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Step-by-step Guide: Purchasing CRM Software from Go High Level

If you’re in the market for a robust CRM, look no further than Go High Level. I’m here to guide you through the process of ordering this game-changing software.

In this article, I’ll break down the steps you need to take to get your hands on Go High Level’s CRM. From identifying your needs to making the purchase, we’ll cover it all.

Don’t worry if you’re new to CRM software. I’ll explain everything in a way that’s easy to understand and act on. So, let’s dive in and get you on the path to greater business efficiency.

Identify Your CRM Needs

First, let’s start with the basics. What’s your goal in employing a CRM software? Identifying your specific needs will set you off on the right foot.

Clearly defined business goals are critical in pinpointing your CRM needs. You may need a system that streamlines customer interactions, tracks sales, or automates marketing tasks. A strong CRM like Go High Level’s can muster all these functions — and more.

One crucial area to consider is your customers’ journey. Mapping their interactions with your business can highlight useful CRM functionalities. For example, if your business has a complex sales funnel, you’d likely need a CRM that makes pipeline management a breeze. It’s easy to see how understanding your customer’s journey can help identify the right CRM.

You’ll want to consider team collaboration too. A CRM isn’t just for managing customers — it’s also a powerful tool that brings teams together. Go High Level’s CRM enables teams to access, update, and share customer information easily. So, if efficient team collaboration is on your list, you know what to look for in a CRM.

Take the time to anticipate future needs as well. Where do you see your business in five years’ time? A decade? While no one can predict the future with certainty, it’s worth considering what features might benefit your business as it grows.

So, how do you go about identifying your CRM needs? Let’s sum it up in a quick list:

  • Define your business goals.
  • Map your customers’ journey.
  • Identify team collaboration potential.
  • Develop a plan for future business development.

In the next section, we’ll look at how to compare different CRM options using your identified needs.

Research Go High Level CRM Features

After determining your CRM needs, it’s now time to delve into Go High Level’s CRM features. Their CRM software is packed with useful functionalities designed to assist every aspect of your customer relationship management. Let’s now cast a spotlight on some of their most relevant features.

First off, Go High Level CRM is customer-centric. It’s fully equipped to centralize all your customer data, interactions, communications, and sales history in one place. This feature enables you to know your customers better, anticipate their needs, and serve them in a personalized, timely manner.

Secondly, their CRM isn’t just built for managing customer relationships, it also understands the importance of team collaboration. With its unified shared team inbox, staff can keep track of customer conversations, delegate tasks, and work together to deliver impeccable customer service.

Traditional CRM offers contact management, but with a modern CRM like Go High Level, you’ve got a whole lot more. It goes beyond by integrating marketing automation. This will help you communicate with your clients effectively through automated sequences and personalized messages.

What Go High Level’s CRM also excels at is sales forecasting. It provides predictive analytics, forecasting tools for sales, and revenue insight, giving your business the cutting-edge advantage.

A few other features that are worth mentioning include:

  • Customer campaign tracking
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • SMS and email marketing capabilities
  • Calendar and appointment scheduling

By identifying your CRM needs and aligning them with Go High Level’s CRM functionalities, you’re a step closer to harnessing the full potential of such a powerful tool. But, remember, there’s more to CRM than just features. Enter, comparing different CRM options.

Check Pricing and Select a Plan

Once you’ve reviewed the essential features of Go High Level’s CRM software, the next step is to understand the pricing structure and select a suitable plan for your business.

Go High Level offers a simple, straightforward pricing model that’s transparent and easy to navigate. You’ll find two primary plans: the Single Location plan and the Multi-Location plan.

Single Location Plan
This plan is ideal for small businesses looking to grow. It’s equipped with all core CRM features such as centralized customer data handling, robust analytics, sales forecasting, and marketing automation.

Multi-Location Plan
Designed for larger businesses or those operating across multiple locations, this plan offers everything in the Single Location plan plus additional features geared towards seamless multi-location operations.

When you’re choosing a plan, consider the size and nature of your business, the complexity of your operations, and the volume of data you handle. It’s all about finding a plan that’s right for you.

Besides the primary plans, Go High Level also offers some striking add-ons like reputation management, white-label options, and added logins that can smartly escalate your business operations.

Remember to analyze the benefits and costs carefully. The details of these plans can be found on the website under ‘Go High Level Pricing.’

Pricing also includes unparalleled customer support that’s always there when you need them. So it’s not just about the software; it’s also about the peace of mind knowing that there’s help just a call or email away.

Above all, they offer a 14-day free trial. Utilize this opportunity given by Go High Level to ensure the platform aligns with your specific business needs.

To recap, when choosing a CRM software, it’s not about the price tag alone but the overall return on investment. Measure your ROI not just in financial terms but also consider the time saved, efficiency gained, and overall boost to your business operations. It’s all about how simplifying processes and centralizing operations can positively impact your business.

Experience the power of a superior CRM solution by choosing the right plan from Go High Level for your business. Remember, it’s your business; your choice. Go High Level’s CRM software is flexible enough to adapt as your business grows and changes.

Sign up for a Go High Level Account

It’s time we venture into the actual sign-up process for a Go High Level account. It’s a fairly straightforward task and I’ll guide you through it step by step.

First things first – you’ll need to visit the Go High Level website. On the home page, you’ll find an orange ‘Get Started Free’ button. Clicking on this button will lead you to the sign-up page. All you need to do is fill in the required details like your contact information and preferences.

Next up, select your desired plan – whether it’s the Single Location plan or the Multi-Location plan. Take a moment to review what each plan offers. Remember, you can always change your plan later if necessary. If you’re not sure which plan suits your business best, Go High Level customer support is always at your disposal.

After choosing a plan, your next move will be to choose any additional add-ons that might benefit your business. These may include options like reputation management or white-label services. It’s important here to consider what may increase your overall efficiency and provide a better return on investment.

Once you’ve made all your choices, simply review your account details and the selected plan. Ensure everything aligns with your requirements, then proceed to the secure payment page. Don’t worry, Go High Level utilizes an SSL-encrypted checkout to make sure your data is safe.

What’s more, Go High Level offers a 14-day free trial on all accounts. That means you can get started, risk-free, to test if their CRM solution fits your business model. It’s an excellent opportunity to try before you commit. After your trial period, if you’re satisfied, you’ll shift to the paid version of the selected plan. Keep an eye on your inbox for reminders, as your trial period nears its end.

Customize and Configure Your CRM

Moving ahead from the account creation process, let’s dive into how you can customize and configure your CRM. My goal with this section is to make you familiar with the system’s backend. Being comfortable with the interface and understanding its functionalities will make you more efficient when managing customer interactions.

First, I would suggest getting started with dashboard exploration. It’s essential that you understand where everything is. You’ll find primary functionalities like Contact, Campaigns, Communications, Automation, and Reputation. Spend some time clicking around and see what each function comprises. I found this initial exploration key to feel at ease while managing my customer relationships.

After understanding the basic layout, let’s personalize your CRM. Depending on your chosen plan, you will have an array of customization options. These may range from basic dash design tweaks to specific workflow automations. Customization is where Go High Level truly excels as it allows for a high degree of personalization, catering to your specific business needs.

Initiate by personalizing your dashboard. You can choose to display the data which is most relevant to your business. The options range from task scheduling, email open rates, active campaigns, to leads status. Customizing your dashboard not only saves time but also increases functionality.

Let’s talk about Contacts. This section lets you manage all your contacts in one place. You can import existing contacts or add new ones manually. Integrating contacts is as simple as uploading a .CSV file with the list of your contacts. Once in, you’re free to categorize them into different stages based on their engagement.

Lastly, I would suggest working on your Campaigns and Automations. You can automate your customer engagement by creating specific triggers depending on their actions. Automations provide both efficiency and a personal touch, enhancing customer relationships.

Take your time with these configurations, it’s worth investing effort here. Your CRM system is all set once these are done. Soon it’ll become a vital tool in managing various stages of customer relations and engagement. In my experience, a well-configured CRM will save you heaps of time in the long run.

Remember, your needs may change over time. Fortunately, Go High Level offers the flexibility to adjust your configurations as you grow. You can rely on their wide array of settings and rich customization resources as you navigate your CRM journey.

Integrate with Other Tools and Platforms

When it comes to integrating your CRM software with other platforms, Go High Level shines brightly. This platform not only stands on its own two feet as a robust CRM but it’s also a glue that brings multiple tools together under one umbrella.

Their tagline is ‘One App to Rule them All’ and they mean it. Go High Level offers seamless integration with hundreds of other software applications and services. This means you can keep all your tools in one easily accessible place.

One of the key features of this CRM is its API Integrations. This feature opens up possibilities to link and sync data with other platforms. You may have data from your email marketing software, your social media tools or your sales tracking software. API Integrations will bring all of this together in your Go High Level CRM.

Here’s an idea of some of the integrations available:

  • Email Marketing tools (MailChimp, Aweber, etc.)
  • Social Media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • E-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.).
  • Helpdesk software (Zendesk, Tawk, etc.)

Likewise, you can always reach out to Go High Level’s support or community for more information on integrations.

Another interesting feature is Zapier integration. This means you can basically connect any app with Go High Level. Zapier helps connect your apps and automate workflows. It’s like an extra pair of hands that help you do the mundane tasks.

In the middle of all these integrations, never forget about security. Always make sure the data you are integrating from different platforms is secure. Go High Level prioritizes security and ensures your data remains safe and sound.

To sum it up, linking Go High Level with other tools you use frequently will certainly be a game-changer. It’s like weaving a web of information that will let you see your business from all possible angles. Allowing you to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Test and Review

After you’ve gone through the process of deciding that Go High Level’s CRM is your company’s perfect match and have connected it with all your necessary tools, it’s time to test and review. What does this mean? It’s basically taking the software for a test drive before you fully commit to integrating it into your daily operations.

Testing is a crucial activity because it gives users the chance to examine the software’s full functionality and determine if it meets, or perhaps exceeds, business requirements. It’s a valuable opportunity to see firsthand the efficiency of Go High Level’s CRM system without the high stakes of it being fully integrated into your workflow.

During this phase, it’s not just about checking if all integrated platforms are working, but also assessing the interface, ease of navigation, and overall user experience. It’s during testing that you’ll get to familiarize yourself with Go High Level’s dashboard, its features, and tools.

When testing, I typically establish a few key workflows, create dummy data and observe how everything syncs together. It’s important to check that there are no glitches and that all functions are running smoothly. I always make sure to note anything that doesn’t meet the expected standard or causes confusion.

Following the test phase, it’s then time to review. The need for a comprehensive review cannot be understated. It’s how users evaluate whether the CRM software truly aligns with their business objectives.

During my reviews, I often focus heavily on data analysis. That includes how data is collected, organized, and accessed as well as how it is presented via analytics reports. Remember, the goal is to have a CRM that offers a comprehensive view of your business, enabling you to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Remember, the test and review phase can be cyclical – it’s not limited to one round of evaluation. You may find yourself testing again after making adjustments based on the initial review. That’s perfectly fine. Ultimately, the aim is to have a CRM system that best suits your business needs.

Make the Purchase

After thoroughly examining the features of Go High Level’s CRM system and determining it aligns with your business objectives, it’s now the perfect time to proceed with the purchase. This step isn’t about merely pressing a “Buy Now” button, but rather ensuring you’re making a sound investment.

Select the Right Plan

Go High Level offers diverse pricing plans for its customers. The pricing varies based on the number of features, user access, and support levels available. It’s crucial to attentively choose the plan that befits your business needs while also considering your budget.

Strike a Balance

Despite the temptation, it’s not always appropriate to opt for the full-feature plan. It’s essential to strike a balance. Choosing a plan with too many unnecessary features might overcomplicate things for your team. On the other hand, missing essential features may hamper business operations. Thus, striking a balance is crucial when making this investment.

Understand the Terms of Service

Before making the payment, extensive understanding of their terms of service is a must. Businesses often overlook this step and regret it later. Know your rights and restrictions by going through them in detail.

Request for a Demo or Trial

Lastly, asking for a demo or trial can be a wise move if you’re still unsure. There’s no harm in being double-sure. The majority of CRMs provide a demo or trial version, and Go High Level is no exception. It allows you to thoroughly test their CRM before you decide to buy.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re preparing to make the purchase. Remember, a CRM is more than just a software purchase – it’s an investment in your business future.


Ordering CRM software from Go High Level isn’t just about ticking off a checklist. It’s about making a strategic investment for your business’s future. Remember, it’s crucial to choose the right pricing plan, understand the terms of service, and not forget to request a demo or trial. It’s a balance between what’s necessary and what’s not. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re not just buying software, but a tool that’ll help propel your business forward. So, go ahead and make an informed decision when purchasing your CRM system from Go High Level. Your business will thank you for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I take when considering purchasing Go High Level’s CRM system?

Start by selecting the pricing plan that best suits your business needs, consider which features are necessary and which ones aren’t, make sure to understand the terms of service fully, and if possible, request a demo or trial.

Why is a CRM seen as an investment in the future of my business?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is not just a software purchase. It’s a significant investment that has the potential to improve customer relationships, streamline operations, and ultimately enhance your business’s growth and profitability.

How important is understanding the terms of service when purchasing a CRM?

Extremely important. By understanding the terms of service, you can avoid any surprises down the line, ensuring that you’re getting a fair deal and that the CRM meets your specific needs.

Should I request a demo or trial before purchasing a CRM system?

Yes, absolutely. A demo or trial gives you firsthand experience with the CRM’s features and capabilities, helping you better understand if it’s the right fit for your business before making a commitment.

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