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Investing & Finance Apps

Robinhood App

Commission Free Stock, Options and Crypto Investing/trading

With Robinhood, the future of trading happens in real-time. As a technology-driven brokerage, this team’s priority is to give you a secure, fast and low cost alternative when trading stocks.

The app goes straight onto your phone, and you get real-time notifications on what is happening on the stock market. No delays – so the data you get is hot and ready for action!

This means better trades, a higher chance of success and actually making money. Real-time market data has been hogged by large financial firms for too long. Robinhood changes that!

Here’s the app that ups your stock trading game and makes it mobile.


Save time & money shopping and prepping health meals.

With Hellofresh you save a ton of time never investing an iota of energy into food, while still getting the full benefit of a healthy, balanced diet. This is my favorite home food delivery service.

As an entrepreneur this has been invaluable to me. I choose to spend my energy on work, so when it comes time to cook and eat, these tasty meal kits save my bacon.

Instead of eating the same food day after day, I get an amazing variety, diverse choices and I’m learning better cooking methods without any effort at all.

It’s my secret weapon in the kitchen.


The easiest way to buy & sell Bitcoin and other crypto

With Coinbase, you gain access to one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. Buying and selling cryptocurrency is secure, safe and easy here.

Like you, I was skeptical about things like Bitcoin trading until a friend of mine spoke to me about bubbles and booms. This currency isn’t going away, it’s only going to get stronger.

I’ve been managing my crypto portfolio on Coinbase now for several months, and it’s already funded a few of my business ventures. The trick is to start now, and figure out how to consistently earn.

I started with the free signup – you can too.

Digital Marketing Tools

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Tools

Active Campaign

One of favorite marketing automation/email marketing tools

With Active Campaign you’ll automate the marketing processes that cut into your time, energy and ability to focus during the day.

This smart platform combines CRM software, email marketing and management automation to help you make more sales, more often, in half the time. 

Marketers go from overwhelmed to overjoyed when their sales pipelines start to authentically convert for their businesses.

This is a great way to simplify your marketing and amplify your results.

Form longer lasting bonds with your customers, eliminate lost leads and leverage the power of data to take new and repeat business to higher levels of success.

Convert Kit

Great Email Marketing tool for Bloggers and Niche Sites.

With Convert Kit, creators get access to intuitive, easy-to-use software that makes them better email marketers. This is where automation meets simplicity.

Unlike other email marketing platforms, Convert Kit has a visual interface which makes creating, connecting and delivering the right content a total breeze. You can see each and every path!

For bloggers and entrepreneurs this means much less time spent brainstorming, testing bad email funnels and wondering why your subscriber rates never rise.

Email sequences are logical and done on a single page, and their selection of forms and landing pages are quick to setup and use. It’s fast, it’s easy and you’ll never look back.


The original Email Marketing Software, I’ve had an account since 2003

With AWeber, you get a suite of email marketing tools that will take your list growth from zero to hero in a few short months. Then, the growth continues!

AWeber gives you and your brand a shot at professional email marketing reserved for bigger companies – with the results that go with it.

Explore their range of exquisite landing page templates, use a drag-and-drop automation editor for quick sequence connections, and scale your pricing according to your list growth.

AWeber helps you connect, understand and grow your following – so that you can succeed.

Landing Pages,Website Building & WordPress Tools


Landing page & Sales Funnel Automation Tool

With Clickfunnels, you don’t need a team of people working for you to create sales funnels that work. All you need is a single day to get your products or services selling like crazy.

This high impact sales platform was designed to make it easier for serious entrepreneurs to build effective drag-and-drop landing pages online, without any of the useless extras.

Here, you have every tool you need to get money from your customer, over and over again. Strip away ‘what you’re supposed to have’ and get the platform that earns for you.

Clickfunnels is a great way to step into the big leagues on a minor league budget. Plus, their software turns solopreneurs into millionaires. It’s time you tried it out.


Create amazing landing pages in a flash.

With Leadpages, you gain the ability to quickly and effortlessly design websites that convert for your brand. Higher conversions mean more clicks, more leads and of course – more sales!

This toolkit seriously upped my design skills, with its easy drag-and-drop page builder that comes with dozens of useful add-ons to skyrocket your landing page conversions.

It makes your content stand out, so that people actually ENGAGE. That’s not a simple task in today’s overly cluttered world. Anything that saves you time and money like this should be used regularly.

Leadpages has helped me build high-value lists that I’ve converted repeatedly for sales. It turns clicks into customers.


Want to create an Online Course? Host and manage it here.

With Thinkific, you’ll discover how to transform your book into an e-course for additional revenue and greater brand growth online.

E-courses are a great way to engage with your audience, but creating and marketing them takes specific expertise. When you use Thinkific you amplify your knowledge in this area.

This platform gives you access to 10+ experts who have had enormous success converting books into e-courses. You’ll learn to become a thought leader, and how to create sales funnels that convert!

It’s everything you need to overcome the challenges of e-course creation and promotion. I strongly recommend it to authors who want to thrive in the education space.

WordPress Sites & Blogs

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Tools

Thrive Themes

My First Stop when building a new WordPress site

With Thrive Themes you get themes that have been built for online performance, which means better optimization, higher conversions and consistent engagement.

These themes are hands-down my favorite WordPress website templates on the internet. They trim away the fluff and give you access to tools that work for your brand success.

The focus is always on converting subscribers, clients, customers and fans – and that’s as it should be. All themes come loaded with conversion features that do your heavy-lifting for you.

From the visual editor to the clever widgets, the headline optimizer and testimonial plugins, there are so many ways to streamline your conversions when you use Thrive Themes.

Elegant Themes

WordPress Themes Galore

With Elegant Themes, you unleash a creative side you didn’t know you had. This WordPress page builder makes everything possible for your business, in just a few, easy clicks.

It’s my second favorite page builder, but still a powerhouse toolset. This platform was created to help you translate your visual brand dreams into concrete, realized reality!

The customizable features will blow you away, and you’ll be scratching your head wondering why you ever bothered with a web design company.

Elegant Themes solves your web promotion troubles, with its incredible suite of plugins and a way to split test results for maximum impact. You’ll love it.


Want to create an Online Course? Host and manage it here.

With AWeber, you get a suite of email marketing tools that will take your list growth from zero to hero in a few short months. Then, the growth continues!

AWeber gives you and your brand a shot at professional email marketing reserved for bigger companies – with the results that go with it.

Explore their range of exquisite landing page templates, use a drag-and-drop automation editor for quick sequence connections, and scale your pricing according to your list growth.

AWeber helps you connect, understand and grow your following – so that you can succeed.

Social Media Management & Search Engine Optimization Tools

Instagram Automation

With you put automation technology to work so that your Instagram following can organically grow. Just set your parameters and the bots do the rest.

Imagine having a person on your Instagram account 24/7, liking, following and commenting for you. That’s what these smart bots do, using data to secure your ideal audience on the platform.

All you have to do is schedule and automate your posts, and your bots create the buzz. The result is natural growth, real targeted followers and the chance to succeed on Instagram.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a real brand following?


One of the best SEO Keyword research tools on the net.

With SEMRUSH tools, you seize control of your SEO and join the most successful marketers in the world harnessing the power of this award-winning SEO suite. This is my favorite SEO tool, by far.

Using this complete tool set, you’ll be able to fix ANY on or off page concerns to optimize your site to rank well in the search engines. Better still, you get all the data you need to crush your competition.

From backlinks to site audits, keyword finders to content topic suggestions and a whole new level of tracking and reporting – SEMRUSH is the only path to total SEO dominance in 2020.

Build a stronger strategy, then automate your SEO results with SEMRUSH’s 20 tools.

SEMRUSH Keywords

Aside from this is my most used Keyword research tool.

With SEMRUSH keywords, you’ll discover the most important keywords for your website in just a few clicks. Using these tools changed everything I did that involved keywords online!

What do I mean by important? This keyword data is fresh. When you use it correctly, you will grow areas of your business that make you more money. It’s all there, in black and white.

I’m talking about profit-generating keywords. You’ll be able to reverse-engineer your competitors keyword strategies and dismantle them with something better.

This is competitive keyword strategy that makes your content and your advertising GREAT.

SEMRUSH Content Marketing

a new offering from SEMRUSH that helps organize your content marketing efforts.

With the SEMRUSH Content Marketing Platform your content creation, dissemination and promotion just got a whole lot smarter.

I love everything about this suite of CM tools, especially because it elevates my content game at each step of the content marketing cycle. From insight to writing, optimizing and measuring!

Perform higher level competitor research to inform a stronger strategy, plan content that you know is in-demand and then measure and improve it down the track. It’s easy.

This software gives you hard-evidence on how to create higher quality, top ranking stories for your brand. Use it to get ahead online!

Writing & Reading Tools


Hands down one of my most used tools, I run every email,text and blog post through Grammarly before posting.

With Grammarly, it’s infinitely easier to crank out a piece of writing, then polish it into something worth reading in a matter of seconds.

I like to call it the grammar tool on steroids, because it’s stronger than it appears, and does more than you think it will do. Even top writers use this program to improve their writing flow.

If you need help with emails, or general communication with your audience, it’s one tool you can’t do without. Don’t destroy your reputation and credibility with poor spelling and grammar.

Instead, improve the style and tone of your brand voice when you use Grammarly. Soon, you won’t be able to send an email without it.


Can’t read on the go? Listen to 10-15 minutes summaries of the best selling books in all non-fiction categories.

With Blinkist, reading a book or two every single day is easy. This life-changing platform invites innovation, new ideas and revolutionary transformation into your average day.

It distills key ideas from the world’s most prominent thinkers, personalities and doers – then delivers them to you in delicious bite-sized pieces. It also comes in audio!

Nonfiction titles hold the globe’s most valuable knowledge. If you want to get ahead as quickly as possible and accelerate your learning, you need to absorb this knowledge daily.

From psychology and personal development, to history and leadership – here’s the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

Accounting & Business Formation Tools

FreshBooks Data

Makes Book keeping and Taxes Easier

With FreshBooks, you get a way to invoice your clients and customers that gets you paid. I’ve used dozens of invoicing platforms and this is by far the most effective.

It can be a challenge to secure money from clients as an entrepreneur. Being on-time is key to maintaining momentum and a progressive schedule of to-dos so that your business grows.

For entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers that need reliable invoicing, there just isn’t a better platform than FreshBooks. It’s accounting in the cloud, and data insight that fuels success.

My advice is to make your life easier, by making your invoicing smart. 

FreshBooks Invoice

Invoice like a Champ, Get paid Quicker.

With FreshBooks, you simplify your client invoicing and make it easy for your clients to pay you. It’s how you invoice like the boss that you are.

I struggled with billing systems for years before I implemented FreshBooks into my tech suite. This one platform will change how you track, manage and bill clients all over the world.

Improve your project estimates, track your times, accept bank transfers and generate insightful tax reports with the FreshBooks invoicing system.

Every entrepreneur works to get paid. This suite makes sure you get paid on time, every time.

Form Companies, LLCs get an EIN number in less than 10 minutes

With IncFile, you can register and form a new business entity in just a few clicks when your ideas are flowing. It’s not just a filing platform, it’s also a knowledge resource!

For just $49.00 you can secure your company name, file articles, get a free business tax consultation and a lifetime of customer support from the platform.

This includes state filing fees, which is seriously impressive. I recommend using IncFile to entrepreneurs who are just starting out and looking for affordable business incorporation solutions.

Launching a business is fast, cost-effective and effortless, with IncFile.

Easily secure your EIN/Tax Id Number in 1 business day.

With IncFile, you can easily secure your EIN/Tax ID number so that you can open a bank account and get your business up and running.

Best of all, the entire process from start to finish only takes 1 business day!

Once you have your federal EIN number, you can earn money, file taxes and pay your staff. Down the track, when you’ve grown – you can apply for credit and loans.

IncFile equips entrepreneurs like you with the power to launch businesses without delays, and at reasonable expense. I highly recommend it.

Free Books on E-commerce ,Digital Marketing and Network Marketing from world class marketer Russel Brunson.

Dotcom Secrets

Hands down one of my most used tools, I run every email,text and blog post through Grammarly before posting.

With Dotcom Secrets, you get insider information from Russell Brunson – the man who created the ultra-popular Clickfunnels platform.

It’s not often a book hits me square in the face, but this one did.

It reads as a play-by-play of some of Russell’s best kept and most practical secrets. This is an authentic sneak-peek into the closely guarded, underground world of easy online money.

If you want to generate profits from smart sales funnels, this book tells all. It will save you boat-loads of money, and endless hours of hacking away at techniques that never convert into cash.

This book has sold 227,366 copies, and you can get it now for free.

Expert Secrets

With Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson – Founder of Clickfunnels – is at it again with a book that teaches you how to monetize and sell your expertise to audiences online.

In this tome of wisdom, Brunson helps you step into the leadership position you’ve always dreamed of being in. Then, he shows you how to build an enormous following.

If you have a message to share with other people, it can be monetized and you can make a career out of teaching others what you know. You’re an expert after all!

This book changed how I market myself online. It can change you too.

Network Marketing Secrets

With Network Marketing Secrets, the Founder of Clickfunnels – Russell Brunson – teaches you the hidden funnel strategy that will explode your sales following and make you a lot of money.

He does this by helping you find the right seller, so that together you become a highly motivated, powerhouse network that is virtually unstoppable. 

Learn about Russell’s 3 secret sales funnels that have made him and many of his clients millions of dollars in revenue. He tells you what to do, what not to do, and what advice out there is pure trash!

If you’re a network marketer – Read. This. Book.