Digital Marketing Optimization

Become a Performance-Orientated Brand Online

“We experienced a 300% increase in sales, with 20% month over month growth”

When your digital marketing practices are correctly optimized something incredible happens:
You get more sales, more often!

I specialize in the 3 main areas of digital marketing optimization. Your brand needs to revamp these areas if you want to enhance, escalate and invigorate your online marketing funnels.

Digital marketing growth begins with effective optimization

#1: I Find Qualified Traffic for Your Business

Your brand needs to be seen by the right people, at the right moment. That means auditing, examining and streamlining the way you use traffic to grow your business on the internet.

When I optimize your traffic flows, I identify the factors Google finds most important when ranking your company’s online presence. I find the hidden levers, and I pull them to uncover what works best in your niche.

#2: I Convert Your Traffic into Sales

A great optimization specialist is able to understand your processes – the hoops your customers have to jump through to engage and buy from your brand online.

My job is to put your pathways and funnels under a microscope. I’ll find those key techniques that motivate and persuade your customers to buy – with high impact digital marketing practices.

#3: I Retain the Traffic That Finds You

Anyone can attract traffic, but what separates your brand from the rest will be your ability to keep them coming back for more. Audience building and customer retention is always my primary goal.

When your brand can repeatedly convert the same customers, that’s when you’ll step into a whole new league of doing business online.

Your customers will love you, and your bottom line will reflect that.

Some of My Favorite Practices:
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Data-Informed Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Social and Search Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy and Rollouts
  • Superior Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Training for Your Staff
  • Educational Content for Your Customers

Digital marketing optimization isn’t rocket science.

As your digital marketing consultant, I will dedicate my time, energy and experience to coaxing out the best possible methods that your brand needs to thrive in a competitive global marketplace.

Combine the science of evidence-based marketing with the art of human conversion.

Hire me as your digital marketing consultant now.