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SharpSpring Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide for Small to Large Businesses

Navigating the world of marketing automation tools isn’t always a breeze, especially when it comes to understanding pricing. You’re likely here because you’re considering SharpSpring as your platform of choice.

SharpSpring’s pricing structure can seem complex at first glance. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand how it works, and how it can fit into your budget.

We’ll break down the cost of SharpSpring’s different plans, what you get for your money, and how it compares to other platforms. So, sit tight and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of SharpSpring pricing.

What is SharpSpring Pricing?

Diving straight into SharpSpring Pricing, it’s important to know that this platform offers a varied tier system. The pricing modules are curated differently to accommodate various sizes and needs of businesses. There’s no such thing as a flat fee or cost in the case of SharpSpring. Instead, you find a pricing scale reflecting your usage level and the specific needs of your business.

Notably, SharpSpring provides a full suite of marketing automation tools, regardless of the package you select. This implies that whether you’re on the lowest or highest tier, you’ll access all the features SharpSpring has to offer. Indeed, it’s a boon for smaller businesses that wish to utilize advanced automation tools without splurging on an enterprise-level package.

As far as the actual price tags go, SharpSpring starts its plans from $550 per month for 1,500 contacts. This extends up to $875 per month for 10,000 contacts. For businesses with more than 20,000 contacts, custom pricing options are available. Here’s a simple markdown table to help illustrate this:

Plan Contact Numbers Pricing
Plan 1 1500 $550
Plan 2 10000 $875
Custom 20000 and above Custom

Choosing SharpSpring for your business is about assessing needs versus investment. It’s crucial to evaluate how the pricing structure aligns with your business size, growth plans, and overall budget. So, as you navigate through your decision-making journey, remember to consider how much you can stretch your budget to maximize the efficacy of your business growth strategy.

Comparatively speaking, when you place SharpSpring’s marketing automation tool against other platforms, you may find it more economically viable, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. What sets it apart is likely the significant access to a broad range of tools, irrespective of the pricing plan. But more on that comparison later.

By providing this practical pricing breakdown, moving forward, you should have a clearer perspective while weighing your choices. Even though it’s a detailed analysis, you’d still want to assess every aspect of the plans and any hidden costs. Remember, it’s not just about the pennies spent but also about the potential return on your investment.

Understanding the Pricing Structure

Navigating the pricing options of SharpSpring might initially seem daunting. You have to remember that it’s all about finding which tier fits your business model and budget best.

SharpSpring offers a lower cost entry point compared to many competing platforms. This makes it especially attractive to smaller businesses looking to make their first expedition into the world of marketing automation. It’s key to understand this pricing is tiered, starting as low as $550 per month for 1,500 contacts. This means SharpSpring makes automation accessible, even for businesses tight on budget.

Look over these grade options to gain a clear understanding:

Contacts SharpSpring Cost Per Month
1,500 $550
10,000 $875
20,000+ Custom pricing available

As you can see, the pricing escalates based on the number of contacts, going up to $875 per month for 10,000 contacts. If you have more than 20,000 contacts, custom pricing is available to cater your specific needs.

Do not just focus on the current size of your business. Consider how you envision your business in the future. If you aim to grow, which will mean an increase in contacts, can you see your budget allowing for the next tier?

Remember, SharpSpring centers its pricing on the number of contacts you have. Hence, pruning your contact list so there are no idle or inactive contacts can be a financially smart move. This can result in important savings, allowing you to invest more in what actually drives results.

In choosing your pricing tier, also consider the potential return on investment. SharpSpring offers comprehensive marketing automation functionality in all its tiers. Which means no matter which tier you choose, you won’t be missing out on any features.

Now that you have a thorough understanding of how SharpSpring’s pricing structure works, it’s time to make a decision. Evaluate your budget, business size, and growth plans – these will guide you in selecting the most suitable tier.

Features and Benefits of SharpSpring Plans

Getting the right fit for your business isn’t just about the numbers. As you sift through SharpSpring’s plans, you should also consider their features and benefits. Don’t merely focus on price points. Understand the value you’re getting. In the end, it’s the return on investment that counts.

Feature-Rich Packages for Varied Needs
SharpSpring offers an array of features regardless of your plan. All tiers have access to features such as CRM integration, behavioral-based email marketing, social management, and blogging. Even the entry-level package is robust, providing a competitive edge to small businesses or startups.

Customer Support and Training
One of the key advantages of SharpSpring is its superior customer support and training. It helps you maximize your investment by providing detailed training and resources. You have onboarding assistance and ongoing support to get the most out of the tool. Remember, a cheaper plan might seem attractive, but without adequate support, it could prove costly in the long run.

Customizable Packages for Larger Businesses
SharpSpring recognizes that businesses with 20,000 contacts or more have unique marketing needs. Therefore, it offers customizable plans for a more personalized approach. If this is where you fit in, dig into what those options might entail. It’s not just about more contacts but more dedicated resources and tools to manage and engage with those contacts.

Efficient Contact Management
SharpSpring follows the principle of efficiency and economic use of resources. You probably won’t need to reach out to every contact every time. The platform’s ‘Life of the Lead’ and ‘Contact Manager’ feature helps in pruning your contact list and reaching out to the right prospects. This, in turn, assists in minimizing your costs and maximizing returns.

By evaluating SharpSpring’s features and benefits, you can identify the plan that will aid in growing your business. It’s about making an informed choice that pays off better in the end.

Comparing SharpSpring Pricing with Other Platforms

As you plunge deeper into your research, you’ll notice distinct contrasts between SharpSpring pricing and that of other automation tools. Known for its more affordable entry point, SharpSpring caters especially to small-to-medium businesses. While many competing platforms price their entry-level plans at an average of $800 to $1000 per month, SharpSpring begins at just $550 for 1,500 contacts.

Before jumping into any decisions, consider this data on SharpSpring’s pricing versus other platforms:

Platform Entry-Level Price Contacts
SharpSpring $550 1,500
Competitor A $1000 1,500
Competitor B $800 1,500

Comparatively, you’ll see that SharpSpring offers that proverbial bang for your buck. But don’t let this singular factor sway your decision-making process. Yes, pricing is critical but equally important are the benefits and features that you’re receiving for your investment.

It’s here that SharpSpring again shines. All of its plans, including the entry-level ones, come loaded with features like CRM integration, behavioral-based email marketing, social management, and blogging. Compare this with other platforms where some of these features might only be available in more elevated pricing tiers.

SharpSpring doesn’t stop at providing just robust software solutions. It understands the learning curve attached and hence, offers top-tier customer support and training to amplify your gains. So, you’re not just buying a tool but also professional guidance to fully exploit it.

For those of you eyeing growth, and anticipate your contact list to surpass 20,000, don’t fret! SharpSpring’s customizable plans have you covered. There are no sudden, outrageous price jumps but a tailored plan ready to accommodate your growing business.

By now, you’re getting a clearer picture. But there’s more ground to cover as we delve further into assessing the potential this platform holds in elevating your marketing game. Let’s continue with the journey.

Tips for Choosing the Right SharpSpring Plan

When looking at the SharpSpring pricing structure, one essential factor that comes into play is the size and needs of your business. SharpSpring’s tiered pricing makes it suitable for companies of varying sizes. But it’s not just about size; you also need to assess the specific requirements of your company.

Firstly, identify your marketing needs before rushing to pick a plan. Do you need CRM integration, behavioral-based email marketing, social management, or blogging? Good news is, all of SharpSpring’s plans come with these features. So when you’re figuring out what you need from your marketing automation tool, don’t let the fear of added costs hold you back from selecting these features.

Another great thing about SharpSpring is its affordable entry plan. Starting at $550 per month for 1,500 contacts, it’s an attractive offer, especially to smaller businesses. However, do not let the affordable price tag be the only deciding factor – make sure the services offered match your needs.

For businesses with more than 20,000 contacts, SharpSpring offers customizable plans. This flexibility is invaluable when your business doesn’t fit the conventional molds and needs a more tailored solution.

Bear in mind that with SharpSpring, you also get superior customer support and training – an important factor to consider. After all, having the tool doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to use it effectively.

Ultimately, weigh the features and benefits when choosing the right plan. Evaluate your marketing needs, consider your budget, and don’t shy away from asking for customization if that is what your business needs. It’s about making an informed decision that pays off in the long term. After all, the right marketing automation tool can be a game changer for your business.


You’ve seen how SharpSpring’s tiered pricing can cater to businesses of varying sizes and needs. It’s clear that this marketing automation tool is a cost-effective solution, especially for smaller businesses. With plans starting at just $550 per month for 1,500 contacts, it’s a competitive choice. Remember, all plans include CRM integration, behavioral-based email marketing, social management, and blogging. Don’t forget the excellent customer support and training SharpSpring provides. If your business exceeds 20,000 contacts, there’s the option to customize your plan. So, assess your company’s needs, weigh up the affordability of the entry plan, and consider the features of each plan. You’re now equipped to make an informed decision on whether SharpSpring is the right fit for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharpSpring’s pricing structure?

SharpSpring offers a tiered pricing system that caters to businesses of different sizes. Pricing starts at $550 per month for 1,500 contacts, making it more affordable compared to many competing platforms.

Does the price include CRM integration and behavioral email marketing?

Yes, all of SharpSpring’s plans come with CRM integration and behavioral-based email marketing, along with social management, and blogging functionality.

How does SharpSpring’s pricing compare to other platforms?

SharpSpring is competitively priced, often offering a lower cost entry point compared to many other platforms. The affordability of SharpSpring’s entry-level plan is one of the highlights of the pricing structure.

What customer support does SharpSpring offer?

SharpSpring offers superior customer support and training to its clients. This ensures that users can maximize the benefits of using the platform.

Does SharpSpring offer customizable plans for larger businesses?

Yes. Businesses with more than 20,000 contacts can benefit from SharpSpring’s customizable plans. These plans ensure that large businesses can get their specific needs addressed.

How do I choose the right SharpSpring plan?

Consider your business’s specific needs, evaluate the features and benefits, and look at the cost of each plan. Also, consider the customer support and training provided by SharpSpring when making your choice.

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