active role in gym battles and raids. Not only it’s rewarding, but also helps me make new friends and connections.

While these benefits are significant, it’s important to note that the journey towards high levels is not an easy one. Level 30 might sound alluring, but the number of experience points needed to get there increases dramatically.

Here’s a quick summary of XP requirements for level advancements:

Level XP Required
15 20,000
20 50,000
25 150,000
30 350,000

Remember, perseverance is key here. Reaching higher levels is a deliberate process requiring both effort and strategy. But the rewards it brings, makes it all worthwhile. The world of Pokemon Go waits for no one. All it takes is the correct blend of dedication, persistence, boldness and strategic utilization of in-game resources.

Tips and Strategies to Level Up in Pokemon Go

Never underestimate the power of Pidgey spamming. This refers to the act of capturing in large quantities, the common but invaluable Pidgey Pokemon. Why Pidgey? It’s simple. Pidgey requires relatively fewer candies to evolve, which translates to a bounty of experience points when you evolve them all at once, especially with a Lucky Egg activated.

Let’s talk about the importance of Strategic Use of Lucky Eggs. These items are pure gold within Pokemon Go because they double your points gained for 30 minutes. To maximize their potential, align your mass evolutions, and long gym battles when you’ve activated a Lucky Egg.

The impact of Daily Bonuses should not be overlooked. In the world of Pokemon Go, consistency pays off. Capturing a Pokemon or visiting a Pokestop every day leads to a daily bonus. Maintain this streak for seven days straight, and you’ll receive a big bonus. Over time, these bonuses contribute immensely to your experience points.

Participating in Raids is another way to earn significant experience points, particularly if you take on high-level raids. Winning these battles often rewards thousands of experience points which can significantly boost your progression.

To ensure a steady stream of experience, you should also Regularly Battle in Gyms. Each battle won at a gym grants you a handful of experience points. It might not seem like a lot, but they add up over time, especially if you frequently participate in battles.

Lastly, The Buddy System. Walking with a buddy Pokemon provides candy- which is vital for evolving and powering up your Pokemon. The stronger your Pokemon, the higher your chances in gym and raid battles, indirectly leading to higher experience gain.

Don’t forget, every opportunity to grab some extra points goes a long way in leveling up in Pokemon Go. It’s these little strategic plays that build up, eventually unlocking the door to those coveted, higher levels.


So there you have it. Leveling up in Pokemon Go isn’t just about catching ’em all. It’s about smart plays too. Make Pidgeys your best friends and evolve them with a Lucky Egg for a huge XP boost. Don’t forget to cash in on daily bonuses and join raids. Gym battles and the buddy system are your tickets to swift advancement. Remember, it’s not just about reaching high levels, it’s about the journey there. Enjoy the game, strategize your moves and watch as your level soars. With these tips, you’ll be a Pokemon Go master in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quickest strategy for leveling up in Pokemon Go?

Capturing common Pokemon like Pidgey in large quantities and evolving them with a Lucky Egg activated is one of the quickest strategies for leveling up in Pokemon Go.

How important are daily bonuses in the game?

Daily bonuses are essential in Pokemon Go as they provide a consistent source of experience points, helping players level up faster.

What is another good way of earning experience points?

Regularly participating in gym battles and raids substantially increases your experience points in Pokemon Go.

Can I use the ‘buddy system’ to level up in Pokemon Go?

Yes, the buddy system is another effective way to earn experience points. It rewards you for walking with a specific Pokemon.

Can strategic playing help in leveling up in Pokemon Go?

Absolutely, strategic plays like calculating when to evolve your Pokemon can contribute significantly to your level progress in Pokemon Go.

Is it possible to unlock higher levels in Pokemon Go?

Yes, by applying the right strategies and earning experience points, you can gradually unlock higher levels in Pokemon Go.

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