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Mastering Solo Raids in Pokemon Go: High-Level Tips and Strategies

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for the next big challenge in Pokemon Go. High-level raids offer just that, but they can be tough to tackle alone. So, how do you solo a high-level raid? That’s what we’ll explore in this article.

We’ll break down the strategies and tips you need to conquer these challenging battles. From picking the right Pokemon to understanding your opponent’s weaknesses, I’ll guide you through every step of the process.

Get ready to level up your Pokemon Go game. By the end of this piece, you’ll be well-equipped to take on high-level raids solo and come out victorious. So, let’s dive in and start your journey towards becoming a Pokemon Go raid master.

Choosing the Right Pokemon for High-Level Raids

Choosing the right Pokemon is a critical aspect of any Pokemon Go high-level raid fight. It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but I’ve got some pointers that I’ll share to help you make an informed decision.

Before jumping into the heat of the battle, you need to evaluate your roster. Assess what types of Pokemon you have, their power, and their abilities. Remember, not every strong Pokemon can be the better choice for every high-level raid.

The effectiveness of a Pokemon in the battle largely depends on:

  • Its type
  • Its moves
  • Its power levels

Remember, compounding a Pokemon’s type advantage with powerful, appropriate moves can make you a formidable trainer on the battlefield.

You’ll also want to understand the opponent’s weaknesses. Each Pokemon has a typing and as such, has specific weaknesses. It may be beneficial to consult a Pokemon Go Raid Boss Chart. This chart will yield insights about specific raid bosses’ weaknesses and resistant types.

To make your decisions even more accurate, consider noting down some general weaknesses for the most common types of Pokemon you’ll encounter in high-level raids:

Pokemon Type Weak Against
Fire Type Water, Rock, Ground
Water Type Electric, Grass
Grass Type Fire, Ice, Flying
Electric Type Ground
Ground Type Water, Grass, Ice

Use these table data to your advantage when jumping into high-level raids.

Lastly, consider your Pokemon’s power levels – their CP (combat power). The higher the Pokemon’s CP, the better its overall stats, which translate into better performance in battles.

Furthermore, while CP is crucial, also consider your Pokemon’s IVs (Individual Values). They encompass three vital stats: Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Pokemon with higher IVs perform notably better than those with lower IVs.

Understanding Your Opponent’s Weaknesses

Knowing your opponents’ weaknesses in Pokemon Go provides a strategic advantage. Pinpointing these vulnerabilities is paramount for any player aspiring to solo high-level raids. It’s no secret that the game revolves around knowing Pokemon types and how these types can make battles lean in your favor.

Pokemon types may double up, leading to some head-to-heads where you’ll face doubled weaknesses but also doubled resistances. Think of Fire(Type 1) & Flying(Type 2) Pokemon. They’ve got a double weakness against Rock-type moves while they’re doubly resistant to Bug-type moves. This is vital knowledge when picking battles, especially in high-level raids where the margin of victory can be slim.

One crucial detail is knowing when and how to use charge moves. These attacks are stronger than regular moves and can turn the tide of battles. But remember this: a charge move, regardless of how powerful, is futile if the opposing raid Boss Pokemon resists it. It’s crucial to match the right move with a known weakness.

For this, I’d recommend referring to a Pokemon Go Raid Boss Chart. It’s a tactical resource that lists different Raid Boss Pokemon alongside their types, weaknesses, and best counters. The chart saves you a lot of guesswork, ensuring you’re well-equipped for every encounter.

Here is a list of common raid bosses and their primary weaknesses:

Raid Boss Type Primary Weakness
Tyranitar Rock/Dark Fighting
Absol Dark Fighting, Bug, Fairy
Alolan Raichu Electric/Psychic Bug, Ghost, Dark
Machamp Fighting Psychic, Fairy, Flying

Remember, both raw power (CP) and Individual Values (IVs) matter in battles, but outsmarting your opponent through understanding their weaknesses could prove to be your biggest advantage.

Maximizing Your Pokemon’s CP and Movesets

As we delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of strategizing for solo high-level raids in Pokemon Go, it’s crucial to note the importance of maximizing your Pokemon’s CP and movesets. While exploiting an opponent’s weakness is one part of the equation, ensuring your Pokemon are at their best is equally vital.

You might be wondering, “what exactly is CP and why is it important?” In Pokemon Go, CP (or Combat Power) is a measure of how strong a Pokemon is in battle. Obviously, a Pokemon with a higher CP is more likely to prevail in a matchup. However, remember that a high CP alone doesn’t guarantee a win. As I discussed earlier, tackling weaknesses and resistances can pack a harder punch. Yet, if we’re dealing with Pokemon of similar types and abilities, CP does give you that extra edge.

So how do you go about maximizing your Pokemon’s CP? All efforts start with the basics: catching, hatching, and raiding for higher CP Pokemon. Pump up your Pokemon by using Stardust and Candies to increase their CP, but don’t forget: prioritizing Pokemon with good IVs is a smart move.

On a closely related note, let’s talk about movesets. Just as a boxer can’t win a match with only left jabs, Pokemon need a balanced assortment of moves to fight off opponents. Specifically honing in on charged moves serves to exploit the weaknesses of a raid boss Pokemon like we previously highlighted. Use the Pokemon Go Raid Boss Chart not only to determine a boss’s weakness but to align your Pokemon’s moves with these vulnerabilities.

Utilizing a move that directly counters an opponent’s type can dramatically turn the tide in your favor. Remember, Pokemon with the same type as the move they’re using (“STAB” – same-type attack bonus) get a 20% damage bonus.

Finally, it’s not just about having the right moves but executing them at the right time too. Monitoring your charged move’s energy bar and unleashing it at a critical moment can make all the difference. Managing the stamina or energy in a raid battle takes practice, but remember – practice always makes perfect! Practice your timing till it becomes second nature.

Let’s keep up the momentum, onward to the next section. We’ll delve into the fundamentals of proper Team selection for our high-level raids.

Utilizing Raid Counters and Strategies

Delving into the vast world of Pokemon Go, it’s imperative to develop a foolproof counter strategy tailored to every individual Raid Boss. That’s where knowledge of type matchups comes to the fore.

Let’s assume we’re battling against a strong Fire-Type Pokemon. You’d equip your team with Pokemon that has a natural advantage over Fire-types. Generally, Water, Rock, and Ground Types excel here. Yet, even among them, choosing Pokemon based on their moveset gets imperative. For instance, a Water-Type with powerful Water moves is much more effective.

Take note, double weaknesses can turn the tables in our favor. An example being the boss being a Rock/Ground type. Both of these, Rock and Ground, are weak against Water and Grass-type moves. Hence, a strong Water or Grass Pokemon can turn out to be an absolute game-changer in such scenarios.

A Real-world scenario for reference:

Boss Pokemon Type Counter Moves
Golem Rock/Ground Water & Grass

Moving on, timing is everything in Pokemon Go raids. It’s not just about having the right Pokemon and moves, but using them at the effective moment. A fight is dynamic, and knowing when to deploy your charge move can be the difference between victory and defeat. Remember, a well-timed attack can minimize wasted energy, which often turns the tide of the battle in your favor.

Aside from this, exploiting specific Pokemon abilities also factor in significantly. As an example, if a raid boss has a fast move of a certain type, having a Pokemon that resists that type can substantially improve your chances of winning.

In the end, arming yourself with a roster of Pokemon with varied and powerful moves, practising immaculate timing, and understanding your opponents’ weaknesses are crucial to soloing high-level raids. Remember, in the world of Pokemon Go, knowledge and strategy is your best weapon.

Tips and Tricks for Soloing High-Level Raids

When it comes to taking on high-level raids solo in Pokémon Go, I’ve learned quite a bit over the years. The realities of battles can be tough, but with the right strategies, winning is achievable.

An important tactic I often use is planning my attack sequence. Attack sequence isn’t merely about hitting the raid boss hard. Rather, it’s about strategically executing your moves in an order that maximizes damage while minimizing the damage taken in return. Using charge moves only when the raid boss can’t counterattack immediately, for example, reduces the damage your Pokémon takes in the long run.

Knowing when to dodge is another key to success. Instead of dodging all the time, get to know the enemy’s move set. Dodge the heavy hits and tank the small ones, saving your Pokémon’s hit points and getting more damage in.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of weather bonuses. If the weather is favorable, it boosts specific move types, giving your Pokémon an extra edge in raid battles. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference.

Another noteworthy tip is the utilization of your team’s unique abilities. Some Pokémon have abilities that make a significant impact in fights, even if their CP isn’t the highest. For instance, if a Pokémon has an ability that can confuse, paralyze, or sleep the raid boss, making the boss less effective, it can be a game changer.

Consider the benefit of type effectiveness. Pokémon with a type advantage against the raid boss and a powerful move set to exploit these weaknesses are much stronger in raids. For example, if you’re up against a Water-type raid boss, using Electric or Grass-types with appropriate move sets will give you big advantages.

Never forget the importance of practicing your timing. Mastering the exact moment to unleash your Pokémon’s attacks can make all the difference in damage dealt.

In the pursuit of victory, every detail counts. To overcome high-level raids, I’ll emphasize again the importance of strategy and knowledge. From carefully selecting your line-up, knowing your opponent’s weaknesses, to timing your attacks perfectly, these steps lay the foundation for a victorious solo raid.


So, there you have it. Mastering high-level Pokemon Go raids solo isn’t a walk in the park. It’s all about strategy, timing, and knowledge. Remember, planning your attack sequences and knowing when to dodge can make or break your game. Don’t forget the power of weather bonuses and type effectiveness either. These tips aren’t just for show, they’re your key to victory. Keep practicing, keep learning, and soon you’ll be soloing those high-level raids like a pro. It’s not just about the win, it’s about the journey. And what a journey it’s been. Here’s to many more high-level raid victories in your Pokemon Go adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key tips for soloing high-level raids in Pokemon Go?

The article offers several tips such as planning attack sequences, knowing when to dodge and utilizing weather bonuses. Also, leveraging a Pokemon’s unique abilities and their type effectiveness can significantly contribute to winning high-level solo raids.

How important is strategy and knowledge in Pokemon Go solo raids?

The article emphasizes the significance of strategy and knowledge. Understanding your Pokemon’s abilities, knowing when to implement certain moves, and practicing for perfect timing are crucial in solo raid battles.

What is the role of a Pokemon’s unique abilities and type effectiveness in solo raids?

Utilizing a Pokemon’s unique abilities and type effectiveness is an essential part of raiding strategies. It helps maximize damage output while minimizing damage received, leading to a successful raid.

Why is timing important in solo raids?

Timing is vital in solo raids as it can determine the outcome of a battle. Well-timed dodges and attack sequences can make a significant difference in tight situations.

Is weather bonus important while performing solo raids?

Yes, weather bonuses can play a crucial role in Pokemon Go solo raids, as certain weathers can enhance a Pokemon’s abilities, resulting in higher damage output during battles.

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