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Mastering Pokemon Go: The Strategic Advantage of a High-Level Pidgey Army

In the ever-evolving world of Pokemon Go, there’s a strategy that’s caught my attention – the High Level Pidgey Army. It’s a fascinating approach that’s been gaining traction among seasoned players.

In this article, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of this unique strategy. We’ll explore how to build your very own Pidgey Army, the benefits it offers, and why it’s a game-changer for high-level players.

So, if you’re looking to step up your Pokemon Go game, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the world of Pidgey Armies and discover how they can give you the edge in your Pokemon Go adventures.

What is a High Level Pidgey Army?

Take a second and imagine a group of petite, adorable Pidgeys all lined up in battle formation. Now, replace the image of those low-level Pidgeys with high-level, battle-ready Pidgey evolutions. That, my friends, is what we refer to as a High-Level Pidgey Army.

Interestingly, despite being considered one of the weakest and most common Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Pidgey holds significant strategic importance. Using a unique method, it’s possible to amass a formidable force of Pidgeys. Ideally, this technique involves catching a considerable number of Pidgey Pokemon and evolving them using Pidgey Candy. The result? A strong lineup of high-level Pidgeot and Pidgeotto at your disposal.

Now you might be asking, why Pidgey and not any other Pokemon? Well, the reason is twofold; Pidgey Pokemon are everywhere, making them easy to find, and second, they require a relatively small amount of candy to evolve. This makes it convenient to evolve a high number of Pidgey which in turn yields a significant quantity of experience points (XP) hence more levels, making it a game changer for high-level players.

How does it sound to you? If it sounds like a daunting task, don’t worry. I’d be sharing insights on how to build your High Level Pidgey Army, how this strategy benefits you, and the winning tips to maximize this approach. Keep reading and discover how to take control of your Pokemon Go adventures.

Building your Pidgey Army

It’s a misnomer to consider Pidgey as mere low-level Pokemon. Thoughtfully done, building a Pidgey Army can prove to be a rewarding strategy. Now, how to build a Pidgey Army? I’m gonna guide you step-by-step through it.

First, you’ve gotta focus on Pidgey hunting. Yes, I know it sounds a tad mundane given their high spawn rate, but trust me, you’ll need all the Pidgey you can get. So, on your Pokemon Go adventure trip, make sure to catch every Pidgey you encounter! Not only does this provide you with Pidgey Candy (critical for evolution) but each capture also gifts you stardust that’s essential for powering up your Pokemon.

Another paramount strategy to adopt is Pidgey stacking. As you catch a cornucopia of Pidgey, it’s quite tempting to evolve them right away. Hold off on that temptation! The best strategy is to hoard your Pidgey (and the accompanying Pidgey Candy) until you’ve got a decent number. Then, syncing with a Lucky Egg’s 30 min of double XP, evolve as many Pidgey as you can.

To give you an idea, check out the following table:

Item Quantity
Pidgey 50
Pidgey Candy 500

Here, the calculation is: 50 Pidgey * 12 Pidgey Candy (per evolution) = 600 required Pidgey Candy. It’s alright if you’re a bit short since you’ll gain additional candy when transferring the evolved Pidgeotto.

Lastly, training your Pidgey Army is key to maximizing their potential. A mentor of mine once said, “In the world of Pokemon Go, there is no weak Pokemon, only weak trainer“. Thus, don’t neglect training! Hot spots for training can be gyms or any place with high spawn rates.

The benefits of a Pidgey Army

It’s important to understand why building an army of Pidgey is beneficial before you start the process. The idea might seem mundane but the results truly speak for themselves.

To start, Pidgeys are easy to find. They’re one of the most common Pokémon in the game. This high frequency of encounter means you’ll be able to catch a lot of them quickly. More catches equate to more Pidgey Candy and Stardust in your inventory.

Plus, Pidgeys are quite a cost-effective option for leveling up. They require just 12 Pidgey Candies to evolve into Pidgeotto offering a bang for your buck. On using a Lucky Egg during the evolution process, you’ll get double XP (experience points) which boosts your game’s progress significantly.

If you’re thinking what happens to those evolved Pidgeotto? Well, they can be released to get more Pidgey Candies, enhancing an ongoing cycle of evolution and catch/release. It’s truly a win-win situation!

Handy Stardust

Stardust, the in-game currency that helps power up Pokémon, plays a crucial role in the game’s advancement. Catching Pidgeys ensures an abundant supply of Stardust. Moreover, Pidgeys don’t just provide XP and candies, they provide an efficient way to accumulate Stardust.

Effective Training

Training your Pidgey Army is yet another compelling reason to hoard these little creatures. Leveling up these common Pokémon equips you better in battles, Gyms, and Raids. They might not seem all that powerful at first glance but can prove to be a force to reckon with on leveling up.

The importance of high level Pidgeys

When you’re deep in the game, high-level Pidgeys become your secret weapon. It’s not just about catching Pidgeys, it’s about catching the right ones. Here’s why high-level Pidgeys make a crucial difference in your gameplay.

High-level Pidgeys, those with a CP (Combat Power) over 200, provide a considerable edge. These feisty creatures, once evolved, become formidable opponents ready to take on tougher fights in Gyms and Raids. Pidgeottos evolved from high-level Pidgeys have a higher base CP. This saves you a ton of Stardust that’s usually spent on powering them up.

These savings are substantial. To illustrate, consider the Stardust costs listed below:

Pidgeotto CP Stardust Cost
100 2500
500 4000
1000 7000

As the table demonstrates, it’s more economical to evolve a high-level Pidgey and get a Pidgeotto with a higher starting CP. You’re reducing your reliance on Stardust to power up your Pokémon.

Pidgeys also provide great value in terms of XP gain. You see, when you evolve a Pidgey into a Pidgeotto, you get XP – 500 XP, to be precise. If you’re using a Lucky Egg (and you should be!), that’s doubled to 1000 XP. That’s not an insignificant amount, especially when you’re doing a mass evolution of Pidgeys. It’s a swift way to gain levels and move up in the world of Pokémon Go.

High-level Pidgeys contend little with the XP, Pidgey Candy, and Stardust grind. They’re low maintenance, reliable troops for your army that free up your resources for more strategic Pokémon training and battles.

One of the many beautiful aspects of Pokémon Go lies in the versatility of strategies painting playstyles and experience. Pidgeys might be little birds, but they offer a chain of opportunities that benefit PoGo enthusiasts on multiple levels. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious trainer, don’t underestimate their contribution to your journey.


So it’s clear that high-level Pidgeys are the unsung heroes of Pokemon Go. They’re not just common, low-level Pokemon. They’re strategic assets that can save you Stardust and boost your XP. By evolving them into Pidgeottos, you’re not only increasing their base CP but also freeing resources to focus on other aspects of the game. High-level Pidgeys are a boon to players, providing a chain of opportunities that enhance gameplay. So next time you see a Pidgey with CP over 200, don’t underestimate it. Instead, add it to your Pidgey army and reap the benefits.

Why are high-level Pidgeys significant in Pokemon Go?

High-level Pidgeys, especially those with CP over 200, offer a calculated advantage as their evolution into Pidgeottos comes with higher base CP. It facilitates players by saving a considerable quantity of Stardust that would have otherwise been used for powering up the Pokemon.

What benefits does evolving Pidgey offer?

The evolution of Pidgeys deals with a considerable amount of XP. It becomes more efficient when a Lucky Egg is at play. This gives players an edge by leveling up faster in the game.

How do high-level Pidgeys allow for more strategic gameplay?

High-level Pidgeys need low maintenance which allows players to allocate their resources to more strategic aspects of Pokemon training and battles. Therefore, they help create a more balanced and roundabout gameplay.

How does capturing and evolving Pidgeys benefit players at various levels?

Pidgeys provide a range of benefits from saving Stardust, offering a substantial XP boost, to allowing more strategic gameplay. Therefore, players at different levels of gameplay can all benefit from capturing and evolving Pidgeys.

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