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Mastering Pokemon Go: Your Guide to Leveling Up to The New Max of 50

Ever wondered how high you can level up in Pokemon Go? I’m here to unravel that mystery for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore the maximum level attainable in this wildly popular game and what it takes to get there.

As an avid Pokemon Go player myself, I’ve spent countless hours trying to level up. It’s not just about catching ’em all, but also about reaching the top. So let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Pokemon Go’s leveling system and find out just how high you can go.

The Basics of Pokemon Go Leveling

Diving straight into the meat of the issue, it’s crucial to understand that leveling in Pokemon Go involves more than just catching your favorite characters. The true essence of the game resides in consistently upgrading your Trainer level – that’s where the real fun begins!

Experience Points or XP form the backbone of the leveling system. Each level requires a specific amount of XP – no short cuts, no easy passes. Now, you might wonder, where do I earn XP? Well, your actions in the game determine your XP. Here are a few ways:

  • Capturing Pokemon
  • Evolving Pokemon
  • Participating in gym or raid battles

The more active you are, the more XP you gain. It’s a simple, yet powerful, principle that forces you to explore, strategize, and engage with the game actively.

Now let’s talk numbers. The first few levels in Pokemon Go come easy – something to get you hooked. I remember, leveling up to 5 was pretty straight forward, simply catch Pokemon, use a few Pokespots, maybe even win a gym battle or two and you’re there. But, as the levels rose, so did the XP required. For instance, to reach level 20, you’d need 210,000XP in total. By the time you hit the ‘impressive’ 30, that number had jumped up to a whopping 2,000,000XP!

To give you a clear comparison, here’s a quick table of the XP required at some landmark levels:

Level Total XP Required
5 4,000
10 45,000
20 210,000
30 2,000,000

Leveling Up: Experience Points and Stardust

To break it down, you’ve got two main resources in your quest to ascend the ranks: Experience Points (XP) and Stardust. While we’ve briefly discussed the role of XP, let’s dive a bit deeper.

Each catch, trade, or battle, pours a certain amount of XP into your Trainer account. Thinking of XP as currency, I find it motivates me to keep going and earn more. Why? Because the more XP I have, the higher my Trainer level ascends – and we all want that top spot, don’t we?

Take note, though, the XP needed for each level rises steeply. For instance, jumping from level 20 to level 21 requires a total of 50,000 XP! And reaching level 30? You’re looking at a hefty 2,000,000 XP. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Level Total XP Required
20 210,000
30 2,000,000
40 20,000,000

This goes to show that the climb to higher levels is nothing short of challenging. But fear not, trainers! For alongside XP we have our trusty Stardust.

Primarily, Stardust functions to power up and increase the combat power (CP) of my Pokemon. Unlike XP, you’ll earn Stardust for every Pokemon you catch, irrespective of type or rarity. From the get-go, every Pokemon captured equals a hefty 100 Stardust. Catching evolved or rare Pokemon can substantially boost this amount.

Moreover, the utilization of weather-boosted Pokemon catch, provides bonus stardust. Also, keep an eye on community days or limited-time events as they often offer increased Stardust. So buckle up trainers, and start stashing Stardust to enhance your Pokemon’s strength.

Level Caps: A Journey to the Top

Are you curious about the maximum level limit that you can reach as a Trainer in Pokemon Go? Look no further my fellow trainers – I’m about to fill you in on the fascinating journey to the top. In the world of Pokemon Go, climbing up the ladder of success involves patience, strategy, and, most importantly, understanding the game’s level caps.

So here’s the deal: the initial level cap was set at 40 when Pokemon Go first launched. For years this remained a static benchmark, a feat only accomplished by the most dedicated trainers. But with the addition of Go Beyond, the update released in November 2020, things have changed. The current level cap has soared skywards and sits firmly at level 50. It’s literally an update that took the game to new heights!

But it’s not all about the elevation. Reaching level 50 requires an immense amount of XP – I’m talking about a whopping 176,000,000 XP! That’s no easy task. Trainers must also complete challenging tasks to advance beyond level 40. These challenges can range from catching a high number of Pokemon in a single day, to making multiple Excellent Throws. Here’s a whopping statistic for you:

Level XP Required
40 20,000,000
41 26,000,000
42 33,000,000
50 176,000,000

Did you think Stardust would be left out of the level cap equation? Think again! Leveraging your Stardust resources effectively becomes crucial as you aim for the stars and level 50. Weather-boosted catches and leveraging special events become your best pals to earn more Stardust and give your Pokemon the power they need to compete.

Remember, climbing upwards of level 40 isn’t only about collecting XP and Stardust, it’s a testament to your skills as a Trainer and your bond with your Pokemon. So prepare yourself for the journey to the top – it’s not easy, but indeed possible for dedicated Trainers! Note that the road above level 40 becomes less about acceleration and more about culmination. It’s a tough journey, but who said becoming a Pokemon Master was easy?

Beyond Level 40: The New Frontier

Moving past the initial cap of level 40 in Pokémon Go is no small feat. With the introduction of the Go Beyond update, the twilight zone of leveling up was reset to a new staggering level 50. Now that’s a whole new ball game!

Breaking down the barriers to hit level 50 not only demands an avalanche of XP—it also calls for the completion of certain difficult tasks. For instance, for the leap from level 40 to level 41, not only do you need a total XP of 26 million but you’re also required to power up a legendary Pokémon 20 times. By no means is this a walk in the park.

Take a peek at the steep climb you’re up against:

Level Total XP Required Task
40 20,000,000
41 26,000,000 Power up a Legendary Pokémon 20 times
42 33,000,000 Evolve Eevee into each of its unique forms

The gap only grows with each level. Remember, the game isn’t just about catching Pokémon anymore. It’s about ingraining yourself in the balance of XP accumulation and tasks accomplishment.

There’s also no overlooking the role of Stardust in this challenging ascent. Powering up your Pokémon to confront these demanding tasks necessitates a large pool of Stardust. Every Pokémon you catch gifts you some Stardust, irrespective of its type or rarity. So, it’s crucial that you bump up your Stardust store at every given opportunity.

These revised level caps in Pokémon Go truly embody the spirit of your journey as a Trainer. It’s a grueling expedition that demands commitment, adept game skills, and most importantly, perseverance. Be prepared to embark on your own journey Beyond Level 40 and experience a whole new frontier.

Kindly note that while reaching the current level cap of 50 is indeed a commendable accomplishment, it’s not the end of the road. The makers, Niantic, are known for continually updating content, adding engaging challenges, and ensuring there’s always a new horizon waiting to be conquered.


1. What is the main focus of leveling in Pokemon Go?

The main focus of leveling in Pokemon Go is not just on catching Pokemon, but consistently upgrading your Trainer level. This requires earning Experience Points (XP) and Stardust.

2. How can players earn XP in Pokemon Go?

Players can earn XP in Pokemon Go through various actions such as capturing and evolving Pokemon, and participating in gym or raid battles.

3. What is Stardust and how is it useful in Pokemon Go?

Stardust is a resource in Pokemon Go that is earned for every Pokemon caught. It can be used to power up and increase the combat power of Pokemon.

4. What are the level caps in Pokemon Go?

The initial level cap in Pokemon Go was set at 40. However, with the addition of the Go Beyond update, the current level cap is now 50.

5. What does reaching Level 50 in Pokemon Go entail?

Reaching Level 50 in Pokemon Go requires an immense amount of XP and the completion of challenging tasks.

6. How is Stardust related to reaching higher levels in Pokemon Go?

Stardust is important in reaching higher levels in Pokemon Go as it is used to power up Pokemon, thereby increasing their combat power.

7. What was the Go Beyond update?

The Go Beyond update in Pokemon Go raised the level cap to 50, introducing increased XP and task requirements for each level beyond 40.

8. Is reaching Level 50 the end goal of Pokemon Go?

Reaching Level 50 in Pokemon Go is a commendable accomplishment, but the game continually introduces new challenges and horizons to conquer, making it an ongoing endeavor.

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