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Maximizing Points for High-Level Friendship in Pokemon Go: An Updated Guide

Ever wondered if Pokemon Go still rewards points for high-level friends? I’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll dive into the mechanics of the popular mobile game and its friend system.

We’ll explore whether high-level friendships are still a viable way to rack up some serious points. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting out, you’ll find this information valuable.

Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries of Pokemon Go’s friend system. Let’s see if those high-level friendships are still worth your time and effort.

How does the friend system work in Pokemon Go?

For the uninitiated, let’s delve into the basics of Pokémon Go’s friend system. Players can become friends by sharing their unique trainer codes – it’s akin to adding a contact on your phone. When the request is accepted, reality hits – you’re now Pokémon buddies! Of course, being friends with someone isn’t just a title – it unlocks a plethora of benefits.

Benefits in Pokémon Go gradually increase as your friendship level rises. How does one raise it, they might ask? Via interactions! Engaging with your friends daily is crucial. These interactions can include battling in gyms together, participating in raid battles, exchanging gifts, or simply trading Pokémon.

You will slowly progress through 4 stages of friendship:

  • Good Friend
  • Great Friend
  • Ultra Friend
  • Best Friend

Every stage offers higher tier rewards, and you’ll receive a notification when you’ve reached a new level of friendship.

But here’s the kicker: progress is capped. You can only level up your friendship once per day, per friend. That’s right – if you’re aspiring to reach Best Friend status, it can take up to 90 days, even if you interact every single day.

Let’s crunch some numbers:

Friendship Level Number of Days (With daily interaction)
Good Friend Immediate upon becoming friends
Great Friend 7 days
Ultra Friend 30 days
Best Friend 90 days

The benefits of high-level friendships in Pokemon Go

As we continue our exploration of the friend system in Pokemon Go, it’s vital to note the compelling advantages that come with high-level friendships, specifically Ultra Friend and Best Friend stages.

Nothing comes close to the thrill of achieving Ultra Friend status. It’s an important milestone in any player’s journey as it dishes out a whopping 50,000 XP. But along with that significant XP boost, it also endows players with various in-game benefits. You get decreased stardust costs for trades, an extra boost in raid and gym battles, and one additional Premier Ball for raids.

Here’s a quick rundown for you:

Friendship Level XP Reward Stardust Discount Battle Boost Extra Premier Balls
Ultra Friend 50,000 Yes Yes 1

The pinnacle of the friend system, however, is reaching the Best Friend status. This provides an even larger XP boost of 100,000! It further escalates the advantages by offering more stardust discounts, increased damage in gym and raid battles, and two additional Premier Balls for raids.

Check out the table below:

Friendship Level XP Reward Stardust Discount Battle Boost Extra Premier Balls
Best Friend 100,000 Yes Yes 2

It’s a progressive system where every step recoups even greater rewards, strengthening the appeal of participating in the friend system. However, patience is key as it can take up to 90 days to reach that coveted Best Friend status. But as you can see from the benefits, it’s a journey well worth undertaking. It’s an excellent illustration of how Pokemon Go continues to incentivize gameplay and collaboration, even as you rise in the ranks.

Do high-level friendships still give points in Pokemon Go?

Friendships in Pokemon Go remain a crucial part of the gameplay. They not only foster a sense of community among players but also offer tangible rewards. The question currently at play is whether high-level friendships, specifically Ultra Friend and Best Friend stages, continue to grant players points. They do, indeed.

Being an Ultra Friend in Pokemon Go still provides a sweeping XP reward of 50,000. Alongside this significant boost, the benefits of decreased stardust costs for trades, an additional boost in raid and gym battles, and an extra Premier Ball for raids continue to inspire players to maintain this level of friendship.

Friendship Level XP Rewards Raid & Gym Bonus Extra Premier Balls
Ultra Friend 50,000 Boosted 1

On the other hand, reaching and maintaining Best Friend status is even more rewarding. It includes an enormous XP increase of 100,000. The significant stardust discounts and the elevated damage in gym and raid battles remain. In addition, you can still count on receiving two more Premier Balls for raids.

Friendship Level XP Rewards Raid & Gym Bonus Extra Premier Balls
Best Friend 100,000 Enhanced 2

Even as players advance in Pokemon Go, the friend system continues to motivate gameplay and teamwork. It’s clear they’re not merely in the game for the camaraderie. These high-level friendships provide substantial, much-appreciated rewards, ensuring that players stay committed to both their friends and their Pokemon journey.

Strategies for increasing your friendship level in Pokemon Go

Building those ultra-important friendships in Pokemon Go doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, and it involves a strategy. Let’s unpack some key strategies you can employ to strengthen your place in the game.

One of the most efficient ways to build friendship levels is by sending and receiving gifts. Everyday, when spinning the Photo Disc at a Pokestop or Gym, you’ll receive gifts in your inventory. You can send these gifts to your friends, and they can do the same for you. It’s important to note sending a gift gives the same amount of friendship level increase as receiving one – so it’s a win-win situation!

Participating in raids and gym battles with your friends is another effective strategy to increase your friendship level. Even if the gym isn’t owned by your team, you can still team up with your friends to take it down. Along with the added bonus of gym points and increased raid boss damage, you’re also enhancing your friendships in the game.

Trading Pokemon with your friends also builds that friendship meter. You both get a Pokemon out of the trade and increase your friendship level. To max out on friendship points, you can opt for the Special Trade – a once-a-day event where you can trade Legendary, Shiny, or Pokemon not yet in your Pokedex.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Battle Challenge. Simply challenge your friends via the game’s battle mode, and no matter whether you win or lose, you’ll get friendship points. It’s another valuable tool in your strategy to strengthen friendships.

Just remember, consistency is key. This will require daily commitment as friendship levels won’t rocket sky high overnight. Keep these strategies in your back pocket, apply them regularly, and you’ll slowly but surely move up those friendship ranks in Pokemon Go.


So it’s clear: Pokemon Go does reward players for maintaining high-level friendships. Investing time in sending gifts, battling together, trading, and participating in raids can indeed boost your friendship ranks. The key is consistency and daily interaction. It’s not a race, but a marathon. The rewards are worth the effort. Keep engaging, keep battling, and keep trading. Your Pokemon Go journey is a shared adventure. Make the most of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the strategies for increasing friendship levels in Pokemon Go?

In order to boost friendship levels in Pokemon Go, some recommended strategies include sending and receiving gifts, participating in raids and gym battles, trading Pokemon, and engaging in battle challenges with your friends.

Why is consistency essential in increasing friendship ranks?

Friendship ranks in Pokemon Go increase step by step, gradually. Consistency and daily commitment are pivotal as they allow for repetitive actions that will contribute to friendship growth.

What are the benefits of high friendship ranks in Pokemon Go?

High friendship ranks in Pokemon Go can lead to various benefits, such as receiving bonus Premier Balls for catching Pokemon during Raid Battles and boosted damage during gym and raid battles.

How does trading contribute to friendship level?

Trading Pokemon with friends is another way to increase friendship level. This can be especially effective if you’re trading rare Pokemon or ones that your friend needs.

What does it mean to engage in battle challenges with friends?

Engaging in battle challenges with friends simply means fighting against them using your strongest Pokemon in a friendly competition. This activity also helps to increase your friendship level in the game.

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