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Unlocking High-Level Tailraider Safari: A Guide for Boosting Your Monster Hunter World Play

Ever wondered if your Tailraider Safari can take on high-level missions in Monster Hunter World? You’re not alone. It’s a question that’s been on the minds of many gamers. In this article, I’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of this intriguing topic, shedding light on the capabilities and limitations of your feline friends.

The Concept of Tailraider Safari in Monster Hunter World

In a game as sprawling and challenging as Monster Hunter World, it’s crucial to use all available resources to progress. One feature that you may undervalue is the Tailraider Safari. These feline companions are arguably one of the best secondary resources in the game.

Backed by their stealth and excellent survival instincts, Tailraider Safari’s role is to carry out missions on your behalf. They venture into different zones, fight monsters you’d rather avoid, and retrieve valuable resources. They’re a godsend, especially when you’re swamped with high-level missions.

To benefit from a Tailraider Safari, you’d need to establish a Lynian Researcher’s camp who will guide your fluffy allies on their escapades. These camps, usually populated by Palicos, provide a base for your Tailraider Safari.

While their prowess is beyond question, there’s an elephant in the room: can they handle high-level missions? Should you send those adorable felines into dangerous territories teeming with ferocious monsters? Let’s delve a bit deeper into this concern before you release your furballs into the wild. We’ll explore their capabilities, the rewards they bring back and, potentially, the risks involved. Next up, we’ll discuss the mechanism of deploying a Tailraider Safari to high-level missions, offering insights that may be crucial for your strategic planning.

Remember, in Monster Hunter World, every resource has its purpose and once understood and utilized properly, can pivot the game in your favor.

Understanding the Function of Tailraider Safari

To fully grasp the capabilities of our furry friends in Monster Hunter World, we first need to go over the ins and outs of the Tailraider Safari. Knowing how they function will be our first step to utilizing them effectively in high-level missions.

Released as part of the Palico System, the Tailraider Safari acts as a complementary hunting feature. The main players here are the unique feline companions named Palicoes. These are not your average household pets. Adept in both stealth and survival, Palicoes are exceptional while on hunting assignments. They collect numerous resources and complete side tasks, which in turn ease the player’s progression in the game.

You might be thinking, how are they deployed to go on these exploratory missions? Well, it all happens at the Research Base. After certain in-game progress, you’ll be granted access to this base where the Third Fleet Master operates. The player invests a minimal resource of research points, and in return, the Tailraider Safari embarks on its journey to scout for resources.

The safari carries out their tasks in sets of three missions, venturing into different parts of the game world. Each mission directed towards distinct biomes and each with their unique set of rewards. It’s important to note that the potential rewards and overall performance of the safari are directly linked to the skills of the chosen Palicoes.

For a trip into the high-level regions, it’s advised to employ Palicoes exhibiting exact skills like stealth, survival instincts, or gathering efficiency. A higher skill rating means greater chances of success and rare materials.

As for the question at hand, can Tailraider Safari handle high-level missions? It’s all about playing the right cards. Proper knowledge of their function and strategic deployment can certainly lead the way to great rewards. The answer to this question extends beyond simply understanding their function and leads us into some serious strategic planning. We’ll delve into this matter further as we move ahead.

Evaluating the Level Restrictions in Tailraider Safari

Let’s delve into the concept of level restrictions in Tailraider Safari. One might wonder if there’s a limit to the level of missions that Palicoes can tackle. The answer to this is twofold.

Primarily, Palicoes can indeed engage in high-level missions. However, their success in these matters will solely depend on their acquired skills and carried gadgets. Better equipped and more skilled Palicoes will naturally perform better on higher level missions. This relates directly to the character of Palicoes whom you choose to send on these quests.

On the topic of level restrictions, it’s important to note that these aren’t absolute barriers but rather influence the mission’s success rate. Theoretically, even a rookie Palico can embark on a high-level mission, but their chance of success would be significantly reduced compared to a seasoned veteran.

The deployment of your Tailraider Safari must take into consideration the level of the quest as well as the skills and level of your Palicoes. Remember that feline proficiency plays a key role not only in completing the quest but also in obtaining maximum rewards.

Let’s take a look at a basic overview of how level relates to success:

Palico Level Low-level Quest High-level Quest
Low-level High Success Low Success
High-level Almost Certain High Success

Taking the time to understand these nuances and strategically plan your Safari can lead to maximizing rewards and enhancing your overall gaming experience. As we continue to discuss the intricacies of Tailraider Safari, we’ll delve deeper into these aspects. Stay tuned as we explore other facets of this fascinating system.

Tips and Strategies to Enhance Tailraider Safari Performance

To make the most of my Tailraider Safari, I’ve got some tips and strategies I’d like to share. Bear in mind that these aren’t just for those sending high-level Palicoes out. They can benefit anyone looking to improve their winnings across all levels.

Utilize Your Palico’s Strengths

Each Palico comes with its unique strengths. Some may excel at fighting, while others have a keen sense for gathering resources. Knowing your Palico’s strength and deploying them in corresponding missions can significantly affect the success rate. For example, if my Palico is a fighter type, I’d send them on battle-oriented missions where they’d obviously shine.

Invest in Palico Skills and Gadgets

Palico skill levels, as well as the quality of their gadgets, aren’t just numbers. They play a vital role in determining the mission outcomes. The more I invest in my Palico’s skills and gadgets, the more they’re equipped to handle challenging quests, making them the perfect candidates for high-level Tailraider Safari missions.

Consider the Rarity of the Quests

Quest rarity becomes a thing when I’m trying to farm for rare materials. However, it’s essential to remember that higher rarity quests tend to be more challenging and carry a lower success rate. So it’s a balancing act between going for the high stakes or playing it safe with lower-rarity quests.

Listen to the Field Reports

Field reports give me insights into how well my Palico did on its previous mission. It’s my window into their performance, and I use it to optimize future deployments. If a mission didn’t go as planned, I’d adjust my strategy accordingly.

And, those are the core strategies I use to enhance my Tailraider Safari performance. A masterful understanding and strategic deployment can turn the Tailraider Safari into a potent tool for material farming and monster hunting. As with everything in Monster Hunter World, it’s all about the strategy.

Exploring the Benefits of High-Level Tailraider Safari

Now that we’ve got a solid grasp on the mechanics of the Tailraider Safari, let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of deploying them on high-level quests. Having a high-level Tailraider Safari opens up an array of opportunities and advantages with the progression of your game.

Chance to Get Rare Materials

A notable advantage of taking on high-level quests is the increased chance to acquire rare materials that are often hard to find. High-level safaris venture into dangerous terrains, coming into contact with formidable monsters. These beasts tend to drop expensive and rare resources that are invaluable to advancing in the game.

For your safari success rate and drop rate, take a peek at this handy table.

Level Safari Success Rate Rare Material Drop Rate
Low 70% 20%
Mid 85% 35%
High 95% 50%

High-Level Monster Encounters

High-level Tailraider Safari also means encountering more powerful monsters. This not only provides an exciting challenge but also allows you and your Palico to gain valuable experience. There’s nothing like experience to toughen you up for the battles ahead, right?

Enhanced Training for Palico

When your furry companion is part of a high-level safari, their skills and proficiency improve remarkably. It serves as impressive and intense training for your Palico, sharpening their abilities, and making them more helpful in future challenging pursuits.

Increased Rewards

Higher level safaris invariably offer greater rewards. In comparison to lower level quests, high-level safaris provide a bounty of points, improving your overall game score. With more mission points, you’re better equipped to upgrade your gears, enhance your abilities and climb up the ladder in the game.


So there you have it. Tailraider Safari’s potential skyrockets when you take it to higher levels. It’s not just a game feature, it’s an asset that can significantly boost your progress in Monster Hunter World. From scoring rare materials to battling formidable monsters, high-level safaris offer a wealth of rewards. It’s a strategic move that’s worth considering, especially for those seeking to level up their gameplay. Remember, the key lies in effectively deploying your Palico and making the most out of each mission. Don’t shy away from challenges; instead, see them as opportunities to grow stronger in the game. Embrace high-level Tailraider Safari, and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

What is the Tailraider Safari in Monster Hunter World?

Tailraider Safari is a feature in Monster Hunter World which allows players to deploy their Palico on quests, enabling them to gather valuable items and gain experience.

How can I enhance the performance of my Tailraider Safari?

You can improve the performance of your Tailraider Safari by utilizing the unique strengths of each Palico and assigning them to corresponding missions. It’s also important to invest in their skills and gadgets, most especially for challenging quests.

What should I consider when selecting missions for my Palico?

You should consider the rarity of the quests as higher rarity quests are usually more challenging and have a lower success rate. However, they can yield more rewards if successfully completed.

How can field reports help in improving Tailraider Safari performance?

Field reports provide valuable insights into previous mission performances, which can help you strategize for future deployments, increasing your success rate.

What are the advantages of a high-level Tailraider Safari?

High-level Tailraider Safaris offer more opportunities for acquiring rare materials and encountering powerful monsters. They also provide enhanced training for Palicos, resulting in increased rewards for successful missions.

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