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Ultimate Guide: Elevate Your Pokemon Go Friendship Level Quickly and Effectively

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the hunt for ways to level up your game in Pokemon Go. And one of the best ways to do that? Boosting your friendship levels. But how do you get a high friendship level in Pokemon Go? That’s what I’ll be sharing in this article.

In the world of Pokemon Go, friendship isn’t just about camaraderie, it’s a strategic move. From getting extra bonuses to unlocking new features, a high friendship level can be a game-changer. So, stick around as I unveil the secrets to achieving a high friendship level in Pokemon Go.

Why Friendship Level Matters in Pokemon Go

As a Pokemon Go trainer, increasing your friendship level should be a top priority. It’s more than just a number that reflects how friendly you are with the virtual creatures. In the practical sense, a high friendship level provides a multitude of benefits.

Take trading, for example. With a high friendship level, we get notable discounts in the stardust cost. It’s better when swapping Pokemon with a friend. The higher our friendship level, the less stardust we need. That’s a significant advantage considering stardust is among the hardest commodities to come by in the game.

The perks of friendship level also extend to battles. High Friendship levels yield bonus damage. It means our Pokemon can dish out more damage than they normally can. So it’s not just the Charizard’s firepower you need, but also a strong bond with it.

But that’s not all. We also reap benefits during Raids and Gym Battles. A high friendship level means we get extra Premiere Balls at the end of Raid Battles. Those extra attempts to catch the raid boss can be the difference between capturing a powerful Pokemon or watching it disappear.

Friendship Level Stardust Trading Cost Bonus Damage Additional Premiere Balls
Good Friend 1x None None
Great Friend 0.8x +1% +1
Ultra Friend 0.92x +2% +2
Best Friend 0.96x +3% +4

How to Increase Friendship Level

One of the ways to level up your friendship in Pokemon Go is through interactions. So let’s delve into some specific activities you can carry out.


Every trainer needs to get on board with the idea of gift exchanges. Gifts are an amazing way to increase your friendship level in Pokemon Go. They can be found at PokeStops or from your Buddy. You can send up to 20 gifts to your friends daily. You’ll have a fantastic chance of leveling up your friendship especially with those players who are active every day.

Raids and Battles

You’d be surprised how much a good old fashioned raid can help. Engaging in battles and raiding together significantly boosts your friendship level. Plus you can participate in Gym battles, raid battles, or trainer battles. Keep in mind that you cannot repeat the same action in a day. So make sure to diversify and switch between Gym, Raid, and Trainer battles with your friend.


I can’t stress enough the importance of trades in Pokemon Go. Here’s a fun fact: the more distance between the pair of Pokemon being traded, the more friendship level you can earn. However, before you get involved in high-level trades, you’ll need to achieve a Great or Best friend status.

Sending and Receiving Gifts

Engaging in gift exchanges is a crucial part of ranking up friendship levels in Pokemon Go. This simple activity is not only easy but it’s also one of the most efficient ways to boost your friendship status. The mechanic behind the efficiency of gift-giving is resting on a simple fact – we can send and receive gifts on a daily basis.

Before delving into the specifics, let’s first understand how to send gifts in Pokemon Go. Gifts can be obtained from spinning Pokestops or Gyms and they can be found in your Item Bag. Simply tap a friend from your Friend List and hit the “Send Gift” button. A note though that you can only send one gift per day to a specific friend.

The other side of the coin – receiving gifts. Keep in mind that while I can send only one gift per day to each friend, there’s no limit to how many different friends can send gifts to me. This leads to a fascinating scenario where maximizing the number of gifts I receive daily can significantly boost my friendship levels.

Moreover, gifts are not just tools for increasing friendship levels. They could contain various valuable and useful items. I’ve seen everything from Poke Balls, healing items, to even rare 7km eggs found in these beautifully wrapped presents.

Here are a few things to remember about gift exchanges:

  • Maximize your gift exchanges daily: Ensure you’re maximizing the number of gifts sent and received every day. It’s a free, simple method to increase friendship levels with many friends concurrently.
  • Open the maximum allowed gifts each day: There’s a maximum cap of 20 gifts that I can open each day. Prioritize friends with which you wish to boost your friendship level.
  • Be conscious about the Blue Aura: Gifts can only have an effect on increasing the friendship level once per day, marked by a blue aura around the friend’s avatar. Don’t waste a gift opening on a friend with a blue aura.

Remember, being proactive with your gifts not only cements your ties with your pals in the Pokemon realm, but it’ll also accelerate your journey towards higher friendship levels.

Trading Pokemon

Now let’s delve into trading Pokemon, another vital aspect of enhancing friendship levels in Pokemon Go. Trading isn’t merely about swapping critters with friends; it’s a valuable tool for increasing camaraderie in the game. More so, it holds a significant potential for friendship level growth.

When you trade Pokemon, both parties receive valuable candy rewards, benefiting especially those aiming for rare evolved forms of Pokemon. What’s noteworthy is the bonus candy you get when trading Pokemon caught far apart. The longer the distance between where the two Pokemon got caught, the more bonus candy you receive. This distance bonus provides an excellent incentive for traders looking to level up friendships.

To illustrate, I’ve compiled some data into a markdown table:

Distance Bonus Candy
<100km +1 Candy
100-299km +2 Candies
300km+ +3 Candies

Trading also has a positive impact on the Pokemon’s stats. There’s a trade-induced stat re-roll which can indeed change the stats of a traded Pokemon. However, remember that higher friendship levels lead to a higher floor for the re-rolled stats, implying a greater likelihood of receiving a Pokemon with better stats in a trade as your friendship level increases.

Furthermore, the stardust cost for trading Pokemon gets significantly reduced as you level up your friendship, particularly notable when trading Legendary and Shiny Pokemon. Picture that, saving those precious Stardust while augmenting your friendship score!

Battling Together

When it comes to leveling up your friendship in Pokemon Go, battling together significantly speeds up the process. This approach revolves around participating in Gym Battles, Raid Battles, and Trainer Battles with your friends.

Battling at Gyms together has its own charm. It’s not entirely about the win. Instead, it’s about the time you and your friend spend together at the Gym, battling Pokemon side by side. Build your bond through the heat of battle and boost that friendship level!

What about Raid Battles? Well, they’re a massive opportunity to skyrocket your friendship levels. The high difficulty raids involving Legendary Pokemon are notably beneficial. Inviting your friends to participate in these high-stakes battles not only gives you a better chance of success but they also quickly level-up your friendship.

In contrast to Gym and Raid Battles, Trainer Battles can be held remotely, thus making them more accessible. Anywhere, anytime, spark up a friendly duel with your friend. It’s a fun, flexible, and efficient way to increase your friendship level.

Notably, you can keep manageable track of your interaction progress visually. The game visually displays a blue halo surrounding a friend’s avatar that you’ve interacted with for the day. A helpful little indicator to help you keep track of which friends you’ve battled, aiding your daily friendship-boosting schedule.

Also, pay attention to events organized by Niantic. Often, these events include friendship-based bonuses, such as increased friendship level gains from battles. Capitalizing on these seasonal events can rapidly level-up your friendship.

Remember, battles are not just about victory, but they’re also about the shared camaraderie and challenges. Embrace the competition, connect with your friends extensively. Engage in battles passionately, and watch your friendship levels skyrocket.


Boosting your friendship level in Pokemon Go is a game-changer. It’s not just about the discounts, bonus damage, and extra Premiere Balls. It’s about the camaraderie, the bonds formed, and the thrill of the game. Engage in gift exchanges, raids, battles, and trades to level up. Remember, diversification is key and the blue aura is your guide. Gifts aren’t just about the items, they’re a boost to your friendship level. Trading isn’t just about swapping Pokemon, it’s about the valuable candy rewards and reduced stardust costs. Battling together isn’t just about winning, it’s about building bonds and leveling up quickly. Keep your eyes on the prize and your friendship level will skyrocket. So, embrace the competition, connect with your friends, and battle passionately. Your Pokemon Go journey is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

1. How can friendship levels in Pokemon Go benefit players?

Friendship levels in Pokemon Go provide a variety of benefits such as lower stardust costs for trades, bonus damage in battles, extra Premiere Balls in Raid Battles, and valuable candy rewards.

2. What can I do to increase my friendship levels in Pokemon Go?

Engaging in activities with your friends, such as gift exchanges, participating together in Gyms and Raids, and making trades, can help increase your friendship levels.

3. What is the importance of gifts in Pokemon Go?

Gifts are an essential component in boosting friendship levels. Maximizing gift exchanges daily can provide valuable items and increase your friendship level.

4. Can trading Pokemon impact their stats in Pokemon Go?

Yes, trading Pokemon can impact their stats. A significant point to note is that the stardust cost for trading decreases as friendship levels increase.

5. How can Battling together help friendship levels in Pokemon Go?

Battling together, involving Gym Battles, Raid Battles, and Trainer Battles, helps to increase friendship levels significantly. Given that Trainer Battles can be held remotely, this makes the activity more accessible.

6. Does Niantic organize events related to friendship levels in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Niantic often organizes events that include friendship-based bonuses, substantial encouraging players to interact more, which in turn boosts their friendship levels.

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